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Happy Thanksgiving

Everyone, I wish you and yours a very wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving. In 1621, The ‘Pilgrims’ from the Mayflower celebrated their survival and harvest. Roughly 50% of them had died. Thanksgiving was celebrated off and on until 1789. On November … Continue reading


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3 steps to finding God’s will

Friends, I just met one of our new sisters in Christ. And I discussed these important points, and some more points. But, there are 3 steps to finding God’s will. Very simple steps. First step, examine if something will bring … Continue reading

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Falsifiable predictions in support of God

Friends, Have you ever noticed that Atheists will always ask for ‘predictions’ to prove God? He did give a lot of those in the Bible. But, they want more. And they always want them ‘falsifiable.’ Well, would they prove a … Continue reading

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Why do I hate war?

Readers, Right now, our government is in trouble.  Our leaders really do not understand war, nor do they understand the purpose of Government – but, that is for a future blog post. I hate war. Partially because I do not … Continue reading

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Dr. King says Syrian War is wrong.

Brothers and sisters, Is it just me?  Or are so many of the ‘great’ leaders of today abusing Dr. King and his call for peace? Here we are in 2013, and still our government is threatening to attack other countries? … Continue reading

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A scary look at Socialism.

Everyone says a picture is worth a thousand words. Well this image of the pre and post crisis employment in America is worth a million words. Once the reality of new Socialism hit our American psyche, the economy changed. Immediately. … Continue reading

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Why does anyone vote liberal?

Can anyone explain to me “why does anyone vote liberal?” If I blog about traditional marriage, I offend a liberal. If I blog about life, I offend a liberal. If I blog about God, I offend a liberal. If I … Continue reading

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The Blogosphere

Eventually, I will write everything you ever wanted to know about blogging. OK, almost everything. Do you remember MySpace?  Do you remember Stephanie Faris, you remember her?  She was the cute blond from Tennessee?  Well, Stephanie got married …. WHAT? … Continue reading

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Why does Extinction matter?

Well?  Does Evolution matter? Why does it matter? Before we look at why Extinction matters, let us look at Evolution. And before Evolution, let us examine things that we do know matter.  Take the Stock Market.  If we lose faith … Continue reading

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