Tomorrow: Why IS everyone turning ‘Gay?’


As you have noticed, our President is all about helping out Gay America, at the expense of other Americans.

It seems that this week, the Black Community has been offended by what he has said and done.

But, the fact of the matter is simple:

“President Obama has betrayed the black community.”

He had already betrayed the trust of the anglo-Americans. Now he has turned his back on the black-American.

So, if you turn ‘Gay’ the President will respect you.

That is sad. But, it is an indicator about why so many people are experimenting with being gay.

With unemployment at 20+ percent, some people want an extra edge when they look for a job. I wish there were better ways to get that step up on the competition.

I really do.

Tomorrow, I write about the causes of ‘gay’ in America.



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1 Response to Tomorrow: Why IS everyone turning ‘Gay?’

  1. a real african says:

    [edited to remove profanity] Obama n please you Americans tell him that he ain’t African n he should stop coming here to speak about his homo [edited to remove profanity]….

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