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America prepares to attack America

Friends, I read about this on the web. Then I read up on it. And while this post covered the topic well, it did sound a little crazy to me. But, I read the link at and before Congress. While … Continue reading

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Media says nuclear war is great!

Friends, Trying to get a short headline is not easy. So, I exaggerated a little bit, but I did not exaggerate enough to make me feel great. The media is reporting Pakistan’s missile launch a good thing. Last week they … Continue reading

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Freedom of Speech denied for US Marine

Friends, This is a difficult topic for me. There are two sides to this problem. One side is genuine Freedom of Speech, and on the other side is Discipline of the Troops. US Marine Sergeant disrespected Obama. I know the … Continue reading

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Real Poverty in America

Friends, Is poverty that bad in America? Well, let me start with the overall problem. If you live in America, you are in the top 3 or 4% of the world’s wealthiest people. Yes, most of the world is doing … Continue reading

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Mexicans flee USA

Friends, The headline got my attention. Yes, illegal immigration is on the decline. In fact, it appears more Mexicans are fleeing American than are trying to come here. Why? The job situation is better in Mexico …. 25% unemployment for … Continue reading

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$50 lightbulbs – really?

Friends, I don’t get it. They paid this company ten million dollars for a light bulb? Fifty dollar light bulb. OK. When Obama gave us that ‘Hope you can believe in stuff,’ I bought some of these ‘savers. Now, I … Continue reading

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Does the Nuvo water softener work?

Friends, Has anyone used the Nuvo water softener system? NuvoH20. It is a citrus based system. The initial cost is MUCH less than the system I got. And I think it must be easier on plants. I may try one … Continue reading

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How do you do something this dangerous?

Friends, Do NOT text and drive. I don’t know this driver was doing something that dangerous …. But, he (or she) had to be ‘LOST.’ Driver drives into subway. Is that the craziest thing ever? Or, do you know something … Continue reading

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OK Friends, The article I am reading is way too technical. The book I read, Extinction, was long. So, let me try to cover the data quickly, and easily. Somewhere between 400 and 10,000 species are going extinct every year. … Continue reading

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China invades 5 countries

Friends, Why aren’t we reading more about this? China invades 5 countries. China has expanded their territory into the territory of five countries. And of course, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea would make eight. We might deal with the others … Continue reading

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