Famous scientist denounces evolution?


I watched Charlie Rose tonight. He continued their series on the brain.

The old gentleman who is usually on this series made an astounding claim.

They discussed the discovery that in gene 7, genes are duplicated incorrectly. This causes Autism.

Then the elder interrupted with the claim that they just discovered the mutation occured in the egg or in the sperm. He was AMAZED [emphasis added] that the mutation was NOT inherited from a parent. And he was amazed that we have only known this three years.



I have known that my entire life. You MUST have genetic mutations in eggs and sperm. It is the reason our species is de-evolving.

And mutation is required for evolution. That is the foundation of Evolution.

His statement surprised me. What a lack of general knowledge.

But, the round table’s reaction stunned me. No one was surprised by his claim.

I really do not get the progressive agenda.

If they are brilliantly engineering social change, could they be just a little smarter than stupid?



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