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Arizona joins China in censoring the internet

Friends, Some bloggers believe that Arizona is joining China in censoring the Internet: Arizona joins China. I am not sure if I like this new law. But, I would not go so far as to call it ‘censorship.’ The spirit … Continue reading

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Apple’s next BIG idea

Friends, I just read an interesting blog. it is about Apple’s NEXT idea. Bolaji Oja – I hope I got that correct – says that Apple’s next idea will be huge. Wow! I am still waiting to get an IPad. … Continue reading

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Why I am not the top blogger

Friends, Do you ever wonder why some blogs are read by millions and others by thousands? Well, there is a Science to that. I do study the Science of blogging. Isn’t that almost esoteric. I mean isn’t ‘the Science of … Continue reading

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Why I cannot believe Evolution – part 1

Friends, I love Science. And I used to love Evolution. But, over time, Evolution has tarnished Science. That led me to disbelieve in Evolution. So, why can’t I believe in Evolution? First, the scientists of Evolution make many more mistakes … Continue reading

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