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How did North Korea make an H-bomb

Friends, On a different blog, I was told North Korea could not have made an H-bomb. There are two possibilities: North Korea told the truth when they said they tested their first H-bomb. Other ‘experts’ told the truth when they said … Continue reading

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Do you know anyone in Greenland?

Friends, I just looked at my viewers map. You are from the ENTIRE WORLD. I mean the whole world. Except for about 25 countries, every country in the world has visited my blog. The two biggest holdouts are Greenland and … Continue reading

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Is Iran buying nuclear weapons from the same people Iraq was?

Readers, This news article is bizarre. BBC reported Iranian agents were trying to buy almost weapons grade uranium from the same source they said Iraq (Saddam Hussein) was buying uranium from. Who were the Iranian agents? The USA. I really … Continue reading

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