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Thoughts of yesterday

Friends, Have you ever had one of those days when your mind just seems to wander back in time. First, you think about food, then your mind remembers an old song, which of course for a man like me, leads … Continue reading

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I love Arizona!

Originally posted on Another Header:
Upper Antelope Canyon (HDR) Page Arizona does not rank as a cultural destination.  This small town on the northern edge of Arizona was established in 1957 to support the construction of the nearby Glen Canyon…

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Originally posted on Laura Lee Garner:
I would have to say that if I was forced to pick my favorite part of the trip, it would be the Highlands of Scotland. When I went to Ireland several years back I…

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What does sex have to do with it?

Friends, I blog on sex, and I find my blog linked on a Pick Up Artists web page. Well …. two things. Frist, I better expect some new readers expecting a steamy and sexy topic. And second, we have a … Continue reading

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What did Korea teach me about right and wrong?

Friends, Sometimes I think we are trying to do everything on our own. Yes, America is the largest economy. And yes, we have the best Army – I had to get that in there. But, sometimes, just sometimes, I think … Continue reading

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An easy blogging tip

Friends, In line with my last blog, I thought I would step down from ‘logic’ used in writing to simplicity of writing. KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid. Sorry about that last ‘S.’ Too often we make writing difficult. I KNOW … Continue reading

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What is authority?

Friends, As I have discussed issues on my blog, I have read many fancy words. I think you know all those fancy tools of communication called ‘Rhetoric.’ And I have read many arguments, all those fancy tools of ‘Logic.’ I … Continue reading

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SEX! Read all about it!

Friends, Has anyone else noticed that nothing is taboo anymore? 20 years ago, there were topics we were not supposed to discuss around ‘children.’ There were other topics we were not supposed to discuss in ‘mixed company.’ And of course, … Continue reading

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What is in a word?

Friends, What is in a word? Besides the usual definition? Isn’t it communication? So, if I can change the meaning of a word, I have the power to change what is communicated. Don’t I? And if I have an agenda, … Continue reading

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Again, I ask, can’t we respect our women?

Friends, I have blogged on this recently. But, let me change my angle of attack. I know. That is a flying term, but bear with me. I love to FLY. OK this is from Harvard: How Women Can Flourish in … Continue reading

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