Why did being American change?

You might have noticed some of the comments. So, I ask.

Can anyone tell me why they are changing America?

Why did being American change its meaning?

I have one of those beautiful family histories.

We were called traitors, isn’t that what the British considered us? We were Patriots.

Founders, Framers, Patriots, Heroes, Privates, Generals, and all ranks in between.

We were famous, you read about them in history books.

We were infamous, you might still read about them in history.

And we were anonymous outside of family lore.

I am still the same traditional American minded man my ancestors were.

I still agree with my family, their values, their sacrifice, and their definitions.

And I do get slightly offended, even though I do find it funny, when others try to tell me what my ancestors fought and died for.

Yes, you are redefining gay to mean homosexual. But, leave your dirty mind off of my family and what we defined written with the blood of martyrs.

Liberty, integrity, America, Patriot, Hero, Framer, Founder, Pilgrim, Colonist, true Democracy, independence, Justice, Live, Happiness, Marriage, and probably the most important of all:


God who blessed America for believing in Him. God the source of true Enlightenment. The source of Freedom.

And while it was bloody, God finally gave Freedom to all in America.

Sadly the party which was anti-Freedom, the Deomon-cratic Party has risen its ugly head.

The Democrats party with Slavery, the KKK, anti-Civil-Rights, pro-War, Big Business, the 1%, treason, and against God.

So, how did Democrats redefine ‘gay?’ First, they redefined every thing else. They redefined liberal into anti-Liberal, freedom into economic enslavement, peace into war, liberty into licentious, happiness into greed, God into gods, and then they

destroyed family.

So, it was easy to redefine one more word.

And that is what I know about “Why did being American change?”

What do you know about it?



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4 Responses to Why did being American change?

  1. jonolan says:

    Being American never changed, Sir. All that has happened is that we’ve allowed some to continue to live within our nation’s borders who aren’t, in the hearts, minds, and souls, Americans and we’ve allowed them to use the illustrious title of American without deserving to do so.

    • Wayne says:

      I like your comment!

      How do we correct where they are taking America?

      • jonolan says:

        Firstly, stop thinking or speaking of them as Americans. They’re both foreigner in thought and domestic enemies and should be called such.

        Secondly, they need to be removed from political and societal involvement. That can be done by placing Americans into those positions. We can silence them by not providing them with venues or audiences outside of themselves.

        Thirdly, with a return to power, we retake the schools and restore history while, at the same time, writing them out of it except as cautionary footnotes.

      • Wayne says:

        Thank you for your comment.

        Now how do we do this?

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