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Do NOT use Wells Fargo

Friends Do NOT use Wells Fargo. Every time I use wells fargo, I get CHEATED. Three times now. THREE TIMES. First time? They LOST $5800 …. It took forever to get my money back. Second time, they charged me outrageous … Continue reading

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Did President Obama really say this?

Did President Obama really say this? His wife spends TEN million a year on vacations …. tax payer dollars …. I think they should pay the bill for their own vacations. I pay for mine. Who pays for your vacation? … Continue reading

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The Secret Service regrets Clinton ….

Friends, I bet the Secret Service agents regret protecting Pres. Clinton when he was lying about his adultery. When the President showed them he was above the Law, I have to wonder if covering those actions led them to believe … Continue reading

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Was this weird or what?

Friends, I was at a Russian Meetup. And the waiter said something to the couple next to us. The man replied, “Not when you earn the big bucks.” I turned and mentioned, “You must be an Oracle DBA then, if … Continue reading

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Can we afford Politicians?

Friends, One of the problems I have always seen is that of corruption in government. Can we afford our Politicians? Aren’t they the weakness in democracy? Our Republic places faith in a small group of elite voters who represent all … Continue reading

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