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Have you seen this Movie?

Friends, Has anyone seen “Monumental?” Another blogger linked to this trailer, and wow, it sounds good if not great. Monumental trailer. I have spoken, written, blogged, and thought about his very problem for years. America is hurting. We are being … Continue reading

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Terrorists outsmart American Government

Friends, Before you fly, you should know, Terrorists have explosives the Government is having problems detecting …. OK, a little spoiler alert, this is not supposed to be possible in 2012. It should not be possible with all the money … Continue reading

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Obama attacks Romney instead of the economy

Friends, Is it me? Or, does Obama really hate rich people? I hope you realize I don’t mean is that he hates the rich people who idolize him. Because they shower him with wealth for his campaign. And because they … Continue reading

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Was this another Terror attack?

Friends, A strange plane just crashed in the Gulf of Mexico. But, it had similarities to a plot a couple of years ago by terrorists in Greece to down a commercial airliner. F-15’s intercept out of control airplane before it … Continue reading

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Why don’t they tell me ahead of time?

Friends, We are gonna try to get you the video feed. But, why didn’t anyone tell me this was happening? I would have flown up and gotten you video with my new video system – that is a future blog. … Continue reading

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Rose interviews Boehner at night?

Friends, I just watched a great interview by Charlie Rose on CBS at 2:15 am (don’t ask). Rose interviewed Speaker Boehner. He asked some great questions. And the Speaker gave some great answers. He repeated that the campaign is about … Continue reading

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Who wants a nuclear cold war?

Friends, After 2 decades of peace benefit, who is ready for another nuclear cold war? I am not. But, I am not sure if the ‘peace benefit’ has been peaceful either. But, two old empires are beginning to build up … Continue reading

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King of Spain outdoes Mrs Obama’s opulent vacations …. Spain is outraged by his opulent vacation hunting elephants while many Spaniards are unemployed. And while this is a serious breech of public trust, it did not cost the taxpayers any … Continue reading

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Dick Clark passes

Friends, Has anyone not heard of Dick Clark? Today, we lost a great icon of music and rock and roll. And to Dick Clark, I salute your memory. For now, so long. Wayne

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