The new gold rush


Yes, they are mining for gold in them there asteroids.

Asteroid mining.

I wonder about the feasibility of it all.

But, it is a necessary step before we can have ‘space communities.’


We need industrial activity closer to the communities, because it costs MUCH less than shipping it up there.

And they will need WATER. Water is one of the reasons we haven’t been back to the moon often. Shipping water UP is expensive.

So, will they get enough ‘gold’ and other minerals to make the venture profitable?

What do you think?

Is this Sci-fi?

Or, will this lead to a new era in exploration?



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3 Responses to The new gold rush

  1. justturnright says:

    I think I remember this episode from “Firefly”…

    • Wayne says:


      Do you think this is the best way to colonize space?

      • justturnright says:

        It’s much like the problem we have with so much of the “green” tech right now: it’s just not profitable. So, if there IS a dollar to be made by mining (anywhere), some bright boy will figure out a way to get it done.

        I’d love to see us get back to exploring space, and this is as good a reason to get back up there as any, IMHO.

        I hadn’t seen this article yet, so thx for posting it!

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