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Why is Obama helping criminals escape?

Friends, Why do we provide shelter to criminals in our embassies? Currently, a Mr. Chen is hiding in the US Embassy in China. Chen escaped from HOUSE arrest. He is a blind activist. OK. China restricted him to his house … Continue reading

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Friends, The modern world is crazy. I think almost everyone agrees with that. And while I do not always agree with Judy, she usually nails common sense. Why is common sense so UN-common today? Why do we need legal activism, … Continue reading

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I am watching the perfect murder

Friends, I am watching an old TV series. Lieutenant Frank Columbo was always a classic who dunnit detective show. And they are describing the perfect murder. A book publisher, Greenleaf, decides to kill his lead author. So, he sets up … Continue reading

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CBS reported Obama is murdering people

Friends, Sometimes, I think our Media is CRAZY. While interviewing a top CIA agent, the reporter responded to the agent’s claim. He claimed Obama has ordered prisoners executed on the battle-field rather than bring them back for enhanced interrogation. The … Continue reading

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