I love Arizona!

OK friends,

I gotta add a little to what I read on this blog.

First, I loved this blog, it brought back memories!

Second, while I read about visiting Antelope in the summer …. BEWARE. It can get HOT. And for all those who tell you it is a dry heat … they are crazy. Heat over 100 degrees is hard on the body. Take a lot of water and drink the water!!! Water is your friend.

Don’t try the drive in the winter, unless you are crazy like me. And if you get vertigo, trust me on a trip through northern Arizona or southern Utah, you will find out if you have vertigo. If you get vertigo, let someone else drive.

Not my one eyed uncle. That crazy man will look out the window as he tries to navigate a switch back ….

But, enjoy! It is beautiful country. How native Americans lived out there for centuries is a testament to just how strong willed humans can be.

And don’t miss the painted desert, or the pines around Sedona.

They are worth a side trip.


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Page Arizona does not rank as a cultural destination.  This small town on the northern edge of Arizona was established in 1957 to support the construction of the nearby Glen Canyon Dam.  Page’s history is

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4 Responses to I love Arizona!

  1. joesix says:

    Take it from a native Zonie — never go outside between May and August, and stay away from Sedona unless you’re looking for a scorpion paperweight or the chance to have your “aura” read.

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