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Is anyone else tired of poisoned food in America?

Friends, I just read about another recall of salmonella tainted salad. Dole recall. Is it me? Or, is food in America becoming scary? As well as it doesn’t taste as good as it did 20 years ago. Wayne

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I’m sure I can’t be the only one this has happened to. Have you ever, belly full of MSG sesame chicken, dumplings and egg rolls, gone to open that waxy looking folded cookie, and…

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Who is bankrupting America?

Friends, Should I also ask, “Why?” Is it just me? Or, is the economic crisis in America vaguely like Greece? Our ‘socialist’ government has run up our debt to waste money on over paid bureaucrats, and soon our great-grand-children will … Continue reading

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Originally posted on The Future Diaries:
Well it hovered at the high $2.90’s a litre for about 6 months but now petrol is averaging $3.09.9 at the pump and it doesn’t look like it’s going to drop below $3 again.…

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Originally posted on Just Americans Making Ethical Statements Weblog:
I, too, heard this growing up on one of my grandparent’s “vinyl” (33rpm or a 45?)— I think it was Tex Ritter: A special thanks to Gumply!  

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Is change good for America?

Friends, I often hear that cultural diversity is good for society. Why? Or, should I first ask “What?” What is diversity? Oh, I know the modern mis-definition. But, what is it really? Isn’t “diversity” a call to change the old … Continue reading

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Friends, Wow! I never thought cats vs dogs vs babies would give me insight into the whole internet thing. But, Jerry Coyne has done just that. He showed the power of followership. He told his readers to skew an online … Continue reading

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Joey says that Jesus is the ONLY WAY. Is Jesus the only way? Why can’t I just work my way to Heaven? What makes Jesus better than other prophets? Friends, what do you think? Is Joey right? Wayne

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What is the problem with pornography?

Friends, What is the problem with pornography? What is not the problem? First, it teaches men and women that people are merely objects. Second, it teaches men and women a bad method of sexual communication. Or, in other words, they … Continue reading

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Friends, When I went to college, my parents did not make as much money as Obama’s grand-parents. But, they made too much money for financial assistance. And I went to a public University. When I went of for a Master’s … Continue reading

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