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Why can’t we afford to feed the poor?

Friends, As we come to another election, poverty is brandished as the ultimate crisis in America. But, is it the crisis? The argument is that America, the richest country in the world, should be able to feed our poor. Sounds … Continue reading

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Why is War Peace?

Friends, Why did our “peace President” get the Nobel Prize for “peace?” We (His administration leading us) have invaded more countries than the previous three administrations. In “invaded,” I include hostile military operations, invited or otherwise, and I include destabilizing … Continue reading

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Milton Friedman for President?

Friends, I listened to Milton Friedman (I am tired, I may have forgotten the right name). WOW! When I listened to him, I thought, “He needs to run for president.” But, I think he is dead …. But, anyway, he … Continue reading

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