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Milton Friedman on Blame

Friends, This is the first video I will place up by Milton Friedman relating to blame. I found this, and I was stunned by the economic reality of blame. And in one of his other videos, he stated that no … Continue reading

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The blame game

Friends, Why is blame such an easy thing to do? Don’t misunderstand me. I make mistakes. But, when I make a mistake, I take credit for my mistakes. And honestly? I am not talking about the Political lack of responsibility, … Continue reading

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Cindy Sheehan quit paying taxes?

Bill Lindelof sacbee.com Cindy Sheehan said she will appear in federal court today to defend her decision not to pay taxes. “I refuse to fund the empire’s crimes and wars,” Sheehan said in a press release. “I feel a certain…

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What the “Monumental” movie taught me

Friends, OK, I saw the movie, and the movie itself taught me a lot. I will blog about the movie soon. But, getting into the movie taught me a lot … It is amazing how much you can learn about … Continue reading

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