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Originally posted on The GTA Patriot:
North Korea has defied International pressure and launched a rocket The Pentagon has confirmed the rocket launched, but it may have failed before entering orbit. North Korea on Friday launched its controversial rocket carrying a weather…

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Al-jazeera is reporting American news

So, do we really need Al-jazeera to tell us our news in America? Justice department attacks Apple and publishing companies. But, really do we need al-jazeera? Wayne Interesting …. the link broke …. Well, there was a link to an … Continue reading

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Would you ATTACK a waitress if she brought you the wrong order? Wayne

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Non-profit competition. Will the survivor model of reality TV show destroy non-profits? Or is competition good for them? Wayne

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What is Evolution?

Friends, I was watching PBS. And I realized that their buzzword was evolution. If they didn’t understand something, then that thing evolved. So, I think evolution is when God allows the genetic makeup of an organism to respond to the … Continue reading

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