Why IS everyone turning ‘Gay?’


[My previous edit was May 18, 2012. And with as many people reading this, it is time for a re-write. Give me some time. But, I will re-write this over the next couple of days. Thanks Wayne]

Have you noticed that everyone around us is turning ‘Gay?’

Women seem to think it is the ‘new black.’ It is like they found the perfect shoes to wear, and they just put on a girlfriend.

The gay men lose masculinity from their voices all around you.

It would be funny, and it is a stereotypical description. But, this new age tells us we must not be politically incorrect.

But, the truth is, it is EVERYWHERE.


What are the driving factors. And there are factors.

There is the gay agenda; there is the force of pornography; there is the force of failed marriages with the absent father syndrome; an increase in sexual abuse; and there is one reason, the progressives do NOT want to admit.

The agenda.

I first noticed the agenda about 20 years ago. I read about NAMBLA. Disgusting was my first response. But, the men and boys lovers association was a huge supporter of the early gay movement. Back then, they were credited with most of the movement we now know as LGBT. I think I got that right.

But, they have moved from ‘advocating’ their life-style as permissible to demanding our vocabulary be redefined.

They still demand our children be exposed to the gay agenda and sacrificed into the lifestyle so NAMBLA can continue.

Pornography has driven many men and women into a state of hyper-sexualization. While some proponents of porn swear that abusing pornography has no negative results. Pornography use is associated with many serious mental problems.

But, the worst result from pornography is losing sexual excitement – sexual boredom. That often results in sexual experimentation.

Gays do not like linking gay sexuality with other habits of sexual experimentation. But, early exposure short circuits a person’s sexual development. And the studies indicate the younger a child is initiated into sexual behavior, the more likely a person is to be addicted to sex, practice abnormal sex, work in the sex trades, or develop homosexual practices.

Failed marriages have a powerful impact upon people. Gays tend to grow up in single parent homes.

Absent fathers …. again, gays tend to grow up with absent father figures. Ironic, the factors linking gays are well-known, but many argue against the factors.

Single parent homes and absent father figures make the second largest contribution to the homosexual population. The two largest predictors of homosexuality combine for greater than sixty percent of all homosexuals.

Abusive childhood. Children of abuse are more likely to become gay then the general population.

Ironically, each of these factors contributes to homosexual tendencies. Each increases risk. Ironically, there are still those who try to claim genetics.

I supported the ‘twins study.’ It was supposed to study twins. But, the only findings widely publicized were the ‘findings’ which proved gays were born that way. Ironically, professionals quickly realized the statistics in the twins study did NOT support gays being born gay. So, you hear little about that study anymore. Why? Because it did not support the gay agenda.

And then there is the one more reason the progressive agenda does NOT want you to know about.

This will not be easy to read. It is powerfully worded. But, it is what most people believe. And Dr. King, who I mentioned in a previous blog. And EVERY true man-of-God believes this. If they teach other beliefs, they are not serving God. (Gal 1: 8 – 12); (Exek 3; 33); (Jer ch 23).

This was prophesied 2,000 years ago. And while I thought about taking quotes out of this passage, I think it is best if you read the whole statement:

Romans 1: 21 because, although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened. 22 Professing to be wise, they became fools, 23 and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man—and birds and four-footed animals and creeping things. 24 Therefore God also gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonor their bodies among themselves, 25 who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen. 26 For this reason God gave them up to vile passions. For even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature. 27 Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due. 28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting; 29 being filled with all unrighteousness, sexual immorality, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, evil-mindedness; they are whisperers, 30 backbiters, haters of God, violent, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, 31 undiscerning, untrustworthy, unloving, unforgiving, unmerciful; 32 who, knowing the righteous judgment of God, that those who practice such things are deserving of death, not only do the same but also approve of those who practice them. Copied from BibleGateway.com …. NIV version.


It is not easy to discuss, but the plague of homosexuality in our world today is a powerful curse upon our people.

That is what the Word of God teaches. It is what all of mankind believed for thousands of years, in every major society. It is what over 90% of the entire planet right now believes. It is what psychologists taught for over one-hundred years.

And in the pit of your stomach, it probably feels like the Word of God is closer to the truth than the current wind of doctrine telling us we must sacrifice our children and let gays have power and control over our children.

I say that is not so. We do not need to let gays have power and control over our children.

God says not to give them power.

What do you say? Can we save our children?



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373 Responses to Why IS everyone turning ‘Gay?’

  1. April says:

    Thank you for posting this! It’s wonderful to see people who are still standing up for the Word of God! You have my full support and prayers for you and your family. I just want to say, as I say to people I speak with on a daily basis about this issue as well as many other issues, this is what the Bible says. There is no room for opinions, debates, and arguments, per se, where the word of God so clearly speaks. God’s word is the ultimate comment. What can be added or taken away from what our Creator has to say? Our opinions, as the mere humans that we all are, become nothing, when God has already spoken. I just wonder if all the great debators and all those who believe they are more intelligent and more all knowing than God, would have the nerve to voice their opinions if they were standing (or more likely kneeling) in His presence? When the Omnipotence, Magnificence, and Awesomeness of the Almighty is recognized, there is no room for, “Well, I think….” Or “My opinion is…..”
    We’re not God. Look at His word for the answer. Just because we don’t always like His answers doesn’t mean He is wrong. It means we love ourselves and our sin more than we love Him.

  2. Rick says:

    Many Gay women at the Clubs nowadays unfortunately.

  3. Jim says:

    What makes it sad is that the Lesbian Population has sure increased over these years unfortunately making it very difficult for us Straight men trying to meet a woman today that isn’t Gay. And the women that are Straight are going for the Creepiest looking men that i have ever seen in my whole entire life. Either way us Good men still Can’t win which is very sad.

  4. Alex says:

    Well that is one hell of a good question which there really is no answer for.

  5. Peter Wolfgang says:

    Hi All: I am an older man and have seen a lot in my life. I saw this coming in the late 1960’s. People were becoming more bold in their lifestyles. That is one of the major reasons but just one that the roman empire deteriorated after being in existence for 1000 years; from immorality inside of itself including greed, murders, etc. Read up on their empire’s collapse. We are following down the same exact road. We in the U.S. have been around for no more than 250 years and they (roman empire) were there for 1000 years.

  6. Peter Wolfgang says:

    Wow. I can’t believe people still cannot see what is happening all around them. Can’t you see that the Almighty is trying to get your attention (Gays) to turn from your evil ways while there is still life left in you. The second life ebbs away from you……..then the judgement.

  7. Jon Aretakis says:

    Nice article Wayne. The collective lower self is certainly spreading and fast. The occultists or satanists that control this world know how to manipulate the masses and spreading the liberal LGBTQ agenda is one way to keep people separate. It amazes me how little people think for themselves but the problem or lie is so big few can see it. With so much violence against women by men a reversal has manifested. Now women are sleeping with women because subconsciously they are so hurt by their opposites that they take a dissatisfied distorted lifestyle over God’s intended path of marriage between a man and women in the hope of finding love. But these days love has left us. We are too distorted. Love, trust, commitment, family and other higher self qualities have been replaced by perversion and much of it stems from a fear of intimacy with the opposite sex. We are too separate from our intended purpose and therefore separate from God. Society hasn’t just destroyed sexuality. We are tearing ourselves apart on many fronts. America is doomed and few see what is right in front of their faces. Marriage between a man and women keeps society together. Without enough people striving toward unity separation results. And sadly separation rules our society these days. We are in the days of Noah. America is being torn apart by design and one way the satanists are doing it is by confusing people through their sexuality. All we can do is pray. This dark drama must play out. God will allow us to betray oursleves. It is the only way for us to learn freedom stems from serving the higher self and bondage results when we serve the lower self. We have sunken into the dark depths of the collective lower self and we are not done sinking. But we can only sink so far before we will change. A huge biblically orchestrated crisis approaches and with it or after it the collective higher self will expand and the collective lower self will contract. The good news is the lower self can’t win. It has to lose in the end because is it nothing more than higher self in distortion. The collective lower self will either transform or be exterminated. Pray for those who are distorted. We are all distorted so we can’t judge. Jesus Christ is the way. Even demons originate from the divine. But God has given us rules and when we break those rules more suffering results. Life will never be easy on this plane as we are all in a fallen state separate from God but we are making it worse and God will allow it so we learn the difference between the higher self and the lower self. People forget. God made satan. The higher self created the lower self.

  8. Concerned says:

    Sorry for all the typos. Im typing on my phone. Anyway, Wayne, thank God for your blog. Is there any way you can promote it more, maybe connecting it to twitter or facebook. Get the word out more spread spread spread. Get on all those sites the kids are. Pray for God to guide you. Go global. You may have a calling! You will save souls and shame the devil.

  9. Concerned says:

    Homosexuality and all forms of sex perversion, pan, bi, tans, what have you is a demon spirit. Rebuke this in Jesus name. Educate your children. Pray for family, friends, significant others. Cover them daily un the blood of Jesus. I see gays everywhere now. Its an end times curse just as the writer called it. Dont by into the devils lies. He will take as many as he can with him directly to hell. Dont be one of them. If your catholic ask st jude to intercede for you. For we fight nit against flesh but spirits. These gays n the like are merely demon controlled. Its so very very sad.

  10. Raiden says:

    Really agree! I really get this feeling… That one day were all gonna get shunned for being “straight”. I really hate that society is trying to make everyone something that its not. That people are so upset at who they are and what there sexuality is they have to make others believe it to so they can make themselves feel better about it. Its the new norm or at least that’s what they want us to know. Im sick and tried of people calling everyone evil and everyone who docent agree with gay monsters (NOT EVERYONE WILL) I for one am straight and I have gay freinds but they never push me around about it. SOO many people are pushing others though that’s the dumb thing about it! Do i really want to respect people who say were evil and everyone should?

  11. Legend Helmz says:

    The illuminatii’s plans to turn everyone into gay.

  12. VerySadButTheTruth says:

    It is the new world today Unfortunately.

  13. Paul Fishman says:

    The gays link up with heterosexuals to entice them into gay pornography which satan empowered them to do so. Only the power of the blood of Jesus Christ can break the sexual addiction satan uses through the gay agenda to destroy our eternal life. The power of Jesus Christ can break the chains of homosexuality to deliver gays and us from the eternal damnation planned by satan through pornography. Everyone has to make the choice to accept that grace from Christ to be set free from pornography.

  14. Lee says:

    Well it is certainly very sad that they have to allow them to have children since it is the children that always suffer over this since these people are a total waste to begin with. Adam and Eve you turkeys.

  15. suizou says:

    Monsanto Atrazine, which is used on half the corn crops in the US, as well as Christmas tree farms and golf courses, interferes with male frog development, causes males to switch gender to female and develop ovaries and eggs, drops testosterone production, “chemically castrates” male frogs and later leads to development of homosexual behavior as the gender-altered frogs begin to prefer same-sex mating. Article and video interview: http://ultraculture.org/blog/2014/02/21/scientist-threatened-stalked-findings-syngenta-herbicide/
    Monsanto has always been a pharmaceutical company, remember Agent Orange?
    Monsanto Controls the White House, US Congress, the FDA, USDA and EPA.
    Control the food, control the people. Aluminum resistant seeds, anyone?

  16. Samantha says:

    See I said the same thing and my friend was like you just analysing stuff too much. I’m like no I feel like a lot of people who claiming they are gay aren’t really gay they are just going off of society. It’s like people popping up out of nowhere like “I’m Gay”. I feel like being gay is a lifestyle and if you don’t practice in that lifestyle you truly aren’t gay. Like just because you date someone of the same sex once doesn’t automatically classify you as gay.

  17. Malon Sharboneau says:

    Thank you for this blog posting. I was so frustrated today after looking for something clean and entertaining to read on line. All I could find was male/male stories! I got so frustrated I just typed ‘why is being gassy so cool’ this popped up and I really appreciated what you said, so thank you.

  18. LL says:

    Maybe if you look from a different perspective you’ll see that it isn’t as much of a fact that these children’s different (than yours) sexuality are the affects of a broken home, but rather are the cause. These parents who are also uneducated about the variety of sexuality, are (as you) afraid for themselves and their children, and as a result conflict violence upon their children. That is why with as you put it, “everyone becoming gay” it not only helps, through the media and surrounding supportive communities, for children to accepting their own sexuality, but also insures parents that they’re doing a good job at raising their children. It took many brave people to brake the loop of being afraid and silenced by our differences. And that is why we should celebrate in not only the gays and straights but also everything between, because its important for the next generation of humanity to not only know its ok to be different but also to celebrate in everyone’s uniqueness.
    I do hope you understand the severity of oppressing others just because they’re different than you can inflict, and maybe change this post so it doesn’t sound so homophobic and insulting.

    • Wayne says:

      Thank you for your comment.

      You did label my beliefs as ‘homophobic and insulting.’ What about historic sexuality scares you and insults you? Are you heterophobic?

      Or are you not open to other points of view?


      • Wayne says:


        I will add, while I appreciate your commenting, you blame the victims. Such a classic ploy of the Gay Agenda, Erastes Pill should ring a bell.

        Children struggling with life do not cause their family problems. ADULTS are responsible parties, children are still learning to become responsible adults.

        And blaming possibly Gay children for their parents having problems is beyond anything I can grasp.


    • Jules says:

      But in the end the truth is the truth and is something beyond our knowledge and understanding.Trust the Lord he is the path, the beginning and the end! 🙂

  19. robmos70 says:

    Excellent article Wayne. Thank you.

  20. SadButSoTrue says:

    Even today as i speak, much more women these days are leaving their men for another woman. How very sad that is that much more women today are Gay.

  21. GodHelpUsAlready says:

    Well i can tell you one thing, many women have these days.

  22. bwingatejrbwingatejr says:

    Let’s not forget that at one time the mental health community once saw being gay as a mental disorder and had all their ducks in a row when in came to the facts. I think looking into this and adding it will be the conclusion of your argument. Well said.

  23. bwingatejrbwingatejr says:

    Lets not forget that the mental health community once saw being gay as a mental disease. I think looking into and adding this will conclude your argument.

  24. Pilgrim82 says:

    Seriously, all I had was a heterosexual militant racist and homophobic form of Protestantism surrounding me at my high school, never had a Dad who left me, never had parents who divorced, never was molested or raped by anyone, all my 49 cousins, multiple Aunts and Uncles, parents, grandparents, great grandparents and great Uncles and 2nd cousins and siblings ALL STRAIGHT and no ‘agenda’ apart from the heterosexual ‘agenda’ was forced on me daily. Where was this homosexual agenda? Because it was never around in my day and no one influenced me in the straight, macho and tough upbringing surrounded by 99.9% straight people and straight small town and straight society at the time (as much as I was aware of). So tell me, why did I turn out gay? Where do I fit in your understanding of your narrow world? Because I don’t understand it. I was just attracted to big and chubby men and always have been since I was aware of it, and that was when I was 5. Didn’t realise what it actually was until I was 12. I’m now 33 and have wasted most of my young adult life denying I’m gay because of religious people like you. Where was anyone for me to talk to me, counsel me and help me from feeling totally alone in a world filled with straight people? No one was there. And you show no empathy to gay kids, especially since you call straight kids, ‘the Normal Children’.

    • Wayne says:

      You are too funny.

      Racist and militant are not the words to describe ‘normal’ Christians. Loving and kind are.

      I am sorry your life is not a bed of roses, but I will point out, NO children are ‘attracted’ to chubby old men at age 5.


      • Chinmay Kumar Patnaik says:

        HHahahahaha way to go, that was just the perfect reply

      • Rg says:

        A 5 year old does not yet know how they feel about any attraction to men or women in that manner, all they think about is games, fun and love from there family. I know in the bible it says God does not agree with this obviously he pointed out the verses for u. I don’t hate or discriminate anyone’s dicision let God judge u. But I really dislike ppl saying I knew I was gay since I was born. God put us on this earth men and women to mutiply how else can u do that with the same sex. The creation of life is beautiful and can only be done with a man and women.

    • Dave says:

      Don’t blame religion or religious people it’s reality religion is man made Faith is believing in what the Bible says being gay is scientifically abnormal and eventually it will break down into nothing being gay can’t produce children but it can produce disease and diseased Minds promoting gay and lesbian relationships to the younger generation and young children is offensive and I find sickening I can’t believe this world today just let anything go don’t we have any morals today morality what happened to that we have sexual deviants controlling our media and what we read every day and most of it I see it’s just promoting the gay agenda I’m not homophobic I just think it’s wrong scientifically logically it is abnormal

    • #Doallofthemreallyknow says:

      I see, you were always attracted to “chubby men”. This is, I believe, a truth. Plan and simple. But, I see and witness the truth of the opposite as well. Allow me to explain, my daughter has always found boy cute, from an early age. As she got a bit older, and as she read a number of books (bios of multiple YouTube /Volgging personalities) she, just one day, decided she was gay. I said really? But you find a few males attractive, blatantly calling them “hot”. However, she said well, I went from bi to pan to gay. Again, I said really? And this has nothing to do with culture and the societal infatuation with LGBT oppression? Of course, she did’ t want to even pause to consider my question. Despite her still having very outward signs of liking, to the point of wooing over, men. Even if they are actors or bad boys. So, I am more inclined to say she is still confused and at best is bisexual. The question still remains than, why claim to be gay? Does she truly understand her sexuality? I knew from a very young age, just like you, that I was heterosexual. I see no other reasoning than the mistifcation and Hollywood-ifcation of the new movement. So gullible and confused preteens and teens who seek acceptance and have budding sexual urges get current and “trendy” by claiming to be something they are not. Needless to say, I fear my daughter does not realize just how bad her world will become socially if she claims to be gay/lesbian and isn’t. It’s one thing to stand up for who you really are, but I see she is still unsure, even if she says she is. Why didn’t she know from the start? Why did she complain “that everyone has a boyfriend” and she doesn’t. Stating: “…and I’m over hear like I ugly?” “Yep, that is me trash”. Her transgender friend that we openly accept perhaps causes her to believe she is gay. I would see her showing him online pics of a guy she thought was cute telling him to look he is “sooo ahhhh” while she cans herself. But he, or rather “Belle”, just rolls her eyes. My daughter’s need, as every gullible teenager’s need, to be accepted is so wraped in what she is influenced by and what makes the biggest impact, that she necessarily ignores her most private feelings of her sexuality, seeing them as not in trend. So, I’m convinced she is a victim of what is being glorified.

      • Wayne says:

        I do not think they know. And I am praying for your daughter, that she will walk away from what is being glorified. She will walk back to what she used to be, just a real girl liking real boys.

        Thank you for sharing.


  25. the world is crazy says:

    This world is juat going crazy

    • Wayne says:

      I have been told that.

      Thank you for your comment,


    • Rosie Cheeks says:

      The minority groups are brainwashing children from a young age , why on earth would you ask a 4 year old what sex they think they are! What a stupid question to ask a child! I am sick of pseudo psychologists, strange scientists and minorities who are mucking us all up and gay people who just won’t shut up about themselves. I don’t care what you do in your bedroom, no one is interested. Go away!

  26. jay says:

    Something is wrong with a guy eho would rather hear a fat boy fart than a pretty girl sing!


    all I see here are MAD FAGS because they cant COPE with the reality that they ARE WRONG… PERIOD. All the gay people should live in a island and see how long the society lasts. OH YEAH… IT WONT.. they will die off because they are following GODS NATURAL ORDER and procreating normally.

    • Jos says:

      That is true exactly what I was thinking. If you put all gay people in an island how long will they last!! If everyone was gay the human kind will not exist and that is what makes gay people feel angy. Most of them don’t care because they blame for their problem to the people that created them in this case their parent. In addition teen gays guys try to kiss and induce gay relation on boys or girls that have not experienced the opposite sex yet which I think is low to do and I’m saying that from personal experience if it was not because I had a strong mind when I was a child I will probable be gay today. The other problem is that gay people are always saying that people don’t like them and in reality is the opposite gay people don’t like normal people because normal people makes them feel not normal. I have a gay friend that has issues and always told me that he does not feel like a normal person. Reason was that he felt that regular couples had more rights than him so when gay matriege was allow in a USA I ask him how he felt now and he responded the same “not normal”
      And I’m sure I’m going to get bully for expressing something that to me is true

      • Wayne says:

        Thank you for your comment.


      • nrn says:

        I agree with you. Other people do as well. However, many people call us intolerant if we do not agree with them. That is false. It seems intolerant to me to bully people by calling them intolerant so that you agree with them. You can take a stand, but make sure you do it on heartfelt foundation.

        P.S. Sorry for the late reply! I just now saw this thread.

      • Wayne says:


        That is okay, my reply is even later. Thank you for posting.


    • Jeffery says:

      You so realize that Transgender people exist right? That includes lesbian/bisexual trans women, and gay/bisexual trans men. Which means they would go to the island as well, and society would continue just fine.
      Therefore, a gay/bisexual cis man and a gay/bisexual trans man can reproduce children, as well as a lesbian/bisexual cis woman and a trans woman (assuming that the transgender folk haven’t had bottom surgery).
      What if they had a heterosexual child? Would they be forced away from their parents and banished to the Straight island? Is there a bisexual island?
      What about Asexual transgender people like myself? Do I get my own island because I don’t experience sexual attraction? Can I swim and take a boat to these other islands?

      • Wayne says:


        I think I understand what you are trying to say. If I do understand, you are making a lot of assumptions about how we actually do work as people.



  28. Rey says:

    Hi Wayne;
    I am very glad that I stumbled upon you blog today. I would just like to say prior to reading some articles on your blog I was very confused…actually I still am confused. All my life(which isn’t very long..only 14 and a half years) I was raised southern baptist Christian. I went to church every Sunday with my family and I enjoyed going(I still do). I believe that Jesus is my lord and savior and that we must accept him as it to be granted to eternal life. But anyways I guess you could say my confusion started about and year ago. It was shortly after I had let go of my bad social anxiety/mild depression accepted myself for who I am, and learned that I do not need to impress anyone but myself; I had switched schools for the very first time in my life and my new school was very “diverse”. Quickly I was exposed to many things that I thought only happened on TV. Part of this is my fault because of the friend I group I chose. Deep in my head and my heart I knew these friends did not have the same morals as me but I gave myself excuses like well they are the ones who are nice and accepting of me and my awkwardness. As the year progressessed I grew to really dislike the people I called my friends. Everything they did bugged me and I felt like it was driving me insane. My friends group consisted of about 13 people and we all say together at lunch. It was particular day during lunch where they were talking about attending a pride festival that was coming to the city(the festival came very October soninahd only been at the school for 2 months) they asked me if I wanted to go with them to which I expressed why would we go aren’t we straight? All of them looked at me kinda funny until one burst out laughing soon the others did too. I was genuinely confused so I asked what was funny. The first person who had laughed said “well I guess we never really told her but Ray were all queer” I was shocked and asked them exactly what they meant this proceed to everyone going around an saying what they were from gay-bi- panromamtic-demisexual-queer-gender fluid to whole bunch of stuff I had never even heard of it honestly sounded like a bunch of nonsense, in my head I was thinking we’re just a whole bunch of 13, 14 and 15 year olds why are we thinking about these things? After all of them explained what they were they also told me that they thought I asexual cause I never expressed interest in anyone. I explained to them that I like boys and boys only didn’t want to be referred to as both a boy and a girl and that I didn’t want to go to the pride festival. After that they kind of ignored me for about a week or two so I began to eat lunch with people from my lacrosse team. After about 3 weeks I got a text from of them, it was and invite to party(one of them had just come out of the closet) I didnt whether I should go or not so I talked to my parents and prayed about it eventually I decided to go. When I got to the party everything was chill and it seemed like everyone had forgotten about what happened weeks ago. It was t really a party it was more of hanging out, talking, and eating junk food together. At some point our conversation had reversed to religion and things like that, generally I tend not to say anything to avoid confrontation but when half of my “friends” said they were athiest I felt my heart break. I know I shouldn’t have expected them to be religious but it was still sad to hear. At this point I still didn’t say anything but when a few people were saying that God actually scares them and they don’t know why, I heard myself blurt out its because your guilty. They didn’t know what I meant so I had to explain more even though I didn’t want to. I said “I don’t mean to offend anyone but this is just what I was raised and that this weird fear towards God is guilt and deep on your heart you know what your doing is wrong but you won’t accept it. God hates the sin not the sinner I know Yall don’t think the bible is true but it actually predicted that our generation would be the one of homosexuality and it would be hard to shield ourselves from temptation. But I tell Yall this were still young and while we’re young we don’t have to put all these labels on ourselves to help with self identity we can just be ourselves and wear all black, listen to loud music, watch weird anime, and read awesome books we are who we are and there no expectations we have to live up to just because everyone on social media says this is cool.” After my speech there was an awkward so I went outside and called my mom to pick me up. When I got home I broke down in tears because I felt stupid for saying all of that and thought they weren’t going to take into consideration of anything I said. After that party at school I ate lunch with whatever school sport I was playing at the moment and I developed to have my own group of friends. I still talked to people from my old group everyone once in a while but I slowly noticed they were all breaking off into different directions/groups (a.k.a hanging with upperclassmen, drugs, partying ect) towards the very end of the year I somehow found myself talking to them more and for the last two weeks of school we ate lunch together. Summer has been in array for about a month and a half now and I find myself getting a lot of text messages from those old friends either asking for advice, wanting to debate, or straight up hate on me. When the gay marriage was legalized my phone was blown up with people wanting to know how I felt. In all honesty I don’t know how to feel I knew that it was wrong and that our role as christans should have never let that happen, I hoped that maybe all of the radical campaigning for gat rights would finally stop, and I wished that it didn’t happen at all. I often ask myself and God why was I born in this generation where everything is confusing where things like this are just now happening why couldn’t I have been born a generation earlier when it wouldn’t have even been thought of or a generation later when it was already the norm. I struggle to figure out what my goal is in all of this. My heart and soul tells me to follow the word of God but my morale tells me to just fit in with society.
    Thank you so much for reading this Wayne(and anyone else who did) bless you! I would very much like you opinion on my experience and maybe some guidance to clear my head my church is currently under reconstruction so the whole congregation only meets for an hour in Sunday’s there for I cannot talk it out with my youth group. Reading your post about how gay culture is being pushed in children just reminded me of my own experience. And for anyone else who is reading this and has doubts IT IS TRUE just think about my ex-friends or even myself and how conflicted I am do you know/want your kids to suffer as I am now?

    • Wayne says:


      Thank you for stopping by my blog!

      Sorry I didn’t respond immediately, I just bought a new home (used). And I am answering from my local Taco Bell.

      It is sad we are suffering through this cultural identity crisis. We have betrayed God, and our Country’s roots. And we suffer needlessly.

      Thank you for your comment, and learn to love the people, not the sin. That is difficult. But, learn to see a person’s soul as different from their sin.

      God bless and keep you.


    • LL says:

      So, wow. that truly is an experience. I hope you dont mind me adding my coin to the well, but the way i see it is that everyones entitled to their believes and thoughts. if someones demisexual or bisexual or whatever else, whatever! its no big deal we all are just humans trying to find where we belong and if it does not inflict any harm towards others or you than its okay. Its good to question as you have, its all part of being curious yourself. just as long as you’re doing it with good intentions, ask away! im sure these other kids won’t mind answering your questions! 🙂

    • Andy says:


      You are not alone. I go to a liberal arts college in Minnesota so I have had my share of experiences with gays and lesbians alike. Please continue to stay who you are. There are very, very few girls in this country who believe the way you do and you should be proud of the woman you are becoming even if everyone thinks on the contrary. I believe being gay or lesbian is a perversion that has plagued society to such a large extent and it relieves me that there are still people who have independent minds and do not keep up the status quo. I really hate how people who come out as deviants are considered to be “brave” when it is easy to do so because at the time it is politically correct and people like you are called intolerants or homophobics. Anyone who might be reading this post please do take note, of what bravery really looks like. Being brave is speaking out against what is wrong despite the adverse effects that may follow. Continue to be brave, Ray, and never stray from your Christian roots.



  29. Komti says:

    Dear Wayne,
    Thanks for the post, appreciate you sharing your thoughts. I was actually came here because i typed “why is everyone turning gay” on google, i wasn’t really looking for your particular blog hence i clicked on yours. I was currently freaking out when i realized that some of my close friends were openly ‘gay’ nowadays. I was having hard time to accept this but the society seems like pressuring me to act normal. Bottom line is I don’t hate gay people but your blog seems to answer my question. So, thanks for that.

  30. Sara says:

    This is a scary world I’m so concerned for her children . What more deviated thoughts will be implemented in their minds in there innocent mind . I am a Muslim and I agree with you we are brothers in such atrocities . I myself found out my brother was gay Hell on itself filling my head I wished he could just die instead of staying alive . Was one of the most painful situation ever . I’m really still broken . You are the only ones I have admitted this to . I teared my mother’s heart. We found out that he didn’t only have one lover it was like many many many people who were not even his age they were opportunists almost 40-50 years old and he was just 18. He would continue to see them behind our back though we confronted him a lot of times . Pains me to write about this . But I am just as lost as many of you .

    • Wayne says:


      Sadly your story, and your brother’s story, became more common. Because the Gay (LGBTQQ) agenda preys upon younger and weaker people.

      I pray for you and your family.


    • tildeb says:

      Oh, get over yourself and your bath in your own bigotry. Caring about little children, indeed; you can’t even care about your brother. Pathetic.

      • Wayne says:


        I will point out to tildeb, a brother is a brother in faith. Those outside of faith are not our brothers or sisters.

        A major point often missed by those more atheistic than we are.

        But, I thank tildeb for giving us the opportunity to clarify what we believe.


  31. Jake Tobias says:

    Based off your writing skills and your comments, you Mr. Wayne, come off as an intelligent man with strongly anchored beliefs and a knack for passionate debate. Being as you are, I presume a man of your caliber respects and will not put down the ideas of others, nor will you enforce your ideals and “opinions” to others. After all, this is a personal blog, not a legal document. Still, I understand how cumbersome it must be to have to say “This is JUST MY opinion” on every comment you make. My point is, I truly respect your opinion, but as much as you may try to be “undisparaging” (please excuse the term) and diplomatic, your words do not always come off that way (and that’s totally fine, because it still is, just your own blog). However, in my opinion, it really is terribly unfortunate when I come across such brilliant and passionate people supporting the unpopular opinion, especially when 1) they use (implicitly) condescending words, 2) they go against my personal beliefs on what is morally “right” or “wrong” AND 3) when they quote the Bible in a way that I also as a Christian, disagree with. That being said, here just a few of my opinions and observations as well.

    – It seems to be that you embrace almost all the comments that are sided with you (despite them being based on their own blanket statements, generalizations, and experiences) yet you so fervently oppose comments against you with eloquently discursive comebacks quoting the Bible. (Too much to cite, though readers can clearly see this)

    – Seeing how this is a pretty argumentative post, honestly it does not seem very balanced in its discussion of such a controversial issue. I believe it would have been more respectable and fair to also mention the views of perhaps other professionals in your field as well, and consider their arguments, or something as simple as a reputable priest’s opinion with or against yours and a comparison of your arguments. But I do presume from your writing style (based on your other posts) that you prefer writing more inquisitive, relatively short, personal, and “open-ended” posts.

    – Finally, I wholeheartedly disagree with your opinion here about homosexuality being a curse, but I do agree with the fact that, like some feminists start distorting the view of feminine equality as female superiority to therefore condemn male behavior, some gays do confuse normal “straight” behavior as homophobic behavior. It is unfortunate when people “victimize” themselves for attention? or because of misunderstanding? or for whatever reason, like (in my experience only) when people of a different race (MAY, I REPEAT MAY) become over-critical of normal behavior as “racist”. It is people like these, I believe, who damage the reputation of the gay community from within, but understandably so, only because these people have probably heard or gone through much trauma and hate as well, which I’m sure you also realize.

    P.S. I just pray that the Lord will guide us all to how we should really be interpreting the Bible, because as some may believe it or not, in my experience, priests or teachers of the same religion really DO interpret, and therefore preach the same passages differently, which *probably/in-my-opinion* is the main reason as to the confusion that the world has concerning religious values-to-morality issues.

    Please continue being an inspiration to people, even to those who do not share your vision or opinion, because you, through your captivating writing style, are an inspiration to me!

    • Wayne says:

      I appreciate your comments.

      As a personal blog, I usually do not have the energy to include extensive references. But, I do try to include some.

      I will point out that one reason I do not include extensive references to dissenting opinions is the rapid evolution of the LGBTQQ agenda, and the opinions of the ‘experts.’

      But, I appreciate your comments.

      Thank you,


  32. Grace says:

    im gay haha

    • Wayne says:


      I hope and pray you choose better venues to come out upon.

      But, thank you.


      • Peter Wolfgang says:

        Keep up the good work Wayne. Grace, read Matthew 10:28.
        Many people are going into damnation as we speak. Study and read, seriously, what the Almighty has to say about homosexualism. Seek and you will find it in the Bible. The hour is getting late for all. We know not when we will be “called” by the grim reaper. Say to yourselves, “At this point in my life, do I have more tomorrows or yesterdays.” For we know not what the morrow brings.
        People who are insecure and know that the truth hurts always start cussing out of control. This is not a time to cuss as it does not help this reality at all. Really….stop and look all around yourselves. The gay agenda is a spiritual, psychiatric and physical terrorism here NOW and in the rest of the world and is spreading out of control like a California wildfire. Just look at their agenda. May our God have mercy on those who instill this agenda and proclaim to be wiser than the Almighty.

        This is how minute our lives in years are on earth and we think we know more and are wiser than he who created us?


        1 MILLION YEARS AGO / your 80 year old life here / 1 MILLION YEARS FUTURE YET

        Don’t follow the blind and fall into the pit with them.

    • John says:

      I’m Gay too !

  33. Alisa says:

    HI wayne,
    I just wanted to thank you for writing this article. It upsets me so much to see the gay agenda in my school. Disturbs me. Last year, in my sophmore english class, there was this thing called “social justice” papers we had to write. Almost everyone did theirs on why samesex marriage is healthy and should be legalized, because the media, friends, tv, and school tells them to unquestionably to accept it as the new norm and judge others who oppose it. The youth are so impressionable, even in the late teenage years. They lie and pull the victimization card saying that they are so heavily bullied, when it is the other way around. Homosexuals are bullying Christians. They will ridicule you and try to make you look stupid because you are not agreeing with the new norm. Government teachers will even push the agenda, telling you it is the “modern civil rights movement” (which kids jump onto so easily because they think they are promoting good) People will give you the look if state you think it’s wrong. I know this because of my experience in school and hearing conversations. It is so intoxicating. Kids are encouraged to question their quote “sexuality”. The agenda isn’t even letting so many kids think for themselves about the matter because the terms they use can be so brainwashing. As a Christian youth I am so horrified by the agenda that is already causing the morality of this nation that once made it great decay, not only that but it is what is causing so many to antagonize and probably turn away from Christianity. That being said, the truth is Christians I believe love gays more than those promoting the agenda probably do. Why? Because Christians want to save them from falling into a unhealthy lifestyle and show them Christ’s love, while showing them they we love them too just as anyone and want the best for them. The gay agenda just wants to use homosexuals and children as pawns for what they want.

    • Wayne says:


      Thank you for your comment.

      I thank God that I have been able to help some youth. Stay strong. It is a battle for our souls, and our minds.

      Thank you for writing about ‘why’ we need to stand firm and re-affirm historic morality.

      God bless you,


      • Chantz says:

        Hi Wayne
        I love what you have to say, as I am a mother of 2 boys. I am a christian and I believe in the bible. There are things in there that do not relate to our time because of technology the way we clean ourselves etc. But leviticus tells us that God detest/hates (depending on which version you read) the act not the person. If you read all the other laws the language is quite different. But here God marks it with his intense abhorrence for the act, because it goes against what is nature, man’s nature to reproduce. We all know deep down what is right is right and what is wrong is very wrong there is no point in dancing around it. If that wasn’t the case we would not be discussing it and people who believe it is so right wouldn’t feel the need to get so aggressive. The new testament mirrors that with the text you shared above.
        If you wish to live that lifestyle then it’s up to you, you will deal with the consequences of that, but children are innocent and some have said that sexual awareness doesn’t start until teens, stop exposing our children to it from an early age.
        I don’t believe in the abuse of anyone and it breaks my heart when I see or hear parents and others abusing children when the display certain characteristics, that too is wrong.
        But to deny there is no gay agenda is ignorance or negligence at best. You only have to turn on the TV to see it in full swing…..mtv is something I refuse to let my children watch.
        Look deep into your hearts and say that this world is good.

      • tildeb says:

        How about you look in the mirror and see someone unwilling to stone adulterers or those who inconsiderately wear mixed fabrics. Cut your hair lately? Abomination! But look how willing you are to exempt yourself and are unwilling to attribute to yourself and others who use their genitalia with members of the opposite gender what you so gleefully want to attribute to those who dare to want legal equality in marriage with someone of the same gender and have won that right. That’s why you’re a bigot as well as a hypocrite hiding behind your scripture as if that makes it pious.

      • Chantz says:

        Everything we see is upside down – that too is mentioned in revelations. There is something not quite right and we all feel it.

      • Wayne says:

        Thank you for your comment!


      • tildeb says:

        Something not quite right? Look in the mirror. There’s your problem.

  34. ThatsForSure says:

    Much more Gay women now than we ever had.

  35. Aaron says:

    you guys (Wayne and tildeb) have been discussing this situation for little less than three years. Wayne, I agree with you in the fact that today’s society has forgotten the main factor in this, which is the statement in the very Bible that we all have learned to follow, except for those who participate in activities that would classify them as “homosexuals.”

  36. Razle says:

    Finalllllly someone with a brain. I HATE gay people.

    1. When I went to school, there were always 2 couples kissing in hall way. Both were gay couples, that’s a big pointer that gay people are brainwashed by things around them, (have 1 parent, movies, social media, bullying, porn, bad parenting).

    2. I own a store, and I am SUPER attractive(not to boast), this makes gay people hit on me too. It’s really annoying, at least once a month I get hit on by gay people. They tell me stuff like, I can suck your d better than a girlfriend. I had one guy offer me a large sum of money. If I was younger and this happened. Some children in America might fall for this total crap, and it will turn them gay. On top of that it will destroy their life. Gay people have sex by [!@#$%] in the a!@. Imagine a young kid under 18, even under 21, getting [!@#$%] in the a!@ for money or being tricked by being told I suck best [!@#$%] by gay guy and then leading to a!@ [!@#$%]. His whole life will be destroyed.

    3. Gay girls is just as bad. I HATE it when I say hi to a girl and the first thing she says is I’m lesbian, that’s not the bad part. They try to say it in a voice that they are better than you.

    4. I had a girlfriend who turned out to be a tranny, not like I payed someone to egg his house after I found out.

    Points that gay is wrong – Bible, I’m still not really into it yet unfortunately because I’m trying to get rich(almost there) before reading it. God bless me I don’t die before I read it, thank you god. If everyone was gay we would have no children and population would perish, we’d have to give sperm like it’s merchandise and have the girl put it in the girls vagina, yeah okay… our bodies aren’t made that way.

    I hate gay people, and I hate people that defend them just as much.

    As sad as it is, I can’t help but hate them. Wayne, I just want you to know, I support you and Idk much about you but for every person you convince to stop the gay movement, I like you even more.

    • Wayne says:

      I do not know about hate.

      It is difficult to hate those here, and love God. And it is impossible to hate a non-practicing gay who is a Christian and love God.

      So, it is easier to hate the sin, and love people. Love people and let God sort out who goes where.

      I hope you get rich, but I hope you find Jesus sooner than your riches.


    • theworkshopstudiojc says:

      You are learning to see sin for what it is and what sin can do to people.

      Sin corrupts people’s hearts leading people to become corrupted in character.

      This is why Jesus Christ died for humanity, to save us from sins.

      God can help people to see themselves for who they are and what they do and give them the heart to change and repent from sins.

      Hatred is like two people throwing stones at each other. Two wrongs don’t make right.

      The adversary will do anything in his power to separate everyone from loving each other.

      Money is also something the devil uses to draw people away from God.

      God gives you all that you need and blesses you with all that you have.

      But desiring to have more than what you need can lead you down the path to greed and selfishness. Which can also lead you down the path to other sins.

      Time is also a blessing. Read the bible and go to church, study hard because God can speak to you through His word and through the preacher God can help you learn to see and understand truth which is able to make you wise.

  37. MGTOW says:

    Because modern women are horrible, money grubbing liars and double standard sexist, self entitled bitches whose only purpose in life is to play the victim while men are clearly suffering more. There is no heart left in society. Which is why so many men have closed their doors in the faces of danger. You can’t even compliment a woman’s appearance today without risking a lawsuit.

    • Wayne says:

      Thank you for your comment.

      I have been there – almost got sued for saying someone looked nice …. We live in strange days.


      • Jon Aretakis says:

        We do indeed live in strange times. Men are women. Women are men. The LGBT agenda cries victim as they victimize society from the pseudo victim position. Still, we must stay in the light of Christ. We must forgive if we want forgiveness. I try not to judge the freak show that our society has become due to a liberal agenda and the deeper hidden agenda of the satantists that run this world for now.

    • Alex says:

      Very excellent comment which i certainly agree.

  38. Triston says:

    Sin leads to misery, depression, bitterness, anger, and a whole world of other negative feelings. Sin changes your heart. It can corrupt your heart leading you to have a corrupted character.

    Now there is a difference between nice and righteous. Anyone can be nice but that does not mean they will never be evil.

    A righteous man will always fight to do good and stay good.

    Homosexuality trains your body to lust after people. Now self control can last to a certain point but the more you practice sexual immorality the more you lose self control which can lead you to commit things you would have never thought you could commit such as what you see in the news today.

    Preachers are there not only to teach you God’s word, but every sermon they are there to also remind you of the evil things one should refrain from doing so that you will stay gois rather than fall into evil becoming evil.

    Christianity is not about the religion but about the relationship.

    Those who think the bible is a fictional book know nothing about God because God reveals himself to those who believe and to those who read and study His words.

  39. Matt says:

    This was obviously written by [edited to remove vile personal attack].

  40. jayd says:

    Also, you were attacked by gay people. The Christians killed 1/3 of the world’s population. You convinced yourself you moved on but your subconscious has not. It’s ok if you don’t believe reality to justify your assault. No one person is the same, some do good and others do bad. I’ve defended many homosexuals from assault from people of all race all religion and all types of groups. Don’t even mention seperation because your duty as a christian is to spread the love. But because of your experience all gay people are apparently out to rape kids. Men rape women, kids, animals but a two men or women equally loving is bad to you because you force your opinion of God as what you think. I’ve seen a man after he deceased and was told promising words. I won’t share them because you aren’t ready to hear them. They are words for a true Christian ready to love and help the world. You can’t help people by chasing them away by opening with hate. Homosexuals should be honest with who they are so they don’t commit lying. You should shove your God hates gay slander in the closet and lock it. I’m tryin g to enter people’s live and give them real Christian love and guidance. Your article wouldn’t reach out to a homosexual and you know it. It reaches out to homophobes. You aren’t reaching any new people or helping them. And just because someone is gay doesn’t mean they do or don’t have other problems, and it also doesn’t mean whey problem is because they are gay. I don’t say I’m starving and satisfy that by playing piano silly.
    You are in the way of me and true Christians from lifting people up with God’s true grace. We won’t see any problem with judgement of any kind and leave God to inform them. You have no place to speak of others affairs. Join the true Christians and help the world or stay out of my way. Whatever you say to refute my message won’t matter for this is the truth. You won’t reach people and God will correct you of your errors. I pray you learn to forgive and never live in the filth of judgement.

    • Wayne says:

      Wow. What a pathetic Progressive you are. At NO time have Christians killed one-third of anyone.

      As for your ad-hominems, you could practice forgiveness and not grovel in your pit of judgement.


    • Wayne says:

      As for God, I do not believe God hates gay people. I would be surprised if God hates murderers or rapists.

      But, God is clear, warn the sinner, or you gain their sin. Ezekiel Chapter 3 verses 16 – 27.

      1 John warns us of your mis-speaking. John was clear, you must love people, but you must not sin.

      Paul, Jesus, ALL the Prophets have said the same thing – rebellion against God is the problem,

      not your sexual orientation.


  41. jayd says:

    You really are special with your environmentally induces homophobia due to your own uncomfortable adventure. I’m a Mental Health Counseled, use to be a Christian marrige counselor and am currently running a youth group. God says love thY neighbor and it disgust me how you speak of human beings. Sin is sin, and you speak blasphomy for speaking for God as you have is the worst sin of all.
    You will never help the world only make more people hate Christians the way you are going about it. Many kids commit suicide by pressures similar to what you are giving.
    Many pastors promote slavery and say God said so because the mistranslations over the years in the bible. What a person chooses in their life is their decision. Forcing someone to love , a gift from God, someone they don’t is lying to yourself and others, also a sin. Choose yourself as you sit on your high horse, will you lie about your feelings or be honest with who God made you. God knows everyone and will communicate with them. God’s and their relationship is their bussines alone.
    Judge less, spread the love more and God Bless
    – Jay

    • Wayne says:


      You have issues. I do not associate with pastors promoting slavery, so I cannot speak directly to your experiences. However, your association with pastors of that ilk shows US your Christianity is at issue, not mine.

      Love God, and learn to love others, and guide them towards Jesus – not towards sin.


      • jayd says:

        It was an example far over your head. You need a lesson in history, how many died in the Crusades, or did you forget? Jesus associated and helped the tax collectors and the prostitutes, the lowest in society at the time and we are to live as Jesus had. And you speak of keeping children away from homosexuals. It is you who needs to reavaluate life decisions. You aren’t guiding anyone towards him, just giving them reasons to dislike you more. I’ll defend to the death for you to speak your mind, no doubt. I’d take the shirt off my back for anyone. But if you want to reach people, you have to know how to communicate in a way they can listen to, not something they find as generic hate talk. It’s easy to understand one’s own thoughts, it’s difficult to convey to others at times. Your words like progressive don’t mean anything to me and your comment as pathletic is a touch sinful, but your hands must be very clean I’m sure. God loves me and I pray for signs of what he wants me to do every day. Call me what you want, God will forgive you. I follow what God tells me is right through his word. No matter what spin you put on it, love and help others. Calling people pathetic progressives doesn’t make you look good at all. Don’t let your feelings be so hurt from a stranger with a different opinion.

      • Wayne says:

        Again, you lose touch with reality.

        I helped a homeless man this week. You can call love hate all you want, but God’s love protects children. You cannot change that.


      • jayd says:

        I have no waver in my faith because I strive to do good by God. Focusing on helping people become better people doesn’t have to do with blog hate sights, but your confusion is almost understandable. You keep on offending people and cast your illusionary damnatipn on them. I don’t need to prove anything to you because God is my ownly higher power. I’ll keep helping people have better lives and you can keep pointing out their sins. You will learn in the end by God the damage this does and how antiproductive it is. Any faithful pastor wouldn’t use words like yours, let alone insult people. Classy

      • Wayne says:

        You are a classy fool – and you border on the Biblical fool. But, I am not your judge, Jesus is.

        Since God spoke much more harshly through the Prophets, Disciples, and Jesus than I have spoken to you or the gay agenda, I know:

        I serve a God of love and judgement.


  42. truth says:

    it takes guts to speak truth. our civilization is about to collapse. people don’t understand most obvious of things. i request author to look at following resources, they have real and scientifically carried out studies it will help you prove your point:
    these are the scientific fact sir, unfortunately not public facts.

  43. Damien says:

    The gay epidemic is very worrying and very disturbing. Most of the hype has to do with the agenda as you call it. The media, Hollywood etc.etc. are very powerful and promote this evil practice.Now even some churches even promote it. FYI I suffered an attempted rape by a gay male 30 years ago or thereabouts. It was a very violent attack. It was very hard to beat this person off. I was surprised by his strength and violence. I was shocked by the viciousness of this so called gay. There was nothing gay about it. The attack occurred whilst I was bush walking with a person I thought was just into bush walking. How wrong can you be. I have since prayed for all the poor women who have been attacked and raped and murdered by filthy men. I could at least fight off my attacker what about the poor souls that cannot fight of their attackers.

    • Wayne says:


      Thank you for sharing.

      It is scary that such people exists. It is scarier so many people ignore the real problem and support such violent people.

      Thank you for your comment.


  44. Charmaine says:

    I came across this posting earlier today and I have to applaud you for speaking the truth. Homosexuals and homosexual supporters want to deny a gay agenda. If this were not the case why do they feel the need to not only come out of the closet but get married and adopt children, sometimes minority children. The way God established the beginning of humankind is love between a man and woman, who are able to procreate. Unnatural affection between homosexuals cannot produce children. Where’s the agenda? If gays adopt children, they can infuse their agenda within the younger generations and slowly but surely make gay seem okay. A few weeks ago there were news stories of homosexual couples suing businesses who would not allow them to use their services. Why didn’t they Just tell others not to use these services and move on? Why not? Because the gay agenda has nothing to do with love, it has to do with forcing others to support their own immorality.
    For a long time I kept mum in the topic because I did not like controversy but as the gay agenda continues to take a stance someone had to take a stance for morals and the establishment that God had back in the Garden of Eden, read your bibles folk. It you don’t understand it, seek out a spiritual advisor who can help you understand the bible.
    Again, thank you Wayne for having the audacity to stand up for truth.

  45. David says:


    I came across this article and just wanted to thank you for enlightening me.I pray for the world too. Me being a first time father in about 7 months, I worry about how he or she will become. It all makes sense that it takes two parents to raise them right with Gods word and our leadership. The subject of homosexuality in my household is touchy, just because my wife has a few family members that are gay and in my family as well. I told her I am tolerant but don’t have to agree with the lifestyle. Just pray that I can be a good role model to my child.

    Happy New Year’s and may God bless you!


    • Wayne says:


      I am praying for you, and I am praying with you.

      Fatherhood and motherhood are ordained by God. He made family for His purpose.

      God bless you,


  46. TheRealTruth says:

    Well the Lesbian population has sure increased these days. Very Tough for us Straight Guys looking for a decent woman today.

  47. Amanda says:

    I feel like pornography leads men to subconsciously see women as weak and only objects, thus causing them to fall emotionally for other men, then sex comes. Or something worse… if they are that type of individual. All this porn is like cigarettes. It is not healthy

    • Wayne says:


      Thank you for your comment.

      I had never thought of that, in that manner. But, you are on to something.



    • Triston says:

      Self abuse or masturbation leads to homosexuality because it is a selfish act. A man tends to lust over himself and his manly features. Pornography is actually a trigger. The same way you see some sort of delicious food on an empty stomach it enables you, tempts you to give in and buy it.

      Porn is the same way. A man watches dirty images that spark lust in their hearts while practicing self abuse you are satisfying your flesh by gratifying yourself.

      When you are hungry you eat To satisfy your hunger. Men who masturbate satisfy their sexual appetite.

      When practice masturbation you form a habit. In reality it will lead you to practice often until like any addiction, you depend on it to get through your day.

      sex addiction is real. Once you are enticed, the devil can lead you to homosexuality.

      Spiritual influences are like a subtle whisper, you can’t see it but it’s there especially when you least expect it.

      If you read the bible you can learn the truth and then see the truth.

      Sort of like you buying a build it yourself computer, you have to identify the parts first by reading the instruction manual before you know what part is what and how to build it.

      And going to church will not only teach about sin, it will also help you stay away from sinful things. Fellow shopping with stronger Christians will help you too.

      Jesus Christ came into this world to save us from our sins. When you accept Christ as your Lord & Savior, God will give you the Holy Spirit which will help you.

      Sin is a serious condition but the devil is too busy keeping the world from identifying our condition so that we perish.

  48. Joel says:

    Although this is comment is long over due, I very much agree with you. We are forced in this culture to accept gays. I am not speaking out against the people who are gay, only the sin. We don’t have the right to judge a person, but we can judge the sin. However, in today’s media, we are convinced it is normal. Anyone who speaks out is insensitive and is against the rest of humanity. But I do not reside with humanity, only God. And although many may come against me, I will stay strong. It is discouraging of how much wickedness is in the world today and most are blinded to it.

  49. Vianna Morrisey says:

    Well everybody knows that when you hate gay people it’s because you’re gay. Don’t worry we will all accept you!

    • Wayne says:

      So, you are gay, and you hate gays.

      How interesting you say that.

      Thank you,


      • Triston says:

        I don’t hate gay people at all. I’m sorry if my last post gave that impression. Sometimes words off a screen can mean one thing to one person, but to another something else.

        I can see how easily it would be to assume that I hate gays.

        But I do not hate anyone. And I have lots of beautiful friends I love that are gay.

      • Triston says:

        In other words God teaches us not to hate the sinner but to hate the sin.

      • Wayne says:


        And that is why sinners do not like the message. They do not like considering themselves to be wrong.


      • Triston says:

        @Wayne yeah I noticed it after I replied.

        John 3:19King James Version (KJV)

        19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

      • Triston says:

        Since Adam & Eve ate from the tree of knowledge of good & Evil, we all inherited sin.

        I want to give you some insight on homosexuality.

        We as people adjust and adapt to the environment we are in. If we are in a positive environment, we will be influenced positively. If we are constantly in a negative environment, we adjust and adapt to the negativity around us.

        To support this I will give you examples.

        When the summer heat comes, do we not change our clothing to wear something cooler? Drink cold drinks? Take more showers?

        In the winter do we not wear more clothing? Heavy jackets? Sweaters? Drink hot drinks like tea and hot chocolate?

        In science we learn that if a frog is in a pot of water and the temperature starts to rise slowly, it will adapt to the temperature and continue to adapt until the water boils until it dies.

        Now here is another example I want to give you.

        If a persons favorite food is pizza, and that person is full already but looks at a picture of a pizza, most likely it will not
        affect him/her.

        But on the other hand when a person who is hungry, and he/she sees a picture of a delicious hot pizza covered with all sorts of toppings to the point that person craves it and his/her mouth starts to water, then most likely that person will be influenced to buy it.

        Ever notice that when you shop at a grocery store on an empty stomach you tend to pull more off the shelf than you would on a full stomach?

        Ok now that I’ve given these examples, let me explain about homosexuality.

        Some people turn to homosexuality because they’ve been sexually abused at a young age.

        Some people turn because they never had a father figure or manly influence around them.

        Some turn to homosexuality because of influence such as “you are born that way”

        Some turn to homosexuality because of dissappointed relationships with girls.

        What people also don’t realize is that satan does send people in your path not only to encourage you but also to help you change your mind to thinking that heterosexual relationships are not meant for you.

        One of the classic tricks that satan does is send a crazy girl to make your life so miserable mentally, physically and sexually until you reach the point of becoming completely turned off that you will choose homosexuality instead.

        Satan exercises his power through influence.

        Here is another example of you do not believe.

        Ever tried to quit something but the moment you tried, something tempted you not to quit?

        Ever see a smoker try to quit but the moment he/she made the choice, people, friends everyone around started to influence that person?

        Temptation is real.

        Now this next example is very important.

        Men have extremely high sex drives. There are so many things in our world today that enhances our sex drives that people do not realize.

        Men who drink hot chocolate or eat chocolate.

        If you work out at the gym and take supplements that have Nitric oxide.

        Drugs such as cocaine, crystal meth, ecstasy, etc.

        Some drugs enhance men’s sex drive by a little and some by extreme.

        For example, crystal meth is known to make men masturbate excessively for 8 hours or even up to 3 days non stop.

        Now that I’ve established this part…

        If you are in the process of converting to homosexuality, it is in the state of confusion tied with spiritual influences that can lead you to convince yourself that it is the right thing.

        When a man also indulges in masturbation and uses pornographic images those images will slowly convince, influence and alter that persons perspective and beliefs unknowingly.

        ***This is the process of making what you know is wrong, right in your own eyes.***

        Ever tried to tell a drug addict that drugs is bad for them but in their own eyes they are not hurting no one so it makes it ok for them to continue using it?

        The reason why gay men believe they are not living in error is because they are living in that environment.

        Going to gay bars and being around gay people who as a collective believe that homosexuality is not a sin. This is the environment that people are use to, they have adjusted and adapted to that belief.

        And that is why Wayne calls it the gay agenda.

      • Wayne says:


        Very well written comment(s).

        Thank you!


      • Triston says:

        God bless you Wayne.

        We live in America where we are given too much freedom. Our generation has become so rebellious. We use our freedom as an excuse to do anything we want which is why many people in our country are falling into sin.

        If you go to church, read your bible, pray, study and follow Gods commandments, have faith in Jesus Christ, live in harmony with the proper influence that is safe, healthy, positive, Godly, practicing self control not giving into the desires of the flesh which by nature our bodies crave to do what is sinful, you will escape the snare that satan sets before you.

        There is good and there is evil.

        You can either be on Gods side, or the Devils side.

        You are either righteous, or unrighteous.
        You are either for God or against God.

        Living in the club scene, drinking, dancing, partying, drug addiction, indulging in fornication, adultery, group orgies, one night stands, selfishness, pride, gossip, back biting, hatred, in reality these are things that destroy your heart, these things ruin your life, these things steal your time from God. These foolish things steal your youth, your potential to live a blessed life.

        When you are walking in the flesh, giving into sexual immorality and lust, these things lead you to greater sins.

        Ever did something in your life that after you practiced it long enough, you became a master at it?

        Then hear these words, we all practice things in life and become good at it. Some of us become masters of what we practice.

        The question is do you want to live your life practicing what is evil? What is an abomination?

        Do you want your kids to learn these things?

        When you start practicing sin, it starts off small but it will always progress to something bigger, darker and much more evil.

        When you practice sin longer than 30 days, it becomes a habitual sin. It becomes routine. It becomes part of your everyday activity. In your eyes it becomes normal but to others around you we see the truth.

        Those who don’t see the truth are those who practice the same thing and approve of those who do practice what you approve.

        God created you, loves you, even sent His only Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins because God doesn’t want anyone to perish.

        If you are struggling with homosexuality, God can help you, He can save you. But you have to decide in your heart that you want to repent and ask God to help you, such a request God will never turn His ear away from you and I assure you He will truly answer.

        Homosexuality is one of the sins that we can evidently see separate us from Him. When you choose to live in this error, there is no love, there is no coming together as a family, there is no more continuation of your family line. This is what the adversary wants. To stop humanity from multiplying, to end loving relationships, to bring misery and separation to you and your loved ones.

        How our generation has built a tolerance to sin so much that what use to be known are horribly wrong is now becoming normal, is now becoming accepted.

        You only have 1 life to live, we all fall into sin and we all make mistakes but God knows that. He is just waiting for to realize that you need Him. He won’t force you to believe in Him.

        Free will is something very real that we often times neglect the true meaning and understanding of the privelage we have.

        You do have a choice. Either way God will honor that choice but on the day we all stand before judgement, God will remind your of the choice you made.

        I pray for all those who are reading this seeking to know and understand the truth about homosexuality and why it is a sin. I pray for you that God will open your eyes and help you.

        The remains of the city of sodom and gomorrah still exist and there are real videos on YouTube where you can watch and see for yourself the truth.

        It’s never too late to repent.

        It’s not how you start in this life but how you finish.

      • Wayne says:


        I had never thought of it that way.

        After practicing the Gay Life, people become masters at something – being gay. Now they can feel superior to other people who have not mastered the gay life.

        That explains a lot.

        Thank you,


      • Triston says:

        The point of that example is that if you practice sexual immorality and perversion, you will become a master at it.

        Just the same as if you practice stealing, you will eventually master it.

        Likewise serial killers who practice murder improve their ability because of practice.

        We master things we do often.

        This is not about being superior over others.

        If you practice preying on men, you will master it.

        Likewise if you practice grooming someone, you will master it.

        Just the same if you practice luring innocent men to have sex with you, you will eventually figure out the methods that work best and follow it.

        That was the point of the example of “When you practice something, you will eventually master what you practice.”

      • Wayne says:

        I agree, but it does explain why they ‘need’ approval for their mastery. That is a superiority issue. And it results from the mastery of one sin, that sin leading to another sin.



      • Triston says:

        Well that’s where pride steps in.

      • Wayne says:


        I thought I was replying to someone else.

      • tildeb says:

        There you go with your reading comprehension thing again, Wayne.

      • Wayne says:

        Might be yours more than mine, but that is par for the course.


      • Maria MacDonald says:

        The word Gay has been kidnapped and was a perfectly innocent word that was used for thousands of years to mean happy. What we are really talking about is the sex act focusing on Anal sex as that is the only orifice available to ‘gay’ men. To justify anal sex with another man or between a man and a woman as healthy is simply absurd. Anal sex is unclean due to proliferation of toxic bacteria and leads to serious diseases, it also causes lesions and incontinence. Young girls and boys of school age as low as 10 are now being pressurised into anal sex because the ‘normalisation’ of homosexuality has made it ‘fashionable’ and ‘normal’. If you think that it is normal to thrust your genitalia up the large intestine which was designed to evacuate excrement..in other words dipping it into a sewer teaming with potentially life threatening bacteria..you need your head examined! I am not interested in the religious argument and frankly if consenting adults want to partake in this type of behaviour fine..but please do it behind closed doors. DON’T pretend this is normal!!! Animals don’t indulge in this type of behaviour as they wouldn’t last long due to the health risks. I would say that the trouble with the homosexual community is that they are all so high on sex and the very powerful hormone Oxytosin that they are trying to make an intelligent argument out of something that if looked at in the cold light of day doesn’t make any sense to participate in what so ever. Frankly I don’t’ relish a planet that is over run with analy sexed people. Not content with trashing this beautiful planet, killing off animals to extinction, destroying rainforests and polluting our rivers and oceans with toxic plastic waste I feel that we all need to wake up before it is too late. Stop swimming in a sea of filth and shit and WAKE UP. By the way for your information damage to the internal and external skin and tissue of the anus jeopardizes health, causes pain, and impairs function.
        Recently, infection with a strain of potentially deadly bacteria (called methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA) has been reported in men who have sex with men (MSM). These bacteria can cause life-threatening infections that are resistant to antibiotic treatment. Some forms of MRSA live in the anal area and can be passed between sexual partners.

        So just to summarise,

        I’m really sorry to tell you what ‘gay’ men do to each other is not normal and is now being practised between innocent school children.

      • Wayne says:

        Thank you for your comment.

        You left me without words.

        Thank you,


  50. So Very Sad says:

    They never should’ve allowed Gay marriages to begin with, and i really feel sorry for the children since many of these people have children already or plan to adopt.

    • Wayne says:

      Great comment!

      Thank you,


    • tildeb says:

      Not allowed gay marriage? Why?
      You feel sorry for the children? Why?

      Don’t just state your opinions but show how they are justified. If they are justified then your comment can help bring about necessary change to rectify problems… if they are problems in reality and not just problems imagined in your mind.

      • Triston says:

        Homosexuality lifestyle is a selfish rebellious life of sex addiction and lust. It also leads to drug addiction and perversion. Whether people try to sugercoat the truth in reality what you don’t know about this lifestyle is hidden from you.

        Just the same as when you see a person on stage they have a false image of innocence but when you go behind the scenes you see the truth that what you see is not what you think.

        Sexual addiction is a deep topic to get into but men are turned I. By visual triggers such as pornographic images.

        If you read the bible Jesus Christ says not to lust with your eyes because a man already commits adultery in his heart when he lusts with his eyes.

        Sin leads to misery, corruption, it is a cursed life. While sexual pleasure may feel good it comes at a price. Falling into habitual sin which leads you to become a slave to the flesh.

        Imagine if you first ate a delicious desert but realize that it can lead you to massive obesity and health problems. Once you taste it, you crave it.

        Sexual immorality is the same. A man who masturbates and constantly looks at porn will lead that person to continue desiring what he sees because he is using pleasure to keep his flesh interested. So if you fall into homosexuality and become a sex addict, living in the scene and practicing homosexual sex will lead you to burn lust in your heart for men just the same as you keeping a fire going by tossing more logs into the fire.

        The homosexual lifestyle is about rebellion, drinking, drugging, sexual immorality, lust, adultery, fornication, pride…

        Is this what you want your child to learn?

      • tildeb says:

        You showed how your opinions are justified by offering more opinion mixed with your opinion about lust from scripture. This is not a way to inform an opinion that claims, “The homosexual lifestyle is about rebellion, drinking, drugging, sexual immorality, lust, adultery, fornication, pride…”. It’s a way to maintain only beliefs you wish to hold. You. Not compelling reasons from reality that demonstrates what you claim is true about it but your beliefs that you assume and presume are true. If your opinions about reality were true, then it should offer up lots of evidence upon which to inform a belief about it. This you have not done. You’ve fallen into the rabbit hole of your beliefs and, from this dark and dank and bigoted place filled with conjecture, assume you can see what’s going on above you clearly. Well, I think you’re not just wrong in your conclusions but use these conclusions to malign real people in real life not for anything they’ve done but because they identify as belonging to a group you and your beliefs have vilified. By definition, this makes you a bigot. Unless you want to be a bigot and want to hold bigoted beliefs and want to express your bigotry to others, you really should take more than just a moment and figure out what’s gone so wrong in how you inform your opinions.

      • Wayne says:

        Prove gravity? You cannot prove gravity, only its results (effects).

        Since you cannot prove gravity, you are a bigot.

        That is your exact argument, not as intelligent sounding when broken down.

        And most of the gays I have known would support most of the statements made in that series of claims. Not too many gays consider their lifestyle good clean fun.


      • tildeb says:

        My children have learned not to silently tolerate the intolerable. And bigotry is intolerable. That’s why you need to be challenged on your exercise of it.

      • Triston says:

        Opinions come from people who do not have real life experience from the topic in question. I speak the truth because I know it, loved it, indulged in it, suffered from it, and walked away from it with the help of Jesus Christ and God.

      • tildeb says:

        You simply speak your beliefs. Opinions can indeed come from people who do not have real life experience from the topic in question but that hardly borders them. If you ‘know’ the gay agenda, then by all means expose where you went to school to learn it, who trained you to spread it, by what means you were instructed to hide it, yada, yada, yada.

        Come on, Tristan. How about we start by being honest and go from there. For example, by what mechanism did you alter your brain chemistry to disengage your physiological arousal response from same sex attraction? There’s a Nobel with your name on it if you can explain how the change occurred.

        Or, more likely, you are doing what thousands before you have done… hide yourself behind piousness. And that will work… for a while… but it means accepting a fundamental dishonesty about who and what you are. But that’s your burden and you’re welcome to it. My criticism is your maligning of others based on a group identity. That remains bigotry in action.

      • Triston says:

        For a long time I have been a rebellious christian who although believed in God and Jesus Christ and had faith, I wasn’t truly living for God but for myself up til I reached the point where I was sinning in Gods sight on a daily basis disgracing God wasting my blessings that God gave me on evil selfish things.

        You have no idea where I come from but it comes to a point in a persons life that when you live in error long enough, the fear of the truth starts to sink in and you will start to realize that what has been written in the bible is the truth and there is no escape from it. Whether or not you think you can, God will eventually deal with each and every man accordingly.

        There is good and there is evil. If you are wise and read the bible and follow Gods commandments, you will live and have a good life.

        But if you choose to ignore and disgrace God then be aware that you will have a fear on the day God visits you like you have never experienced before in your life but judgement cannot happen unless you willingly choose to sin against The Creator. How can a person be judged if they do good?

        God will honor your decision because He has given you free will but if you know that it is a sin yet choose to follow through then you are deliberately dishonoring and disgracing God and ignoring Him.

        How horrible that day will be for those who choose to rebel against God.

        You can argue with me on this all you want but I have lived enough truth to know that the bible truly is Gods word and those warnings are there to save you from judgement. Only Jesus Christ can forgive you of all sins and it would be wise not to ignore the truth because in the place called the lake of fire or hell there will be no mercy and it will be a place where prayers will never be answered and you will never have another opportunity to repent. And in hell you will be reminded of all the warnings, sermons, tracts that people handed you, people who invited you to church but you chose to turn God down. A place of torment, suffering, grinding of teeth because of the excruciating pain of the Flames that never end.

        Because I know God & Jesus Christ I choose to follow His commandments and live.

      • tildeb says:

        You don;t know anything about your God other than what you take on scriptural authority. That, combined with personal revelation and accepted anecdotes is the sum total of your ‘knowledge’. I put the terms ‘know’ and ‘knowledge’ in scare quotes because neither works to fit the definition of what constitutes knowing. It fits perfectly what we call ‘faith’ and it’s a method that does not, never has, and never shall produce knowledge. It is a method of categorizing beliefs on the very weakest of all possible evidence and all are rejected by courts as able to overcome reasonable doubt. But I sincerely doubt you have any doubt whatsoever regarding your claims here, and elevate your faith-based beliefs to be equivalent to knowledge. That’s why you suggest that “most people reject truth because it doesn’t align with their opinion.” This describes your method to an exactitude and it is a guaranteed way to fool yourself into thinking that your opinions reflect reality when they do not. They simply reflect what you believe. Another way of saying it is to consider what it would take to change your mind. And if you can’t think of anything that may do that, then your opinion has ossified your mind. That, by definition, is what we call a closed mind. A mind closed by faith is rarely able to change one iota (a nice biblical reference for you there).

        Sure, there may be many people in the LGBT community who are awful people who do awful things. But you attribute their awfulness to a so-called gay agenda and for this you have offered zero evidence and have so far refused to answer my questions about it. This is a clue… about aligning what you believe with reality. If it doesn’t align – and in this case you know as well as I that it doesn’t, that there isn’t now and never has been any gay agenda – then it’s not reality’s problem. It’s yours. There are many wonderful, caring, compassionate, and highly moral gays whose character you have smeared with your malignant claims. They pay the price in the effects from bigotry for your closed mind when you act on your beliefs that are factually incorrect. You – not gays – are creating and sustaining the problem here. And the problem, as I’ve said, is your bigotry. The task you have is to change your opinions but, because you’ve wrapped them in religious garb, I don;t think you are capable of being a morally and ethically responsible adult. And that claim is borne out by the kind of commentary you have describing anyone belonging to the LGBT community at large. And that’s why we need secular law of equality – like marriage laws – directed by the courts and enforced in law by law enforcement officers so that people who have no regard for what’s true in reality don’t end up dictating to those of us who do how your beliefs will shape it according to your inaccurate and factually incorrect faith-based beliefs.

      • Triston says:

        Ignorance is something I knew for a very long time. To be blinded by the truth. There is plenty of biblical scriptures and evidence to support that the bible is the true Word of God.

        You demand to know the truth yet have you lived it? Have you experienced it? I’ve watched beautiful young people full of life and potential lose their life to HIV/Aids. I’ve watched evil things happen before my very own eyes.

        Real people who were my friends that I’ve hung out with, partied with.

        All of them that have died to go to each of their funerals.

        Pointless to argue but I will continue to stand firm of what I say because I was redeemed by Jesus Christ. By divine intervention and by the undeserving grace of God who by a pure miracle was able to change my heart and help me repent.

        I know for a fact that it was by Gods Power that I was able to turn my life around and walk away from homosexuality that I lived in such a wretched miserable cursed life for 29 years.

        And regardless if you want to tell me what you “think” is your truth about me I know my own life better than you and my testimony speaks for itself to those around me.

      • Wayne says:

        Praise God for your deliverance.

        Even if the gay agenda was not bad for other people, you showed it was bad for you.

        A true and honest person would celebrate with you. They would regard your story as true. They would be willing to walk with you for awhile on this Earth’s difficult journey.

        When they do not respect your story, they are not honest and true. To you, to themselves, or to those around then.


      • Triston says:

        Thank you Wayne. I think people need to realize that common sense does exist. We have the mind and the capacity to know when we fall into something destructive and It is our choice to either walk away from it or continue living in it. Sometimes we can get out of things on our own but sometimes we need God to help us.

        Because I read the bible and study scripture there are many principles to follow and when you follow them and see positive results you know that you are doing something right.

        When you live a sinful life the pleasure is good for a temporary moment but in the long run it slowly destroys you and leads you to misery and depression and all other types of problems mentally, spiritually and physically. The heart is constantly deceitful and our bodies want to do what is sinful because our nature is evil and we are born with sin.

        Jesus Christ tells us the truth about humanity and the bible is the absolute truth.

        I share what I know in hopes that those who read might believe and repent also for it is better for me to be persecuted and hated than for a person to unknowingly end up in the lake of fire.

        How our generation has allowed satan to not only influence us to commit sin but also satan has given us more reasons to be distracted enough so that he cannot be seen so easily.

        Satan has drawn our generations eyes off of God by providing us entertainment, TV, rebellious music, porn, fashion, drugs, war, gun violence…

        Evil constantly increasing and one day in the near future people’s hearts will start to tremble in fear for the world will know the truth that God is real. And Jesus Christ is not a joke.

        The adversary knows his time is running out… And he is desperate to destroy and bring down as many people as he can with him to share eternity of torment and suffering.

        Jesus Christ will not force anyone to believe and accept him but He waits outside the door to your heart wanting you to let him in so that He can lead you to repentance and so that you may be saved.

        You lose nothing by believing but you lose everything if you die and stand before God and find out that what was spoken about Jesus Christ was true but because you didn’t believe it’s already too late when you leave this world.

        There is nothing in this world worth losing your soul. Once you face the first death and if you have not accepted Christ as your Lord & Savior, the second death which is the lake of fire will be permanent separation from God for all of eternity.

        We testify what we have seen yet people don’t believe but I tell you the truth I know The Lord and I know God and have seen Him answer my prayers, I’ve seen miracles and I have seen the power of Jesus Christ change not only heart but also the hearts of others.

      • Wayne says:

        Again, you use bad logic to frame your argument.

        Triston’s experience IS evidence, but you keep saying it is not evidence. You keep using the ‘No true Scotsman argument.’

        Every time your are shown the truth, you redefine what you will accept as evidence.

        And it would never be equality – different is always different. You cannot change that, legislate that, or moralize that. Gay people will always be different. You wrap you opinions in nice sounding attitudes that do no good at the end of the day.

        We need a solution to the gay agenda, and that solution needs to respect married people, children, AND the gay agenda.

        Dont you agree?


      • Triston says:

        The adversary, devil, satan, lucifer, or any other name you would like to refer him to is a huge topic that people in our generation have closed their eyes and ears so that they do not see the truth and have become blinded by his tricks, schemes and illusions.

        One thing I want to challenge everyone on is to think about the word “enemy”.

        What do enemies scheme and do? What strategies would an enemy use against you?

        I have pondered on this for quite some time and in my studies I’ve come to understand how the adversary works.

        Satan is invisible. He exorcises his power through influence.

        He knows every possible way to lead a person into sin.

        The adversary is patient. He knows how to lead you to the end result of any sin.

        Whether he has to work on you for 1 day, or 1 year or 10 years, the devil has something we all do not have.


        A human being can live up to 120 years old, but how long does the adversary live?

        Since Adam & Eve how many generations existed and how many people have fallen into the same exact sinful traps as we fall into today?

        There is no new sin.

        Whatever sin we commit today has been done before over and over again in the sight of the Lord.

        Do you think God has never seen man commit an abomination?

        The story of Sodom & Gomorrah not only was written in the Old Testament but was also included in the New Testament.

        Another trick of the adversary…

        He fills your heart with wickedness, greed, lust, hatred so that he can use these sins to lead you to commit even worse sins.

        Corrupting the heart of the individual so that you can become his instrument.

        Satan wants to use you to destroy others. To ruin other people’s lives. To bring failure to others around you. To cause misery and depression.

        Once he has corrupted you, he no longer has to influence you as he has already accomplished his goal.

        Once you become well trained to do sin, you are well on your way to do it freely without his influence or interaction.

        And that’s why we need God and Jesus Christ.

        That’s why it says in the bible:

        Ephesians 6:12King James Version (KJV)

        12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

        We see murder everyday but has anyone ever sat down for a second and think about what that person went through to lead that person to do it?

        And this is where satan comes in.

        The bible talks about demon posession. Do you think anyone even knew what demon possession really was?

        It still exists but satan has already used TV as a tool to trick humanity into thinking that demon possession is some Hollywood special effects so that we expect the real thing to be just that.

        But in reality, demons hop in out of people temporarily and they are the master of hiding because the real truth is they must continue to decieve the world in secret or else if they get caught then people would turn to God but that’s the last thing they want you to do.

        To have spiritual insight is a gift from God and to see the unseen is one of the gifts that God can give you but I tell you the truth the adversary is more advanced than people think.

        Pride is a sin that leads to rebellion, self righteousness, haughtyness, which also leads to looking down and stepping all over people around you.

        Drag queens cursing, gossiping, flaunting wickedness, selling drugs and prostituting themselves to get by because society won’t except them. Because God won’t allow them to succeed less they turn from their evil.

        If you had the knowledge of the truth from God then you would know and understand that God controls all things. God blesses the righteous and God curses the wicked.

        God can give you anything and God can take away everything.

        Homosexuality separates you from God. It teaches you selfishness.

        Another strategy of the adversary. If the adversary hates us and we are his prey. Then the first thing an adversary would do is stop us from multiplying.

        God wants us to be fruitful and multiply and be blessed on this earth.

        But satan wants us to stop procreation. Stop humanity from growing, from being successful from being favored by God.

        If you read the bible and call upon the Lord Jesus Christ and ask Him to come into your heart and save you. If you ask Jesus Christ to forgive you or your sins and to be your personal Lord & Savior.

        Jesus Christ will not only save your from sins. He will save you from the adversary and He will guide you, protect you and teach you to see the truth.

      • Triston says:

        To live in the gay lifestyle is a sad tragedy of wasting your youth and your entire life to dancing in the scene party after party following your favorite tribal house, progressive underground DJs. The club scene is dark and evil where people gather night after night to get extremely high and wasted to the point of no control. Literally getting lost on the dance floor as you end up unable to comprehend what is reality and what is hallucination vs feeling the dance music and watching everything around you spin.

        I saw a horrible thing.

        When I first went to a club in New York at the age of 20 I met a guy who would always be at every circuit party. Well a decade later I saw the same guy dancing and his youth was completely deteriorated.

        Wasted his life in the club scene.

        I’ve been to parties where people prostituted themselves for money and drugs.

        I’ve been to dungeons where men have group orgies.

        I’ve seen another horrible thing.

        An old man begging and crying for someone to give him pleasure but no one would dare service him.

        I’ve seen rape, innocent boys who went out to explore and hang out in the gay bars for the first time.

        I’ve seen men plot evil things. Planning to plow and get an innocent boy wasted so they could take advantage of him.

        I’ve been on dance floors where people perform oral and anal sex in front of the crowd.

        I’ve watched men gather around in circles to watch anal sex being performed in front up close without any shame.

        I’ve seen people trying to purposely get others hooked on drugs like crystal meth that make you sexually aroused
        So that they can get you to enjoy sexual pleasure for hours end.

        Do you think this is anything? I haven’t even started. But these are truths that happen in the gay scene in secret that no one mentions.

        So until you live in the scene and be part of the truth then please don’t criticize me about “know” and “knowledge.”

      • Wayne says:

        Your criticism is critical, and it is not a critique.

        You hide behind your assumptions, even as Triston tells you the truth.

        So, who is maligning whom?


      • Triston says:

        Lived it*

      • Triston says:

        Do you need to know the truth? Most people reject truth because it doesn’t align with their opinion. Everyone has their view of things in life. Only those who can truly relate on the subject will know for sure what I speak is the truth.

        A person who practices anything for more than 30 days is training themselves to form a habit.

        If you practice lusting with your eyes (which is exactly the first thing people in the homosexual community teaches you unknowingly) you will form the habit of preying on men everytime you see a good looking man or woman.

        Television indirectly teaches you to lust and covet material possessions, beauty, fashion, fame, lusting over actors, models, etc.

        The more you watch TV, the more you teach yourself to desire that fancy car, that sexy model, that million dollar mansion, the pride of life..

        Just the same as drug addiction, which starts off innocent and fun and people who use drugs hide behind the lie of saying (as long as you use it but don’t abuse it you will be ok)

        In reality the more you use drugs, the more your body will hunger for it. The more you practice using drugs, the sooner you begin to form a habit and that leads to addiction.

        Pleasure from certain drugs enhances orgasm leading you to desire hardcore sex which also could lead to perversion, rape, carelessness.

        Men usually won’t report rape but it actually happens quite often in the LGBT community. Most people won’t believe it if you as a man try to report that you were sexually harassed or raped.

        Often timesem who are struggling with homosexuality in the process of conversion are the ones who use alcohol and drugs to cope with the guilt as they continue to convince themselves that what is unnatural can be natural. They force themselves to believe that they are born that way and use pride as an excuse to justify their error. Pride is the root of rebellion. It’s when you exalt yourself which thinking you are better than that and that you deserve respect.

        Again I will ask, do you want your child to sit next to a person who is indulging in anal sex, masturbation, lusting and preying on men every night going to the bars and clubs abusing drugs and alcohol, has probably had sex with more than 50-100+ random men whose probably been responsible for damaging and ruining several marriages, growing relationships, lives his life chasing after the party than being responsible. Not only do they do these things but they love those who practice the same and approve it.

        Again do you want your child to learn these things?

        We can go further in details about the dirty disgusting evil things of perversion but I thought to myself Not to share it out of respect for Wayne and the other people reading this post.

      • Wayne says:

        Gay ‘marriage’ redefines the word ‘marriage.’ If you want civil unions, that would be between you and the government.

        Sorry for children? Way too many children are abused by gay perpetrators to not feel sorry for them. And for some reason, the gay agenda goes silent when asked to protect children.


  51. christina says:

    my brother was bullied by a group of bisexual kids and he lashed out his grades dropped. he was almost raped since they were 2 years older. i dont want that for my kids.

    i saw two girls kissing at the public pool we went to and my 4 year old asked me why 2 girls were kisssing. i dont want my kids being exposed to that? its ridiculous.

    sometimes i feel as tgough thw end is near because of all this disgusting behavior. im trying to find an anti-gay school to send my kids too

    • Wayne says:

      I am sorry to hear that.

      I keep praying for our children. It is scary. And the threat is real.

      So, is the threat of heterosexual rape. The over-sexualization of our society is crippling our men and our women.

      Thank you for your courage.


  52. Very True says:

    Especially the women lately.

  53. BUBBA SMITH says:

    Ever wonder why gay couples almost look like twins? Being gay is a vanity issue with people that want to have sex with themselves or “same parts”.. Also, a man and a woman’s body PH is made for sex.. Homosexual diseases have resulted from having sex with same PH levels.. It is an abomination to humanity because there is no “Pro Creation”.. Is the world turning into a world of “Sex Pigs”..??

  54. Mostafa says:

    Hello Wayne,before i comment i would like to share that i am Muslim but we share same morals and ethics here (most i think),my Post is going to be long and involves alot of topics(and may be boring and lacking) but please read it if you can.

    i just had finished watching “2001:Space Odyssey” film and i am an Avid Mass Effect Gamer,I really wish to see us (humans) Move to Future and be like this these Future Dreams..Where every man is a gentleman and every woman is a woman,where we travel between space and time in this glorious god created Universe.

    Hearing About Day of Judgmenent And Coming Of Christ and Anti-Christ saddens me and keeps me crying nights and nights of misery..i can’t believe the world will end in this pity crap gayfest
    without enjoying normal life’s pleasures as it was made.

    I am not a devote muslim guy..and i really wanted to be atheist,i joined up Reddit Sub’s “ExMuslim” in hope of finding relieve in the end and guess what i found out? they are just animals..a bigotry Pig like Animals..i got banned from there for Making a topic about Any ExMuslims/Atheists who Detist Gay Sexuality not humans themselves..SOMEHOW to be a man of yourself and Atheist you have to support Gay/Lesb or else you’re not a true atheist and just faking it for pleasures of life (LOL wtf since when atheists had Rule about not enjoying Pleasures of Life).

    The “Gay” Agenda is real to me,It is indeed supported by Presidents themselves and government but at same time i thought about it for a while,is The USA President Gay?..are the Administration Truly Made of Gay of people? maybe the Senate is filled with couple of Gays but i don’t think President himself want “Gay” to be the Standard Thing..it’s more about Birth Control..Earth is really getting smaller and smaller for us,Countries can’t just suddenly pop out and Kill people to lower population Amount.SO they choose “Gay” Agenda as a more Passive Situation but it does has it’s side effects and problems.

    Just Like What “Triston” Has said,it saddens me to hear that Straight Men are inducted to these Gayfests and BS..i really can’t imagine God Punishes them with eternal Hell and Leaves them to their misery..God is an Ever Loving Creator and much better than even your Straight Mother who takes care of you,Most people are Enjoyed by Gay People’s Smiles and Music,Emotions..etc but what lies beneath is much more Dark Nature,NO ONE IS BORN GAY WHATSOEVER it’s not in genes but more in Family Relationship and the environment.

    As Much As People Hate Scientists And Researches who Fight “Gayism” by science,Every Single Research proved that Gay Couples Never And Will Never Enjoy a healthy Good Sexual Pleasure Like Anyone Else,To Hell With the people who say They Enjoy Gay/Lesb Sex it’s all BS,Gay Sex is a more of a Rape,The Penis And Vagina Structure and Biology is made for each other..The Sexual Transiptors (lol i dunno how it is said) are made to fit each other..Gay Sex is more of forcing your Genital To Enjoy something it was not fitted for and so with alot of strokes it becomes an addiction.just like alcohol and masterbation.

    In The End?,i think This ALL GAY STUFF will just fade away with time..say 7 to 15 years it will just go away If ofcourse the world Didn’t End Tomorrow :p,Time Heals and So Is Gay.

    Sorry If this lacked in some parts i am just good in english :L.

    • Wayne says:


      Thank you for your comment. I think your English was excellent.

      I don’t think I had ever thought about your angle, this is about birth control. I think you are correct. Progressives (modern liberals) have aborted several hundred million babies in the world to keep the population under ‘control.’

      And I agree, much of the gay agenda is about ‘control.’


  55. Santiago Orr says:

    I actually appreciate much of what you wrote. However, It’s upsetting to think you’ve limited this to being a “progressive” agenda. I am a liberal. I believe in equality. But I don’t want sex in my face, regardless of where it’s coming from. So while I agree the homosexual agenda is just too much, and shouldn’t fear being labeled a homophobe for agreeing with most of what you stated. It’s a sexual abnormality (and that’s a fact. If it wasn’t, the human race would not thrive). Nevertheless, please stop making this about liberals, conservatives, or progressives because the issue is much much larger than that.

  56. Jackson D says:

    Hi Wayne,

    I’m a 16 year old homosexual teen and I would like to take a second to say I will not be ranting, cursing or anything else you’d expect a 16 year old to do. I plan to speak my mind very displomaticallt and eloquently to you and everyone who shares a similar opinion with you. I’ll start from the top, and I guess that would be your so called “gay agenda”. Call me uneducated or unknowing or incapable of arguing a point because I didn’t spend 5 hours researching this but it’s simply illogical. There is a gay agenda to achieve rights nationwide and have people accept us for who we are and unfortunately there’s no changing that. At no point (at least from my perspective) do I go around saying”oh boy who can I make gay”. My other sentence provides a leeway into my next point would be homosexuality as a life choice. As I stated, I am 16 years old and unfortunately find myself homosexual, hated by society and face life as being not normal. Now take just 30 seconds to think rationally, if someone had the ability to chose their lifestyle, why would they want to be hated by everyone? I am gay because I am. I made no choices, that I’m aware of, that lead me here. Another point I’d like to make is to everyone “turning gay”. Several people have mentioned how people have always been gay and why more people are turning gay is due to the more accepting (or seemingly more accepting) society we’ve found ourselves in, but we’ve always been here. Alexander the Great is recorded to have had an affair with another man. One perfect example is the movie Cloud Atlas, where a gay man, from around the 1700’s is having a highly secret affair with another man. He later kills himself once his employer finds out and before you discount this as media and Hollywood garbage, I would ask for you to consider how many secret homosexuals there might’ve been in history who didn’t claim themselves as homosexuals for that same fear. Above all I’d like to finish with this. You claimed that at one point gay kids needed to be cushioned and comforted but then we didn’t. Maybe there was a time where we could be left alone, as normal kids, but now more than ever we do. You argued how you were concerned with the safety of the children and guess what? You’ve managed to not only scare me but truly make me uncomfortable with who I am as a persom. And as a person who advocated so strongly against harming kids, I fail to see a point to your argument. I apologize in advance if anyone has problem sorting through my writing as it was all over the place, but all in all i basically say to you simply that I disagree.

    Thank you

    • Wayne says:

      Thank you for your response. You wrote well, and you made valid points.

      So, let me clarify, Alexander was the type of gay who raped others, not a poster child for modern gays. He also murdered his teacher.

      And I have lived to see the gay agenda, and it has not been the nice agenda you see it as. 80 to 90% of the Catholic Priesthood crisis were gay men.

      I have been attacked, luckily never raped, so I am personally aware of the risks to young men.

      I want young people like yourself to be safe as well – I am not calling for gays to be attacked. HOWEVER, the data I have seen indicates gay relationships are more violent than traditional relationships.

      Be careful and practice situational awareness.

      Thank you for your response.


    • tildeb says:

      Bravely done, Jackson. There will always be those who think they know you better than you know yourself. Unfortunately, this description fits the vast majority of people against gay rights.

      You see, Jackson, we know equality legal rights for LBGT have to be fought for and won because they will not be granted unless the legal system enforces it and punishes discriminatory practices. This ongoing battle, really, is the ‘agenda’ people like Wayne confuse with state sanctioned immorality.

      In his mind, your sexuality is a question for his morality and he knows himself to be moral because he thinks himself pious. Therefore, he honestly believes that your sexuality is an affront not just to him but his god. He hides his bigotry behind his belief in his god to continue vilifying real people like you who only want to be left alone and not discriminated against. Unless the law forces him to comply with and respect your equality rights – no more and no less than he himself enjoys – he will continue to advocate for discrimination.

      Nothing you can say or do will alter his perception of your fundamental immorality because he (and the cohort of bigots he represents) is badly confused differentiating his religious beliefs from the reality he occupies. He assumes by imposing his beliefs on you, you become what he believes you to be: a soul in need of saving from your own immorality. Only in this way does he pretend to care about you as a person (take precautions!)… but still a person in need of his godly discrimination and divinely ordained bigotry regarding the suppression of your equal rights. That’s why the Waynes of this world are becoming not just obsolete but endangered. The tipping point is here and the courts are aligning with this next reformation of civil rights. Someday soon, atheists will achieve the same.

      Keep up the good fight. You have many allies.

      • Wayne says:


        And you think you know me better than I know me?

        How strange. You evidently have never read what I write, only read into what you want to be there on my blog.

        You have shown there is a gay agenda, and the gay agenda is militant, angry, hateful, and spiteful.

        And you proved straight people need to be protected from the agenda abusing laws, courts, and people.


    • GuidingSpirit says:

      Hey Jackson

      I used to be 16 and confused about 12 years ago.

      If there is one thing you must remember every day of your life, it is this: Live your life as logically as you can.

      The big issue I have with these religious folks is that they attempt to attach logic to a fictional book full of discrimination and inaccuracies. The most basic part of the book, that we magically evolved from a rib, can easily be disputed. Men and women don’t share the same DNA, so that’s pretty much BS from the first page.

      Just remember: Be logical about everything you do. If you naturally feel attracted to guys, oh, well! It’s who you are.

      If people attack you because they’re insecure about themselves or made ‘mistakes’ in the past and didn’t know who they were, that’s THEIR problem. Don’t let other people reflect their own inadequacies and failures onto YOU. Posts like this are full of deflection, and it’s one of the most socially unintelligent things people can do in society. They basically pass the blame on everyone else. It wasn’t me; it was the gay clubs. It wasn’t me; it was the alcohol. It wasn’t me; it was the porn I couldn’t stop watching. It wasn’t me; it was my right hand. It wasn’t me; it was that dude’s hand. It wasn’t me; it was those two chicks who convinced me this would be fun.

      You’ll soon be an adult and it’ll be easier for you to stand up to the religious quacks who preach as if they know what’s better for you than you do.

      The big problem with them is… Remember… IT IS ILLOGICAL! Just hold onto logic and it will get you through some of your darkest days. And avoid reading blogs like this. These people are the lost majority. Several of these folks who say they are no longer gay, especially the publicized ones, end up getting caught with a man time and again practically every time.

      If religion didn’t exist, people would just be themselves. There would be no harm in being proud of who you are.

      Personally, I believe labels are complete BS. Wayne, the writer of this blog, wasn’t able to argue with any of the statistics I wrote in my post earlier, such as how straight men are more likely to abuse kids, etc, and the fact that almost 90% of all men have had some homosexual experience in their life. If religion didn’t exist, people would just accept one another with open arms. We are all pretty much the same.

      Good luck, Jackson, and avoid these types of blogs! XD

  57. Triston says:


    We have 2 births and 2 bodies. Our first birth happens in the flesh when we come out of our mother ‘s womb. We grow up and as we get older and mature , we educate ourselves and our brain develops so that we are able to learn more about ourselves and life.

    But many people who are uneducated about God & Jesus Christ do not know or learn about our 2nd birth and our 2nd body.

    Which is our spiritual birth and which God gives us a spiritual body.

    Our bodies is the temple of God. We are like empty vessels. God gave us a human body with life and God gave us free will.

    People do not realize how real Free Will really is.

    It means we have the choice to believe in God and be part of His creation and His ultimate plan of salvation and eternity or we can choose to ignore God and follow our own path without God in it.

    See the first Adam made all of humanity disobedient, and because of the first Adam we have become sickened with sin. Every man woman and child inherited sin through Adam.

    But God knew that we are sick and dying and so He send His only Son Jesus Christ into our world to be a sacrifice for the atonement of our sins.

    It was according to plan that He suffered, was crucified, died, was buried and rose again so that through his death we could be saved.

    Jesus Christ was the 2nd Adam who makes the disobedient into righteousness.

    So through the first Adam , we became disobedient and through the second Adam we are able to become obedient.

    This is the part where I tell you about the 2nd birth.

    The second birth which is our spiritual birth happens when you accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior.


    Prayer is our way of communicating with God. And God hears our prayers.

    When you confess to God that you believe we are born as sinners in this world and without Jesus Christ there is no other way to salvation. When we acknowledge that before God and Ask Jesus Christ to come into your heart and save you…

    Then God will give you the Holy Spirit that will enter into your heart and dwell within you.

    That is when you become born again and that is when you will experience the 2nd birth.

    The devil knows that if the world was educated in the word of God, you will learn truth and by learning truth, you will be able to see the invisible. And by seeing the invisible means you would be able to see the devil and his invisible schemes much more clearly.

    People who do not experience the 2nd birth does not have the spirit of God and by not having the spirit of God, you will not understand the spiritual things of God.

    I’m reality, we are only on this earth for a temporary moment and no matter what we do, what jobs we have, what possessions we own, what accomplishments we made, in the end all we really are doing is keeping ourselves busy as the time goes by.

    Satan exercises his power through influence. And in the place where there is much sin and filth , is where you can see evil things happening and with the spirit of God who lives in you when you become saved gives you spiritual eyes to see that evil more clearly and understand it.

    If you have not asked Jesus Christ into your heart, it is never too late unless we die there is no other opportunity.

    And God gives you opportunities to be saved because hell was not intended for Humanity but was prepared for Satan and the fallen angels who rebelled against God, but we end up in hell because of sin and if satan is going down, better be sure that he will do everything in his power to bring us down with him.

    If you are saved then I pray that those who are not will read and understand this message that time is running out and the full measurement of sin is reaching its point again just as it reached during the days of Noah before God flooded the world and destroyed the wickedness of the earth. God bless those who read and believe that you still have an opportunity to have your name written in the book of life.

    • At the time of Noah, corruption had filled the Earth. “Every man did what was right in his own eyes.” Jesus said that a sign of His near return, would be that the Earth will be like it was in the days of Noah. We are certainly seeing “Every man doing what is right in his own eyes.” Jesus said beware when people call good evil and evil good. He is coming soon. Are you ready for His return? The first time He came as a Servant to sacrifice Himself for the sins you have committed. When He returns it will be to Judge the earth. He will come with the angels of God in righteous fury. Men will cry out, “Woe is me! Let the rocks of the mountain fall on me and hide me from the wrath of God!” But those who have been born again will welcome Him with rejoicing, for the end has come. Justice will be done. For the saved, eternal joy is just ahead. Are you ready?

      • Triston says:

        Today we have preachers and teachers who tell you what you “want” to hear, rather than tell you what you “need ” to hear.

        You have people who want churches to align with their lifestyle rather than people wanting to align with God’s lifestyle.

        You have people who when they hear the truth and receive good proper sound doctrine, they get offended because they refuse to listen to the gospel and change their hearts.

        And today the gay agenda wants churchs to align with their lifestyle rather than accept the truth and align with God’s lifestyle.

        If you truly love God, then you wouldn’t be changing Gods laws to fit how you want it to be.

        That would be dethroning God and bringing the creator below our level and telling Him how we are going to live and that He has no say in the matter.

        The bible is filled with history telling you what happened to all those who rebelled against God.

  58. Triston says:

    I have been a homosexual for 28 years and it took me this long to discover the truth. In reality, I lied to myself everyday believing that gay relationships would work but the sad truth is they don’t. The world is under an illusion because there is a darker side of the story that no one will ever speak about. The world only sees the glamour and the fun side of the gay community which is entertainment and beauty but let me share the truth to everyone. I have turned away from that lifestyle and went back to church and since then I have learned the real truth that Homosexuality is a sin and the lifestyle is not only full of sexual immorality but it is also a cursed life, a life of misery, false hope and a deceptive illusion of chasing a lie. The church did not teach me this but God & Jesus Christ showed me the difference between the sinful life and a healthy clean life. After my relationship ended with my last boyfriend, I have concluded that it was never about the relationship but only about the sex and the lust, drug fueled dance parties and drinking. The routine of going out to the gay bars every night looking for a partner in reality turned into a natural habit of preying on other men night after night. The drinking and drugging was a false sense of security used as an excuse to avoid the shame and the guilt of committing such shameful acts. Meaning for a very long time I used drugs and alcohol as an escape to make what I knew was wrong, right in my own eyes. No matter how hard I tried to make my relationships work, all have failed, none were faithful, all have cheated and all have lied. Gay bars are the catalyst of sexual immorality and these places only teach you how to sow pride in your heart, lust with your eyes, prey on other men including straight men, gossip, hatred, backbiting, cursing, devising revenge. You cannot even go 5 minutes in a conversation with any man without hearing someone talk about who they want to have sex with or who they had sex with already. People who visit the gay life for a temporary moment think it’s fun and exciting and everyone is so nice but live in the scene and become part of it and then you will see the truth that everything is just an illusion. God loves the sinner, not the sin. Without Jesus Christ, I would still be stuck [in] that hopeless trap.

    • Triston says:

      “In” that hopeless trap…

    • Wayne says:

      Thank you for your comment.

      I have never read anyone write this better than you have.


    • tildeb says:

      Yeah, that describes the forty year ‘marriage’ of my high ranking military brother-in-law who could openly be gay only after retirement.

      Oh, wait…

      Thanks for helping to keep shame alive by assuming sexual preference is a matter of dysfunctional religious morality.

      • Wayne says:

        Maybe it does, and maybe it doesn’t.

        But, you know this is not about people. The agenda is not about loving people. The agenda is about loving the ‘lifestyle.’

        Not even porn stars push their lifestyle this strongly.

        And I think that is the saddest part of the problem. People supporting the agenda are not willing to let others live as they feel they should live, instead they want everyone else to ‘accept’ them.

        When will we focus on loving other people?


      • Triston says:

        Dig deeper because what you see IS the illusion. I cannot speak for your brother-in-law but I can speak for myself. Visiting the scene a few times looks innocent and fun , living in the scene for over 20 years and then you will see the truth.

        I’ve seen innocent straight men fall prey and become persuaded either by the men offering drugs or free drinks to purposely get them high and messed up so they could take advantage of them or by transsexuals practicing prostitution. It is a game to prey on men and deceptively think of every possible way to get someone into bed with them.

        Most men become persuaded easily while some over time depending how long you stay in the scene. And most of the conversations deal with people bragging about who they had sex with and who they want to have sex with.

        I’ve seen orgies on the dance floor fueled by excessive sexual drugs like crystal meth.

        Black party every year is the most shocking and perverted twisted sexual orgy event where men gather to hook up and perform the darkest dirtiest sex acts in front of you in the club ranging from BDSM, goldenshower do you think I have even started yet? This is nothing compared to what the scene is about.

        When your heart burns with lust, pray that God will take it out of your heart because once it happens, you will have fear because then you will know how truly evil you can become.

        I’ve seen horrible things that I cannot speak to other people without them thinking I am not insane because those who dare hear about the evil things that happen in such places cannot comprehend it, deny it because until they too see they will not believe.

        Evil drum beats, drugs, sexual immorality , lust, pride, violence , hatred, pointing the finger and judging each other with the attitude of who is fierce and who is not.

        Masturbating , oral sex and sodomy while everyone gathers to watch.

        Because you never saw these things , you may think it doesn’t exist but these are the very things that happen late at night at certain clubs and when clubs don’t allow it , there is always a hidden room , alley , parking lot , bath house, elevator, stairwell , roof where people go.

        Until you love in the scene you will never know , and by accepting sexual immorality , the truth will eventually be made known but maybe then it will be too late.

        The city of Sodom. & Gomorrah was found , and in the New Testament it clearly says that the city in ruins is left behind as an example of what’s to come to those who practice the same sins as the people of that city.

  59. I recently posted a link on my blog to a new study completed by the CDC which reveals the latest numbers. CDC- 1.6 percent of adults self identify as gay, lesbian. My blog can be found at kentwarrenmcdonald.com

    Interesting how less than 2 percent of the population has such a LARGE effect upon society.

    • Wayne says:

      I agree! They have a huge strangle hold on the rest of US.

      Do you think that will ever be fixed?

      And as a side note – have you noticed a huge hit on your blog because you blogged on the gay agenda? I have, and I wonder if you have as well?

      Thank you,


  60. kinkerbel@hotmail.nl says:

    Your way of thinking reminds me a lot of how my parents thought back when i came out of them. I honestly do not get how you think there is some secret conspiricy or that people who are gay are somehow faking it or it being the result of watching porn? Let us be clear, being gay has been arround for a very long time in Greek and Roman times, just read any of the writings from back than and you will be amazed about the prevelance of it, which was probably trumping the ammount of gays and bisexuals that are out of the closet nowadays.

    And besides that, what is the logic of “wanting to be gay”. I honestly went trough hell, when i came out to my parents little more than a decade ago. I didnt speak to my dad for about 2 years, which was pretty hard being 16 year old, especially because we were extremely close before that. So why did i do it? Because i did not want to lie anymore and wanted to be able to love, someone i actually loved. My parents were from a very strict christian background and i think that might have been the reason they had many of the stereotypical thoughts that you wrote in your article. It took years to get those poisonous thoughts out of their heads, luckily unconditional love for both my parents and boyfriend(now my husband, yes gays can marry in my country) prevailed. I was really happy to see love is still stronger than any religion. It is sad to see you as a person got so little love in your life, but answering hate with hate will get you nowhere in life. Of course bullying is hard, it only happened to me for like 1-2 years luckily and i didnt really bother about it ever. But i understand how being bullied can fill your soul with hatred.

    Of course all gays are not perfect people, but they arent any worse/better than straight people. Some like porn, some do not. Some were abused, but most were not. That is the whole thing with your theories, surely you can find gays who like porn, but if you’d open your eyes you could easily find just as many straight individuals. As for me personally, i never watch porn, i was never abused and non of the other theories you posted hold any ground with me as a person. I honestly find such theories quite offensive and the only description i can give for it is, that it is no different from bullying, just with the bible in the hand. Which makes it probably even worse, because the bible told us to love and not to hate or judge others. Religion being used for a personal agenda is nothing new though, we see it everyday in Iran, where woman are stripped from all their freedoms and gay people are being hung for being gay. Yet even in a country like Iran, where being gay can be punishable by death, you can still find people who are gay.

    As for bible quoting, i personally find this a very dangerous thing to do. Of course there are passages that can be read in an anti- gay way. But let us not forget about the things the bible has to say about many other subjects. Things like beating your child to death, when it is disobidient. I am pretty sure that beating your disobidient child to death is not on most people their agenda. And there are tons of subjects that are not practiced nowadays and people would find it extremely weird if they were. Of course that does not mean that you can’t get a lot of good things from the bible. But i think those are things you already knew. Yet you choose to ignore that knowledge, because you want to misuse the bible for your own hatred. In the end the big macro story in the bible is about love, turning the other cheek and not judging others. I find it very sad that you call yourself a christian but failed to do any of those things when it is concerning gay people.

    I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive those who have bullied you. As for where there is no forgiveness, there will never be a better world. If you werent bullied when you were young, i’d highly doubt you would have started this personal crusade against the gays. So why are you bullying people now yourself, when you know from personal experience how harsh it is? Bullying and hatred are the real plagues of society, i hope you will realise that some day.

    Anyways i will wish you the best, whichever path you choose. You sound like a very vunerable person, with a good hearth, which is sadly filled with bitterness. I think you will feel much better, when you let your life be guided by love and not by hatred of those who are different from yourself. I myself work very hard everyday, to make this world a better place. It might not feel like it, but you can change the world to what you want it to be. If you have a strong heart and the courage to speak out than you can change the world my friend!

    Yours sincerely,

    Mr. L

    The Netherlands

    • Wayne says:

      Mr. L.,

      My friend, thank you for your comment.

      I am changing the world. One person at a time, I am asking that we all protect children. From gay assaults and from straight assaults. Can you help me do that?

      Can we agree to protect the next generation from the assaults that happen to way to many boys and girls?


    • Wayne says:

      As for ‘why’ I resist the current gay agenda?

      I agree that it is easy to say my ‘bullying’ is why I do not agree with the gay agenda.

      However, I was not bullied, I was assaulted. I was attacked. Intentional, homosexual assault.

      Second, I would still follow the Bible over what men say.

      But, you are correct, the assaults I endured did change my perspective.

      I realize that the 15% assault rate upon our young men is ‘real’ and epidemic. It is ‘new’, and it is related to the old ‘slavery’ which was the Roman and Greek method of gay lifestyle.

      BTW, most Romans and Greeks were never gay, nor did most condone the behavior.

      If you are comfortable with your lifestyle, then live that way.

      But, let US agree to protect the children. Male and female.

      Can we?


  61. The Flash says:

    All this gay stuff comes from WHORING heavy drugs and sex outside of marriage, when that happens people receive evil spirits. If you go out as a young person to bars looking for the opposite sex and wind up in the sack with someone involved with bi-sexuality or someone involved with the occult, and you didn’t know it …u received a evil backwards spirit.

    Many people in this generation have evil spirits and (don’t know it) that includes straight people..because of whoring and very few have repented. Others are polluted with evil spirits and r possessed and sleep around everywhere infesting more people…inside of those who r possessed, “{gay)”,many many r waiting to be freed from the grip of satan because they r possessed and there is nothing they can do about it, unless someone prays for them. Which very few do, because for whatever reason no one seems to understand.

    At the same time many gay people who r possessed secretly get involved with churches not telling people they r gay and end up wearing holy e tire….telling the people to except the gay life style blah blah blah and because so many people have very little faith, they will except whatever they r told to keep peace and for the good of humanity….which is a pile of crap!

    This a current list of accused priests http://bishop-accountability.org the number of accused priests is beyond staggering!

    Many other churches have the same problem…a good church is far and wide between in this generation.

    If u were to look back in history, there was alot of gays in the early 1900’s and gay movies at theaters. In 1917 The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to children in a place called Fatima. She gave a warning that if people don’t repent God the Father will punish us by a world WAR…that happened, not just once but twice. When the wars was over, in the 40’s and 50’s was the cleanest time with many living with good morals. Divorce was taboo, the movies were clean and decent and people like my mom did not even know what a lesbian was until the 60’s.

    In the 60’s young people rebelled…heavy drugs, dirty feet and dirty bodies and hair…open sex ,orgies and whatever. The singer Cher was a part of that and tried a lesbian thing that she realized was not for her….the point is, she tried it! and got cursed for it, just look at her daughter or son…whatever this person is? that goes with many many others…it started back in the 60’s and many r cursed by it. There is even prophecy that the pope at that time stated “the smoke of satan has entered the church.

    Here’s something off the wall. The Lord has different ways of showing people stuff, if they r receptive. The rock star Alice Cooper was the first man to have a woman’s name .We all know how he flaunted sick images of all kinds in everyone’s face. Alice Cooper comes from a very strong long line of ordained Baptist Ministers and other preachers in his family. His father was a ordained Baptist Minister and the woman AC married, her father is also a ordained Baptist Minister.

    When he first came out IN 1968 0R 69 the majority of people hated his guts BIGTIME!…In LA people would buy tickets just to walk out….even when they came to see Jim Morrison and the Doors…they cleared the building empty when Alice Cooper took stage before the Doors.

    Within ten yrs after Alice Cooper …gay bars flourished in all major cities…men dressed like women and women dress like men…Everything u see when u look at Alice Cooper is what this generation is all about…total darkness. What people use to hate is now excepted as a normal thing. When AC chopped babies to pieces in front of the world…they didn’t realize it’s about them and the onslaught of abortions everywhere!…instead they would point the finger at AC and say your sick! when it’s really the whole generation that is sick.

    AC has never ever whored around, never divorced and he’s not covered in tatoo’s like everyone he is surrounded by.

    There is more to this, The Blessed Virgin has appeared everywhere around the world…VERY FEW LISTEN….there is a Great Warning coming to everyone…after the warning many will flock back to church not realizing many of the churches r sick. Soon after the warning the ANTI CHRIST will come out as a man of peace and per sway the people that gay is ok and preachers the current pope and governments, political people and many by the multitudes will agree with this anti christ…until he shows his full colors.

    When he shows his full colors, persecution of Christians will be alarming…..the same thing that everyone has seen at a Alice cooper concert…the hangings guillotines, electrocutions will happen in real life to many Christians and to those who will not take the mark of the beast…which will be a computer chip on the hand or forehead..

    It’s true…The Second Coming of Christ is right above us. It’s going to happen in our life time…once the Warning, then the anti christ for approx 3 and a half yrs…then The Second Coming.

    Only Catholic prophets r calling out about the Warning in the Christian world..all other Christians from different denominations….r putting flames to it because it comes from the Virgin Mary and only a few listen to her when she appears with messages for the whole world. Even many many Catholics today r against these messages of The Warning and Second Coming of Jesus.

    Because a whole pile of them r queer.

  62. Glenn says:

    Ok, keep pushing gay rights on tv and In the news and movies. Write songs about it. Force me to accept something I don’t believe in. Twist the minds of children and condition them from a young age when they are confused already. When kids are young and they like somebody of the opposite sex, they get teased about it. So they feel like they are doing something wrong. So then they turn on the tv and watch gays making out on tv. Just one example of what truly is a gay agenda. Probably about population control. Most obvious reason for it. Anyways, if u want to be gay, be gay! Don’t need kids or teens turning gay because of the filth that is everywhere now just because you need to feel justification or acceptance for your twisted lifestyle.

  63. Titan says:

    why are homosexuals so obsessed with their sex lives that they have to spread their awareness honestly WHO CARES?!

  64. Titan says:

    Homo-sex is not a sexual orientation it is a symptom of the master/slave culture infecting our traditions.
    Homo-sex traditionally was a result of extreme desperation brought upon by a life in prison.
    It requires one to submit while the other dominates.

    • Wayne says:

      Thank you for your comment.

      There is a lot of truth in that. I doubt everyone will agree, but many will agree with your comment.

      Thank you again,


  65. Jakk says:

    I think they are putting hormone altering additives in our everyday food and
    it is [edited] up society! Gayety is growing fastly these days and I really think
    there is a secret agenda going on that gets people to turn gay to put an end
    to the population growth wished on us all by the NWO [edited] of this world!

  66. Wayne says:

    To Sam and others,

    I hope and pray you notice there are many who react negatively to the gay agenda.

    I would like to see a middle ground, I do not think it will be ‘common ground,’ but I would like to see a world where (1) our children can grow up without fear; (2) gay people can be productive members of society, we will always have gays; and (3) where Christians are not persecuted because we do not accept the gay lifestyle.

    Without a middle ground, I think the back lash will become severe, and gays will become persecuted – there are at least ten times as many victims of homosexual assaults as there are gays …. I really do not see this ending well for the gay agenda if we do not relax our angry rhetoric and find a reasonable solution.


  67. The Yeti says:

    To Sam Kriss. Take you and you’re Gay Sissy ways and Gay agenda to another website. I am tired of hearing about the gay agenda on the tele and radio. Also…especially about The Olympics. I am a Heterosexual male…and i won’t talorate Poofters anywhere near me. It’s a Sin to be Gay. God says…Marriage is a union between a man and a woman. By the way…i agree 100% of what you have written Wayne. Keep up the good work .Cheers

  68. rj says:

    I thank God for you and your blog; so glad I found it (don’t recall how) because I am so disturbed and fearful of the state of the world – Most of us (believers in Christ) know that we are all sinners. My struggle is how people at large seem to have (almost) out of nowhere made the decision for everybody that homosexuality is okay. No it is not and I will never accept it as okay because, fotunately for me, I know better. I’ve not done any research on the subject but I applaud you for having done so. I am able to put myself in another person’s shoes; I would have had a much more radical response to being threatened or bullied by a bunch of gay people, so again, I commend you and it appears to methat you have been a child of God your entire life. I am striving for a closer walk with Him, but I fail when it comes to things like the molestation of children and this homosexual agenda, and yes, it is very much an agenda. I have a very hard time with finding compassion for those who choose to ignore God’s law with respect to homosexuality. I’m okay with being called naive or any other name for saying that I believe homosexuality appears to have something to do with acting on impulse. I cannot see how a person can be ” born gay”. It appears to me that there must be either exposure to the subject of homosexuality at some level, or the aversion of same-sex via abuse of some sort. That makes sense to me. In the meantime I have to find a better way to cope with this; I feel that for quite some time we as straight people, and especially in the States, are just being bombarded with this gay agenda. Is it that gay people want straight people to feel shame for being straight? I say this: If you are gay and were ever in a closet or otherwise ashamed of it, there’s a reason – READ A BIBLE!!! IT’S IN THERE AND YOU CANNOT DISPUTE IT!!! PERIOD!!! I wish my parents were still here in person so that I could thank them a little more for teaching me God’s word. I know I have a long way to go in my walk of faith. I struggle daily with my lack of ability to truly forgive. None of us is perfect, I can accept that. What I cannot accept is that so many people are making so many attempts while completely unbeknownst that GOD IS NOT MOCKED!!! I just have to do a better job of trying to find love for the sinner because I will always hate the sin, and yes, for the record,HOMOSEXUALITY IS A SIN!!! People, we have got to back up from a lot of this living ” in the flesh” before it’s too late. I accept that, for some people, reading the Bible can be scary, or confusing. I used to avoid it altogether, feeling I needed to become a better person first. I had a thing for fashion and clubbing and drinking gin a little and smoking weed a lot. That was my twenties. Even then I felt I was missing something and couldn’t put my finger on it to save a life. I am so glad I found out before too late. I am older and wiser now, and part of me wants to forgive homosexuals ‘for they know not what they do’, and I still rest on victimization as a root cause. I claim my right to my own opinion. I’ll be the first to tell you I have a loooong way to go with pedophilia, be it random or organized. I was not molested as a child, I know people who were, and for those who haven’t already, I sincerely pray that they find peace. I know from personal experience that God can heal anything, and I am one who considers homosexuality to be a spiritual malady no matter the source. I have grown up with people who now profess themselves as gay, I have worked with gay people; I treat people the way I want to be treated, and in all my years I have never had a conversation with anyone about sexual preference. Just don’t think it’s necessary. The conversation necessary now is that everybody might want to stop and think this through; none of us ever knows what time we have left, so it’s not a bad thing to seek the word of God. If you’re alive, then it’s not too late; even better is to know that accepting Him and following His word will enrich your life like you cannot imagine – Of course I speak to those who read this as non-believers, skeptics, or those who are lukewarm when it comes to God’s word. There are countless people who found God and lost homosexuality and the other sins of the flesh. There are countless people who don’t believe in God and what I say means nothing to them. I pray for them all to be delivered. For those who do believe in God and profess homosexuality, I pray they find the right way to worship Him – you cannot rewrite (or otherwise ignore certain parts of) Scripture to suit any “agenda”.

  69. Lester Hall says:

    If it ever comes that the whole world turns gay it will be the end of civilization and I predicted it about 25 years ago and was laughed at. Leave folks in this world alone and let them do as they want. There’s no good and evil only animal instinct.

    • tildeb says:

      Lester, are you suggesting that people can ‘turn’ gay and, if enough people decide to do this, you predict that the end of civilization will be nigh?

      I can’t understand why anyone would laugh at you… other than the ‘turning’ notion is contrary to your own experience (when exactly did you sit down, think it over, and then decide to become a heterosexual)? Well, if you’re like almost everyone in the world (far be it for me to make such an unwarranted accusation as if unquestionably true), you never made any such conscious decision but simply followed your proclivities. The difference, of course, is that no organized group of haters condemned you but not themselves for doing exactly the same thing. That condemnation usually requires the blessing of some organized religion under the self-anointed mantle anmd banner of ‘divine’ morality to discriminate piously.

      • Wayne says:


        The US population of gays has grown from around 0.5% to around 3% to 5% …. and the abuse rates of our children has also grown.

        If you choose to believe that some do not choose their sexuality, it would be irresponsible to ignore the data showing many did not choose, but were chosen.


  70. Chris Claxton says:

    well i live in canada but i would say we need to reduce sexual assault in general no matter what the country is but what part of my arguement wasnt researcehd

    • Wayne says:


      You moved from anonymous to named comments, so I am trying to address your comments (plural).

      You made a false claim that I have not researched this subject.

      I have researched the subject of human sexuality since I was in High School. I had moved towns, and high schools. I had never dated, and I was victimized by a couple of gays (possibly one bi-sexual) within my community. As I have written elsewhere, I thank God I was only grabbed and verbally assaulted. That was more than enough abuse.

      So, I decided I needed help with dating. At that time, there was very little literature about dating or sexuality. So, I read what was available. Both of Kinsey’s works ended up in my library. I read about half of both. That was an eye opener.

      The first thing I noticed was there was a definite push towards homosexuality being accepted over traditional sexuality. Even in Kinsey’s work. For example, if you had an erection and a man was in the ‘room’, then that encounter should be considered ‘homosexual.’ So, if you are having sex with your girlfriend, and your father walks in, it is homosexual?

      Further, I continued studying. And discussing this with homosexual friends.

      Over time, I realized, most gay people do not know much about their social group at large. And those that do know about the larger homosexual community tend to ignore large portions of the larger group as if those ‘other’ groups did not exist. Especially aids and seducing teenagers and young adults …. And the correlation between higher rates of homosexuality among people with ‘absent fathers’ is ignored, and the correlation between higher rates of homosexuality among survivors of ‘child abuse’ is ignored. Also ignored is the rate of mental health issues within the homosexual community.

      I understand people will disagree with my traditional point of view, but my POV is well-researched.

      And it is Biblical, and my POV is socially accepted by MOST people world-wide.

      While being well-researhed, religious, and socially accepted does not make my position ‘right,’ it does make my position VALID.

      I hold to an historically, socially, religiously, and scientifically valid point of view.

      I am willing to argue from there, but I am not willing to have my point of view dismissed by claiming I have not researched my topic.

      If you have done half the research I have done, than you would be aware that there are strong positions on both sides, and (big AND) older and newer studies have supported the traditional POV. Yes, I am aware some newer studies are said to support the gay agenda, but I have yet to read a SINGLE study IN CONTEXT that actually supported the gay lifestyle.

      When read in whole and in context most studies (if not all studies) indicate that the homosexual community is at best different. And most studies show that the gay lifestyle comes with many issues at larger percentages than found within the traditional community.


  71. Mary Fawcett says:

    How can you actually say that homosexual individuals come from broken homes, i.e single parent families, abusive parents… This is so narrow minded.

    I come from a family with a mother and father who both remained together, I had a good education, I went to university. I am homosexual and am totally offended that anyone could write an ‘article’ like this. Do some real research before you discuss a topic you obviously know nothing about.

    I am not stereotypical, I have long hair and like to wear dress’, heels, make-up… Not that this makes any difference, freedom of choice but please don’t label everyone… Once you’ve met ONE person who is homosexual, you’ve met ONE person who is homosexual.

    • Wayne says:


      I am amazed by ‘homosexuals’ who do not know about the homosexual community at large.

      Are you saying that homosexuals only come from traditional families?

      That would be narrow minded.

      Studies have shown a significantly higher percentage of homosexuals come from broken homes than from traditional homes. And there is a strong correlation between abuse and homosexuality.

      Correlation does not prove causation.

      But, there is certainly correlation.

      Thank you for your comment.


  72. Anonymous says:

    Allright after reading over this and your constant refernece to the pedophile group you failed to research the fact that the LGBT community did not infact suppourt that group in any way while they suppourted us we did not suppourt them infact during one of our very first gay awarness events after the events of the stonewall riots we cancelled because the pedophile group was going to be there and we handed out pamphlets advising people not to come due to the group Im a 14 year old bisexual male and took no offense to this i have no problem with anyone not liking the idea of gay marriage however i dont like how you refer to us as pedophiles I personally in all of my life have never ever met a gay adult or peer However my only “gay” contact was with a few bisexual girls my age online they never once tried to “push” any form of gay agenda while you seem to be a somewhat intellegent person you unfourtanetly dont have any valid arguement in this field it seems as if though you are against gay people because of what you think rather than logic you made a few vailid statements about how many factual researches are covered up and replaced ill researched ones that just say “yes gay people shit gold etc.” and yes gay teen suicide is exageterated due to the fact that many news reporters refuse to bring any valid gay teen suicides to issue also as for the gay teens bullying i personally dont belive that bullying is ever ok wether white on black or gay on straight or straight on gay HOWEVER i will call many straight people faggots in arguements becauseI find it amusing that they will take offense from someone calling them a faggot who likes other boys but honestly though you really should have just ignored them they were gay teens trying to be “edgy”


    • Wayne says:

      Evidently, you have not researched this topic.

      And while I am glad you have not been exposed to the problems within the gay community, I found it interesting you have no adult contact, but you claim gays stopped participation in an event, because pedophiles would be there.

      I really doubt a 14 year old organized the event for all gays in the area?

      I hope you never see what I have seen – I have been attacked by gays, I thank God I was not raped. That would have been insane to live with.

      And it is important to note, not all gay relationships are pedophilia. Pedophilia involves pre-pubescent children not teenagers. Not all pedophilia is homosexual.


      • Anonymous says:

        i didnt say i organised those events (though my wording of this wasnt too good so i can see how you would believe this) also yes the gay community in its current state can end up with a toxic effect on some indivduals ( and also i don’t really understand why having had been attacked by gays is important (being attacked is important but not their sexuality) (also the reason they didnt rape you is because well no offense but you honestly look very unnattractive) I have been attacked by gays straights and bis (especially bi’s) and i dont hate any of them (except maybe teenage male bisexuals who are just so god damned stupid in their teen years for some reason) also what part of my arguement have i not researched?

      • Wayne says:

        There is a very large problem.

        I have blogged on the ONE IN SEVEN men being sexually assaulted in our country. It used to be fewer than 1 in 10 women and 1 in 20 men subjected to sexual violence – in total ….

        Now 15% of our men are subject to mostly gay assaults,

        I think there is a problem. And I think we should protect our men and our boys. And our women and our girls.

        AND, I will go out on a limb. I think we should do more to protect our gays from violence.

        But, we need to reduce violence in America.

        Do we agree?


  73. The True Answer says:

    even the straight women are becoming Bi nowadays. how very sad.

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  75. megan says:

    Well I can say that sexual repression can also make you turn out lesbian as a woman especially if you were already having gay feelings at say 4 or 5 like me; but then again some people think that means you were molested or something.Actually a lot of your pastors are raping and molesting little children and when you go to christian school all they are constantly shoving down your throat is the end of the world is coming and you go to hell for basically everything especially sex.That is why most kids when they come out of Catholic School end up so loud and rebellious actually its when someone tells you all this stuff is going to send you to hell that is the second rebellion and curiosity happen; like uh knowledge with the garden of eden and eve the second she knew there was such a thing called evil the separating the distinguishing that is when mind control had to happen. And the whole reason why more gay people and yes there are people who truly are gay are coming out is because, in modern society religion especially christianity is being frowned upon even might i say harassed. Ever since the 1960’s with the sexual revolution people have lost all spirituality or may i say have expanded it to eastern or unpopular traditions and have become whacked up in there heads with drugs the media has especially encouraged letting loose the whole planet is under 2 kinds of mind control sexual and spiritual which is your dominating master?
    what are you a slave to? I know this sounds ridiculous but actually your right religion is unnatural in fact it is so sexually repressive i am suprised most christians are not just celibate there whole lives or hermits!?MOST OF THEM ARE BIGOTS….AND SOME CAN BE REALLY SUPERSTITIOUS,
    but i guess it all has to do with a matter of faith and belief. And I probably do not sound very lesbian right now but unfortunately i am and have begged prayed cried starved myself to death for God I am suicidal I have depression and anxiety (bipolar) I cut myself I got into inhalants being gay sucks and YES IT SHOULD BE FROWNED UPON IT IS A MENTAL SPIRITUAL AND PHYSICAL HANDICAP AN EVER GROWING CURSE ON THE PLANET. it almost feels like you cannot get around it and my parents have sent me to exorcisms also for this my parents are baptist.

    • Wayne says:

      I just pray you will come to let go and know Jesus like I know Jesus.

      Yes, He is my friend. And He is my brother, but He is also my Lord and my Savior.

      You are correct. Many fake Priests and Pastors are praying upon our children. Many of our young people are controlled by their sexual drive rather than by their spiritual drive.

      Yes, the spiritual and sexual began to separate in the 1960’s.

      Yes, depression and bipolar are symptoms of the inner struggle, and yes, that struggle will remap the brain, there are physical as well as psychological implications.

      I am praying for you.


  76. Peter says:

    Very good blog but you make one mistake Wayne. We can NOT stop what is happening. All these “things” have to happen.
    Matthew chapter 24 : 6
    “Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. ”

    We can not stop anything, we just have to endure them until Judgment Day comes.

    • Jon Aretakis says:

      I agree. We can’t stop the collective fall. But we can affect people through prayer and by voicing our opinions about Jesus. We have to remain peaceful.

  77. Very Serious says:

    are there any straight normal women left for us straight guys that are having a very hard time meeting a good one?

    • Wayne says:

      There are not very many.

      And most of the ‘good ones’ find a man and hide in their marriage.

      Like I would if I could.

      I guess you are still looking?


      • Seriously Speaking says:

        Gay Women are certainly everywhere nowadays, and they are so very pathetic and disgusting too.

  78. I’m gonna have to agree with the Fag@#$s on this, Wayne. Praise Allah the Merciful, may he kick jesus’s @#$ and rape him.

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  80. JayReallyKnows says:

    well the Lesbian population has sure increased.

  81. Duskangels says:

    Evolution is a religion. Time is their God, Darwin is a false prophet, And the museums and colleges their churches. The origin of life by accident or complete chance is mathematically impossible. Every evidence for evolution has been proven a hoax or a fraud. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the very fossils (Missing links) needed to help the dumb hypothesis are MISSING! That’s because they don’t exist! Homosexuality goes against nature anyway. They are completely useless they cannot propagate to pass on their genes so by evolutionary standards it is completely and utterly contrary. It takes more faith to believe that we came from a rock by accident than to believe that God formed us from the dirt of the ground.

    • tildeb says:

      Evolution is a scientific theory that explains changes to life over time. That you don’t understand it is not a poor reflection of its knowledge value but a brilliant example of your ignorance in the name of your religious belief. Ignorance is okay but you have it within your power to rectify this very sad and unnecessary state of affairs. This means you can learn why you are so wrong to draw the conclusions you do – based as they are on ignorance and not knowledge. But to hold your ignorance as a badge of honour, to use it as a platform on which you condemn those who do understand it, to carry it as a sign of your religious intolerance to knowledge that contravenes a faith-based assumption, is an indication of just how insidious and counter-productive your religious beliefs are interfering with and constraining your understanding of reality.

      • michael says:

        Evolution can’t even be observed: Science deals with empirical evidence in case you didn’t know; this is so basic I’m surprised you didn’t catch that since they taught us this in middle school intro to biology class. Evolution is called a ‘theory’ and a bad one at that. Evolution has never been proven.

      • tildeb says:

        Michael, go forth and learn. You have the capability so why not use it? What you’ve written is parroting ignorance and it belittles you. Someday – having gained some knowledge (starting with what a scientific theory means) – you’ll be embarrassed by ever having written it. But that’s okay; all of our journeys into knowledge start in ignorance. But don’t get yourself mired in the belief that your ignorance is a stand-in for knowledge. Go beyond it and explore.

      • michael says:

        I was actually poking fun at the fact that it is called a ‘theory’. Tell me, what does a “theory” mean to you? You say I’m parroting ignorance: kindly point out which so we’re on the same page?

      • tildeb says:

        From your middle school biology, you should have remembered that a scientific theory means a comprehensive explanation of some aspect of nature that is supported by a vast body of evidence. So why is evolution considered a theory? Because it meets and exceeds this definition. So along comes Michael who thinks evolution is not true because its mechanism “can’t even be observed: Science deals with empirical evidence in case you didn’t know.” Thank goodness for Michael who clearly sees what tens of thousands of biologists have seemingly overlooked from not learning what they were taught in their middle school science classes.

        Really, Michael? Is this the best your critical faculties can produce, to assume that you are more insightful than all these highly educated, experienced, working scientists? Is your ego so large that you cannot for a moment consider that maybe, just maybe, they learned something you did not, found compelling evidence that you missed, understood what you didn’t why the explanation has risen to the highest possible ranks of human knowledge? The right question to ask is why you do not understand evolution, and not why others are wrong to do so because you should appreciate that disagreeing with a scientific theory in all likelihood is based on ignorance of the denier. And that’s what you are: a denier of a scientific theory for some other reason than respecting the scientific model, which works in every other area of your life just fine and dandy but seemingly fails when it comes to a specific notion that just so happens to compete with some other notion you like to think of as true.

        Well, tough.

        Either the method of science works or it does not. You don’t get to cherry pick which areas you’ll respect and which ones you won’t because it’s the identical method that allows you to live and function and use the products of science in the modern world. Denying evolution is a badge of ignorance that does not reflect on the quality of the science that has produced this explanation – that just so happens to work for everyone everywhere all the time that informs efficacious applications, therapies, and technologies that you use without a second thought – but indicates the scope of your scientific illiteracy and the incredible expanse of your intellectual ego to assume that you know better. That you do not recognize this astounding claim to be astounding is an indication of just how poor has been your education in critical reasoning. An educated person should know this.

        The solution is to educate yourself by first recognizing that there is a problem. Anyone who denies evolution – an explanation that has risen to the rank of theory based on scientific merit – also has this problem. And it is fixable… if you really want to answer any honest questions about changes to life over time you may have. But I suspect you have a religious agenda to deny science when it comes into conflict it. That’s the only reason anyone really has to deny evolution and it is interesting to note that you can sometimes have religion without creationism but you never find creationism without religion. This is not a coincidence.

      • michael says:

        On the contrary, I marvel at the fact that you put a lot of faith in the conclusions and observations of fallible men (whose opinions are no better than yours or mine, whose opinions are constantly changing) who use the rudiments of this world to try and explain contrary to what God has already written down in his word. Technology is one thing but evolution is an entirely different animal as they say. I’m a Christian: Let me be clear, I’m not against science, just that part that is against the God of the Bible. I happen to believe what the God of the Bible wrote, if that makes me seem “ignorant” of the rudiments of this world, it doesn’t bother me. The Bible is not against knowledge as you presume to think(just read Proverbs): The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction (Proverbs 1:7). There is also a difference between believing the truth and believing a lie. I believe what Jesus said when he said, “Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth”.(John 17:17)

        If God’s word be true than anything that goes against it is a lie, no? Moreover, when I read your previous comment you said that one day that I would look back and see this and be embarrassed that I wrote it: but if God’s word is truth as Jesus said (who himself is God), then I would imagine it would be you who will one day be ashamed…if you don’t believe the Gospel, which is how Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures, that he was buried and that he rose to life again the third day according to the scriptures. Believe and you have eternal life. (1 Corinthians 15:1-4).

        You have faith in the biologists and men and women whose opinions are constantly changing. I have faith in the Word of God which came by the Inspiration of God, whose testimonies are sure.

        I will finish saying my peace with a Bible verse (1 Corinthians 1:17-31) that I think it meet indeed to use. You probably wont read it but who knows–others might consider.

        17 For Christ sent me not to baptize, but to preach the gospel: not with wisdom of words, lest the cross of Christ should be made of none effect.

        18 For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.

        19 For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.

        20 Where is the wise? where is the scribe? where is the disputer of this world? hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world?

        21 For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.

        22 For the Jews require a sign, and the Greeks seek after wisdom:

        23 But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumblingblock, and unto the Greeks foolishness;

        24 But unto them which are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God, and the wisdom of God.

        25 Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men.

        26 For ye see your calling, brethren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called:

        27 But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;

        28 And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are:

        29 That no flesh should glory in his presence.

        30 But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption:

        31 That, according as it is written, He that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord.

      • tildeb says:

        See? You are using your religious beliefs to stand contrary to the world as it shows us to be. This makes you a loyal subject to the knowledge proclaimed by Iron Age illiterate goat herders. Some of us have have moved on.

        If you were scientifically literate, you’d understand why your claims about the ‘beliefs’ of scientists is ignorance in action. Planes don’t fly, computers don’t connect, and medicine doesn’t work based on an equivalent kind of faith you exercise in your religious beliefs. There is a qualitative difference you are choosing to ignore.

        On the one hand you accept these marvels of science that its methodology has produced and pretend you respect it. This is not true; you simply find these products useful. On the other, you undermine that method by trying to make its findings subject your religious beliefs. Planes wouldn’t fly if your scripture said we didn’t. Trusting such faith-based beliefs is foolishness in action and this is why you are illiterate in why evolution is true even though you will take its products to feed you and your family and save your life when injured or sick without questioning the hypocrisy you exercise to take on the one hand and refuse to respect the source of that life-saving gift on the other. Your adherence to biblical authority (in areas where it simply has not just no knowledge but ignorance masquerading as equivalent knowledge) is a guaranteed method to remaining intellectually disingenuous.

        No amount of quoting scripture can undo this sad and sorry state that you continue to mistake as glorious piousness because you have a brain capable of learning but a mind befuddled by a willingness to accept religious authority where it deserves none. You are no ally of science. Here you are willing to condemn its finest achievement while excusing your religious beliefs that stand contrary to and incompatible with it based on ignorance and foolishness and yet feel yourself justified to suggest it is I who have never learned basic science. Your gumption – founded on illusion – is exceeded only by your ego to suggest that you know where the method of science has gone wrong even though reality supports it fully in every avenue of inquiry we undertake. Still, you feel you know better because you believe differently than what reality arbitrates. Think on that hubris.

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  83. Duskangels says:

    I thank God for people like you Wayne! The whole world has turned from God and He gave them up to a reprobate mind. The gay agenda is so massive that I feel backed into a corner and am now speaking out about this moral degredation America is experiencing. I feel so helpless knowing that this great country founded on biblical principles is perishing without a care in the world. I thank you for holding fast to Gods word and standing up for what is right. “Narrow is the way that leads to life, and there are few who find it.”

    • Wayne says:

      Thank you very much for your comment! I felt my eyes misting up.

      We do need to turn back to God.

      We need God, his help, and people like you praying for our return to his grace.

      Keep the faith.


    • tildeb says:

      Why let a few facts get in the way of revising history to suit your piousness? Yes, humble AND meek are the godly.

      • Wayne says:

        While I appreciate your comments, you realize you have an excessive amount of bias built up against the largest Religion in the world. And that Religion was responsible for most of the good agents in the world today, from the Red Cross to the Boy Scouts. And including George Washington, Abe Lincoln, and all the other men you quoted out of the context of their lives.

        Why Evolution is False is a terrible blog to quote on any legitimate subject.

        Even cats.

        Further, the Founders realized, as I realize, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

        When the power of Government and Church combine, you always get excesses and evils.

        In the current world of Jihad, none of the Islamic State Governments are protecting minorities from being slaughtered – just look at the genocide around the world.

        All the American men you quoted were Christian men, name one who was not a Christian man and a Christian leader. Yes, Paine was a Deist, but he was not an American. He immigrated to participate in the American Revolution and then left. It is sad when Atheists lie to support their arguments.

        But, to twist the words of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and others is truly low.

        You should look up the great Atheist Humanist leaders of the last two centuries and fall at their words.

        Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Mao, and Pol Pot just to name a few. Napoleon falls in there with them. Napoleon recognized the power of Jesus Christ, but he did not follow Jesus Christ. He used the power of Jesus to subjugate his followers.

        Proud, arrogant, and murderous are the Humanist Atheists who have led countries over the last two centuries.

        And they were the sons of ‘absentee’ fathers. Which is also the leading cause of effeminism among men. Second is rape ….


      • tildeb says:

        Bias? I suppose, in the same way I have a ‘bias’ against racists and homophobes. I prefer my opinions to be based on the best information and knowledge I can attain and they are always subject to revision if better information becomes available. It is on this basis that I understand American history and the founding fathers were mostly deists (nature’s god as the ‘Creator’, for example, in the Declaration). They would not be recognizable as christians by today’s evangelicals! And I linked to WEIT because the full page ad was not available online but was available as a photograph at that site.

        I’m truly sorry you can’t wrap your head around evolution but allow your religious beliefs to dictate to reality how it ought to be. This is a guaranteed way to misrepresent all kinds of facts and history as you amply demonstrate by linking some of the more notorious totalitarian leaders with atheism. The clue that you’ve allowed yourself to be misguided comes with absurd claim to their philosophical allegiance to ‘humanism’… as if carrying out mass murder for consolidating political power was ‘humanism’ rather than its obvious opposite. But, hey, you’ll continue to allow your religious belief to misrepresent whatever is real and that’s why you actually believe that same sex attraction is because of absentee fathers even though reality tells us this is a ludicrous causal claim! But you wouldn’t know how to differentiate such foolish claims from informed claims because your methodology is backwards: your faith-based belief tells you what reality must be rather than deduce from reality justified beliefs about it. But to avoid personal responsibility for this gross negligence, you attribute your faith-based beliefs to be divinely guided and sanctioned by Jesus so that you are unable to pull your head out of your own belief system and allow reality to arbitrate them appropriately. This is why you shall remain set in your opinions, unable and unwilling to change… unless Jesus reveals otherwise. Good luck with that.

      • Wayne says:

        You evidently have not taken time to understand my narrative, or my argument.

        I spent years under the influence of the progressive agenda. Believing mankind was evolving a better way to live. Believing that just because tradition had developed as a better way of life over thousands of years did not mean tradition was better.

        Then I began studying the falsified data out there. And I realized, the true change, the real scientific method of people dealing with each other was already developed scientifically over thousands of years.

        Traditional culture is much better than the current foolish claims against reality, nature, and tradition.

        And then there is God. Remember, I cam back through my study of the current insanity.


  84. tildeb says:

    You’re a funny one, Wayne. If you look upthread, it’s rather telling who you identify as the ones promoting intolerance: the ones promoting intolerance! But it’s pious, so that makes it okay. And you’re still pushing your lies about the welfare of children in spite of incontrovertible evidence to the contrary. But this lie is also under the umbrella of piousness, so that makes it okay. In fact, you make all morality relative to your piousness and then claim it to be some objective moral code. Also, look at the quality of the commentators you attract. This is a clue…

    • Wayne says:

      You are a comedian.

      I am a believer in God, and you say that is the reason you persecute me? My Ancestors founded America so we could worship without being attacked by bigots.

      Having been attacked, myself, I know when I read about gays attacking teenagers, college students, and soldiers there is a real problem that the gay agenda keeps blaming on other people.

      That is not right. Quit blaming the victims, and start fixing the problem.

      I continue to stand up for those being attacked.

      If you want to participate in the discussion fixing the problems, then you need to be honest about your narrative. My narrative has been believed, and is supported by modern studies. Your belief is new, and is not supported by studies.


      • tildeb says:

        If you think me posting compelling evidence by professional organizations that have found no evidence you claim is true nevertheless is persecution then you live in delusion because you have no means to separate your beliefs from the reality you assume they describe. They don’t. What your beliefs do is promote an intolerance against people and you blog attracts not just conspiracy wankers and people challenged to express themselves with passable grammar but someone like ‘Steve’ who writes Death to f@##@ts! Burn the fx@x@xg [edited] pigs!. You don’t challenge this hate mongering and intolerance but paste that label on people who point out with compelling evidence from reality why your beliefs do not align with that reality.

        If you think my comments are anything but an accurate description of your willingness to prostitute your decency, your moral character, on the alter of your religious beliefs , then prove me wrong. Show compelling evidence adduced from reality that there is a gay agenda that does harm children and demonstrate how tens of thousands of professionals who deal day in and day out with dysfunctional and damaged people find no evidence of correlation or causation with gay people.

        Go ahead, Wayne. Go ahead, all you supporters of Wayne. Stop using your bigoted religious beliefs and use reality to back you up. You’ll soon find that it doesn’t, that it can’t, because your beliefs are not in alignment with it. That’s a clue, by the way, about the quality of what different commentators offer here. Then let’s see who has the quality of character to change their mind. I’m willing…

        If this suggestion seems to be an attack on you, then by all means defend yourself with reality. It’s a powerful shield. This, more than any amount of intolerance and bigotry expressed in the name of piety, will ‘fix the problems’. But I don’t for a moment think you have the intellectual integrity or moral fiber to respect reality’s adjudication of your religious beliefs you use to pretend you – and not those treated with legal inequalities and social sanctioning and bullying – are the real victim. When respecting what’s true is perceived to be an attack, then this, too, is a rather profound clue about the quality of your religious beliefs…

      • Wayne says:


        You have provided NO EVIDENCE to support your wild claims. You provided ‘evidence’ in support of a different argument, which has not been addressed in my blog post, or my comments.

        Are there bigots? Yes, did I point out some of the comments are overly strongly worded? Yes.

        Have I provided, (1) a Religious Faith argument? Yes. (2) Have I also provided data to support from a non-faith Point of View. Yes.

        I have been fair. And there is no reason for you to lie about me or my integrity.


        Either discuss, or leave your vile narrative at home.

      • tildeb says:

        Look at my first comment, Wayne. The claim is not wild but coldly rational: there is no evidence to link same-sex attraction to any ‘agenda’ or ‘harm to children’. Your religious faith argument is bigoted because it replaces what’s true in reality with your incompatible claims that continue to cause real harm to real people in real life. You need to be challenged for participating in this Big Lie. Your ‘data’ is worthless because it does not address reality. You have not been fair. You have tolerated a call for death but call criticism of such intolerance an ‘attack’ on you and your religious beliefs. You are not the victim here, Wayne, but a perpetrator of intolerance for all the worst reasons. And criticism of your character for doing so is neither a straw man nor an ad hominem ; it is a justified true belief because it is adduced from the evidence you have provided here. The vile narrative is your own and you continue to add to it in the name of self-righteous piety wrapped in bigotry. Go back over the thread and see it demonstrated by you for yourself. I’m just pointing out it out.

      • Wayne says:

        I read your comment, again, before I posted.

        You continue to attack me, the person, without reading what I wrote, looking at the evidence, or respecting my Religion. And you continue to attack me the victim. That makes you a perpetrator of hatred and violence.

        I responded to your comment originally, and that comment was not related to what we are discussing. I do not call all gay people, bad. And a ten to twenty percent group of good, and well behaving couples out of a group that also contains a lot of bad actors does not make the group as a whole look great.

        People still blame the common German for what happened to the Jews in WW2, and the common people had little if any control.

        Good gay people today have much more control, they are not under imminent threat, and they are NOT working to be part of the solution.

        Where is their outrage that young men like myself have been attacked?


        I am a victim, and you are perpetrating HATRED.

        Get better quick and become part of the solution.



  85. Wayne, I have to tell you, I’m kind of disappointed in you after reading this. I’m a gay 17 year old and I have no agenda whatsoever. I truly don’t! As far as gay issues go, I have never bullied anyone in my life and likewise, no one has ever bullied me about my sexuality. I guess I’m lucky.

    I hope you realize that gay people are gay for the same reason you are straight. We’ve figured out what makes us happy and we’ve embraced it. Being gay wasn’t even a conscious decision for me. So whether I like it or not, this is me. I can’t do anything about it unless I want to be fake and live a lie for the rest of my life. I’m confident most gays feel the same. It’s not fair to hold that against us.

    Here is my suggestion. If you don’t approve of gays, fine. But keep it to yourself. Let gays get the rights they deserve. We are people just like you.

    Looking at this situation, it kind of seems like the whole “black people vs white people” all over again. Thinking back, people say, “Wow, we were so stupid. I can’t believe we judged people based on the color of their skin- something they can’t even control” Guess what, sexuality is no different.

    • Wayne says:

      Thank you for your comment,

      Wow. I am disappointed in you.

      My black friends are offended when someone dares to compare gay with what they went through.

      And I agree, there is no comparison.

      OK, you have lived a good life, I give that to you. And as you said, you are lucky.

      But, most people do not get that opportunity. Roughly 90% of gay people today would not have been gay in 1930 …. The thought would not have crossed their minds.

      That is a societal change for most people, not a born that way issue. While it may be different for you, it is not different for most people.

      So, be fair to the situation. Do what you can to make the gay community a better community, rather than trying to change society.

      The only ‘right’ gays seem to want is to redefine ‘marriage.’

      And to most people throughout history, that is offensive.

      If you want a domestic partnership, that would be different. For me. Many people would still be offended.

      But, I am willing to compromise, as long as you promise to help protect the children.

      • I feel like your outlook on this whole situation is stemmed from one big misunderstanding and I think I might be able to pinpoint what’s causing it. I must ask, do you think being gay is a choice? What’s your stance?

      • Wayne says:

        My stance? That would tell me your stance.

        And that could very well be the problem.


        I believe that the vast majority of people choose to become gay, the largest reasons for this are growing up with an absent father or being sexually assaulted.

        I believe there is a possibility that some people are ‘born gay.’ But, again, 80 to 90% of the people who ‘are gay’ do not fit the ‘born gay.’

        So, what have you identified as the reason everyone is turning gay?

      • Sorry just got back from vacation. To answer your question, I don’t believe people are suddenly “turning gay”. It doesn’t work like that! Gay people have always been around and we’ve always been gay. It’s just seems there are more of us because more and more people are coming out of the closet as the world is become a more accepting and tolerant place. There isn’t as much pressure on us to pretend in order to fit in.

      • Wayne says:

        Welcome back!

        I would agree with you if I had not studied human sexuality. And during the 1950′ studies were conducted that indicated a higher percentage of homosexuals within groups of men in prison, or combat veterans.

        The percentage seemed to indicate a .5% rate of historic homosexual practice.

        Currently, the indications are around 15% to 25% of college students ‘experiment’ with the life style.

        That percentage is higher than general population, I believe.

        Further, the gay agenda wants me to believe that around 2% to 5% of the population is now gay.

        But, that is around 10 times higher than what the percentages where during the 1950’s.

        Why the increase if Gay people have always been like that?

        Thank you for disagreeing with me. I think we just disagree on some definitions.


      • tildeb says:

        For someone who has supposedly ‘studied’ human sexuality, you seem to have a very difficult time understanding the difference between incidence and prevalence and why this matters. None of the important research from the 50s (Kinsey in ’48 is the big one) indicates a .5% rate of prevalence and you fail to mention why there are very good reasons that there is tremendous difficulty establishing a good statistical basis for coming up with a stable population rate that is gay. If we have such difficulty today, imagine how much more difficult it would be to establish such a ‘historical’ rate. But none of this seems to affect your conclusions one iota. Unlike researchers in the field, you seem to have skipped these difficulties altogether to arrive at your conclusions. ;|

      • Wayne says:

        Having read Kinsey, I know that I do not need to re-research his work in order to understand what I read.

        However, you used a bad logic tool to try to make it look like I was mistaken, even though I was correct.

        Great try.


      • People probably lied back then! People are more likely to report the truth nowadays.

      • Wayne says:

        Well, that has been used since the beginning of recorded history to deny data we are not comfortable with.

        But, it is difficult to determine when someone was lying, but are now telling the truth. Do you trust them now, because you now like their answer?


        You seem to be reasonably intelligent and stable.

        I would like you to try an experiment. Ask among your friends who are in alternative lifestyles, hopefully mostly gay.

        Ask them if they started sexually younger than 14. Ask if their partner was older. Ask them if they started pornography younger than 14.

        Notice we are not focusing upon sexual abuse directly. But, few 13 year old’s decide to start sex on their own.

        Notice, I am not asking you to ask if their partner was an adult, you are required by law to report that information …. and that could get difficult. But, when in doubt report.

        I think you will find among your friends enough early onset of sexuality to make you wonder why early sexuality is connected with alternative lifestyles.


      • tildeb says:

        No, Wayne, you are not correct in a very important way: men having sex with men in the situations your describe (prison populations and the military) is one of incidence and does not in any way inform rates for the percentage of gays in the general population, which is prevalence. Apples and oranges.

        You are mistaken to attribute rates of prevalence to the “gay agenda”. International studies show a typical prevalence as you say between 2 and 5 percent. That’s what the data indicates. Self-reporting same sex incidents tends to influence various polling data and this creates difficulty determining prevalence. (See here, for example) You confuse the decision to have an incident of sex with a member of the same gender (Kinsey reports this around 37% for men post adolescence) to be evidence for your description of choice regarding being gay. But many men who have had such a sexual encounter do not consider themselves gay because they are sexually attracted to women. Gay men are not so inclined, so what you presume is ‘choice’ applies only to those who so choose! And of these who do ‘choose’ a same sex encounter do not (by and large) self-report as gay! So you are using one set of data to support your conclusions about another set of data that is not just factually incorrect but an intentional misrepresentation of the data. If any agenda is at work here, clearly it belongs solely to you.

      • Wayne says:


        I appreciate your comment. And I appreciate you have actually read something about the gay agenda.

        But, I disagree wholeheartedly.

        Because I have read the data, and the old classic studies.

        After being assaulted by different queers, don’t you love how they changed from wanting to call everyone queer to wanting to be called ‘gay.’ Because calling them ‘queer’ was ‘insulting.’

        Like it wasn’t insulting to call me that? To verbally assault me and lead me to question my being straight?

        Gotta love the hate speech of the gay agenda, or it will drive you crazy.

      • tildeb says:

        Obviously, something has happened in your past for you to try to vilify and entire group of people based on a single factor. This is always a mistake.

      • Wayne says:

        OK, let me use your logic.

        Obviously something traumatic happened to you as a baby, and you do not remember that event. But, it has scarred and scared you.

        Because of that, you ignore the bad in a group of people and only see the few good people in that group.

        Yes, poor logic is a mistake. Even though, my example about you might be true ….

        I did not place the entire group of people into a villain category.

        There are more abusers percentage wise within the gay population, but there are still those gays who fight the villains.

        I just wish more gay people would stand up against the bad within their community.

        Don’t you?


      • tildeb says:

        There are more abusers percentage wise within the gay population…

        Really? Would you mind providing a source for this astounding claim, please?

        And yes, abusers of dependents in any population require legal intolerance and sanction. On that you can be sure I’m on board… be it a gay or a pope.

      • Wayne says:

        I believe I have referred to your ‘astounding claim’ in the past. I will look back up the references.

        I am glad you are on board with protecting the defenseless.

  86. tildeb says:

    As a Canadian where over 80% of the population couldn’t care less whether or not someone is gay, where gay marriage has been practiced for over a decade and the sky still stands and ‘traditional’ families are completely unaffected, where we have several city majors and three provincial premiers openly gay and having this fact treated as a non issue in policy assessments because it plays not part, where military bases raise the rainbow flag in honor of those of the LBGT community who proudly serve in uniform in all branches of the Armed Forces, I have to say how disappointing it is to read such trash here.

    I am heartened, however, when a christian of moral character steps forward and recognizes what’s true in reality even though it stands in conflict – like tolerating slavery – with an Iron Age moral code held in esteem not just by illiterate goat herders but ‘good’ christians today… and many commentators in agreement with the admin on this blog. I am talking, of course, about the apology. you should have such moral fortitude.

    Someday, we will look back on this kind of shameful ignorance and bigotry so proudly displayed here on this thread and cringe in the same way we now look back at racial discrimination and cringe at just how willfully ignorant people must be to cleave to this absurd and dishonorable outlook not just unsupported by reality but in active conflict with it. That’s the power of religion in action and it has everything to do with denying what’s true while demoting one’s character and the rights of neighbours in the name of piousness.

    • Wayne says:

      Evidently you are one of the 20% of the Canadians who do care deeply about homosexuality. You care deeply enough to feel hatred towards your fellow man.

      I am not ignorant nor misguided, if I was, you would have pointed out my error of belief rather than to hate me and those like me.

      You remind me of the gays in school who used to attack ME, because I was not like them.

      Sad, maybe someday your anger will mellow, and you can give the rest of us an apology.

      You owe us.


  87. SeriousJoe says:

    well there are certainly much more gay women than ever before.

    • Wayne says:

      Thank you Joe! I have noticed women in America really do not like men much ….

      Oh well, I live part time over seas. They love me there.


  88. Eric Bryant says:

    Wayne, Thnaks for your blog. i will be sure to read more about this. I know there is an agenda. i have done my research also. please continue to spread the world but also continue to pray. God bless.

    • Wayne says:

      Thank you Eric!

      Your words are too kind.

      Yes, I will pray for revival, and a return to God’s right and wrong.

      And now that I have my account back, I will blog!

      Thank you again,


  89. Mark says:

    well there are certainly much more lesbians now than we ever had before, and that is why many of us straight guys can’t meet a decent woman anymore. Gee Wiz, i think that has something to do with it.

    • Wayne says:


      Thank YOU! I am trying to catch my comments up. And I notice that there are many more people in support of men and women loving each other.


  90. AbsolutelyTrue says:

    speaking of gay, i am a straight man that i have noticed that there are much more lesbians nowadays that are making it much more difficult for us straight men that are looking to meet a good woman today.

    • Wayne says:

      Thank you for your insight.

      I expect that.

      Me? I have moved part time to Ukraine … The women still love men. And men still love women.


  91. Wayne says:

    I’m a different Wayne from the guy posting. Don’t get confused. Bottom line is that there is an agenda, a gay agenda and it started at the very top in the highest levels of political power, followed by media influence. Look to Time Warner, Disney, CNN, Hollywood, etc. The gay leadership in these companies are spearheading the psy-ops campaigns. They are the New Vatican. Back in the day, The King and The Pope called the shots. Today it is Secular Government and The Media Companies telling you what to think and how to think it. The wild card in this game is thd Internet… It has not yet been tamed by the new Secular King and Gay Pope but they’re working on it. I believe that in the end of days “knowledge will expand” and “men will become lovers of themselves”. Was this not in the book of Revelation? We live in a world were the people who do not have children are the lucky ones, because they will be spared having to see their children become animals. And that is what most of us are today, animals. Eating our own feces, eating our own vomit, licking each others privates in public like dogs. Make no mistake. How you act in the bedroom and how you make love to your partner is a reflection of what is in your soul.

    • Wayne says:

      Thank you Wayne!

      You are another strong reaction to the gay agenda.

      When will people realize there is a cause and effect relationship to just about everything? And the growth of the gay agenda is causing a rebound reaction among many people. Even silence is a reaction, for those who think the reaction is small, some are just forced into silence, because they cannot deal with the issue.

      Thank you!


  92. Wayne says:

    We live in a society that is breaking down faster because of instant knowledge. Because of the internet we can look up anything on anybody instantly. There is also a lack of morality and an anti-tradition mentality that makes people hate what’s old and accept what they see as new. Another reason is that most people hate God and religion and (again) want to get rid any notion of old customs and traditions. People are sick and it is a representation of the breakdown of society as a whole. There are many gays that want to turn everyone like themselves and wil go to great lengths to do so. Many corporate and media leaders are themselves gay. The people (old liberal men) like Rupert Murdoch and Ted Turner are secretly gay themselves. Much of the leadership and management in all the major media companies are staffed with gay people. Gays and Jews run Hollywood. Many Jews want to destabslize the traditional Christianised Western Culture that non-Jewish White Europeans have founded. They hate traditional Christianity and percieve it as oppressive so they attack it. They won’t stop until the Church falls, and will continue to demonize and attack the Church long after it’s gone just to keep their agenda going. Gays want everyone to be like them. Sorry guys, you’ll never get me. Nothing goes into my a$$ [edit]. All it’s used for is for shitting and it will always be that way. Sorry to dissapoint. Peace.

    • Wayne says:

      I agree with a lot of what you wrote, not sure about Rupert.

      The agenda does not like the fact that they cause a back lash against them. And they will blame you for your reaction to them ….

      Thank you for your comment!


  93. Alto del Socorro says:

    Hey Wayne I hope you are well. I admire your courage! It is not easy to face this indescribable force that’s taking on humanity. You know I try to ignore what’s happening around us but, it cannot be ignored any more, it’s too blatant. I’m in no position to judge because we are all sinners and I should not judge so that I’m not judged. I think that all human beings have the right to live happy and fulfilling lives and I believe that everyone should do what they please as long as it does not encroach in other people’s lives and well being. In the case of the homosexuals, I think that they should have whatever right as anybody else does. But why are homosexuals undertaking a generalized brainwashing of our society and children?
    Why don’t they just live their lives happy and quietly and stop promoting this life style with all the force as they possibly can? It is so powerful that a lot of people I talk to tell me they feel really afraid to give their opinion if that opinion is against the gay agenda, and I’m calling it an agenda because there is one and is well planned and organized with enormous financial and political power.
    I heard many teenagers say that in school and in their groups of friends when they are asked what sexual orientation they have and if they say they are heterosexual there are immediately ridiculed and rejected, so they are forced to say that they are either homosexual or at least bisexual!
    When it comes to marriage, why do they so want to use a name that is meant for the union of a man and a woman? Could not they find some other name for it? I agree that they should have all the rights but, marriage is a word that has been used throughout the ages for the sacred union of a man and a woman from where the essence of life itself will emanate! Everything in life has a purpose and a name, why then the interest of using the word marriage to describe something other than it is meant to mean, which is the complementary union of two different physical and mental beings? Please find your own descriptions, if you want respect, you should start by respecting what has been established since the beginning of time. A homosexual relationship between two of the same it’s not compatible from any standpoint in nature or in religion, isn’t the primary purpose of every living organism to perpetuate their genes? Doesn’t life start with the union of a female and a male in the case of humans? If these statements are wrong then, I would not know what is right any more! One important thing though, we should all love one another, we should respect one another and this is what the gay community should learn, respect so that you can be respected, live your life happy and stop pushing your life styles every second of every day, down the throats of those who do not share the way you see life through your eyes.

    [I put some of his comment in bold]

    • Wayne says:

      I agree.

      As you can see in the comments, some are aggressive in their support of the gay agenda.

      Thank you for your comment!


  94. Mark says:

    not everyone, but most of the women nowadays are.

  95. TheTruth says:

    it is hard enough for a straight man like me that is looking for a good woman to meet, and i would certainly say that there are much more gay women nowadays making it much more difficult. women into other women is very common today, and even the straight women have a very bad attitude problem when i will try to approach the one that i would really like to meet. so i am certainly not going to blame myself since i seem to meet these type of loser women, especially being cursed at by them. these women must have came from very abusive relationships by the men that they with at one time, and there are many of us very serious good innocent men that are looking for a good woman to have a life with.

    • Wayne says:

      Unfortunately, one of the consequences of so many people changing so quickly is the difficulty of traditional people meeting each other and establishing a relationship.

      I am praying for you!


  96. Realist says:

    Wayne is actually right. It seems like an attack to people who want to deny god, The bible, gods law as it was written. It’s easy to make concession for our sins. “I can’t help it, I was born this way” “Why does everyone hate gays?” Gays are always playing victim to their own controversy. If being gay is normal? Then why:
    1) 80% of all gay relationships are abusive.
    2) 90% of gay couples are NOT monogamous.
    3) Most gays need to let the world [know?] they are gay instead of just living as a gay man/woman.

    When people are calling for so much attention on a lifestyle that can go discreet and unnoticed? Then in my opinion Homosexuality is a state of being and condition. Not a natural from birth. Why do children have to be educated about homosexuality at a young age if it’s natural? I don’t have to introduce alternative lifestyles to my children. I don’t have to have them accept gays as normal people in society. I will teach my children to respect anyone who respects them, no matter their race, color,creed or sexual preference. I’m not going to force them to accept something God won’t. Respect and Accept are two different things.
    I will accept civil unions as a right to gays to pass on benefits and life insurance etc. But why am I going to constitute gay marriage, when marriage is 100% biblical ceremony based on Christian guidelines and beliefs…
    So the gay wants to be respected, but doesn’t want to respect god’s law, nor does the gay want to respect someone who believes in Gods law. But the gay needs support from the same people who believe in god’s law and expects them to deny gods law for their own comfort. Life doesn’t work that way.
    You don’t hire a drug addict to work in a pharmacy. Some addicts are actually born addicts, so yes, i guess it’s a great analogy.
    God loves all gays. Which means, I love all gays. But god loves gays because God gives us a lifetime to realize our sins and repent. God will love you till your last dying breathe because he created you. but if you died gay. God is not going to let you into his kingdom because you will corrupt it.
    You can live in hell or maybe there will be a pergetory for you if your heart was truly good. But God will make you denounce your homosexuality in some point of your life/pergetory. This is not real or acceptable to most because most will say. God shouldn’t punish for doing something that doesn’t harm anyone. But being gay does. It defies the natural law of procreation.

    Being gay isn’t the only violation in gods law. People thought nuclear powerplants for energy and defense was a good idea. Power plants are going to kill us all based on the subversive need for nuclear power plants to make genocidal weaponry.

    The destruction of god’s ecosystem for profit is rearing it’s ugly head with tornado’s, hurricanes and tsunami’s that are more powerful than anything else we’ve seen in history and he is destroying areas of our Earth where belief is cold or lukewarm little by little.
    Superbugs, viruses like west nile. These are the plagues from the east that will destroy the empire in the west.
    Heterosexuals who partake in fetish/promiscuity will suffer the same fate as homosexuals. Murderers will go to heaven before the righteous because the righteous will pass judgement and not account for their own sins. Murderers may see the error of their ways and repent to god.
    I cant tell anyone they are going to hell because they are gay right now. But judgement day will come. You will have to stand before God and his word, his laws and his judgement. The lifestyle
    you live will be in question according to his law.
    God gave us the book to teach. If you question what god called right and wrong? Thats on you. Why does Wayne get online and preach truths??? For the same reason gays push their own agenda. Wayne has a Godly belief and Gays have a worldy belief. God says Satan will rule the earth(wordly) and his people will reign in heaven.

    We are all sinners. But we have a choice and can repent.

    Thats all there is.

    PS. Don’t read this and point out statements I’m making and not point out the follow-up that explains my position. As most do, they close their own mind to push there own agenda, pick the statement that makes them uncomfortable and disregard the explanation. If you can’t accept the explanation? Then you shouldn’t debate the statement. All statements made have an explanation, so be thorough in your response if you choose too. combatants on the topic will be ignored. My posting is con-combative so if you come at me that way. You pulled your own card.

  97. Clay says:


    I just wanted to say that I couldn’t agree more with your posts if I tried. The bible is clear on how The Lord views the evil acts of homosexuals. And every time somebody points out the facts of how vile their life’s choices really are, all you hear from them is teeth gnashing. The only thing we can do is pray that some day they will realize the awful state they have driven themselves to, before it is everlastingly to late.


  98. Bob says:

    Ah, Christians. When I was growing up I thought that the greatest commandment, (straight from Jesus) was ‘love God with all your heart, soul, and mind’. Something like that. The second greatest was ‘love thy neighbor as yourself’. I assume gays count as ‘neighbors’. Why, Wayne, it appears as if your own 2000-year-old book has defeated your own argument.

    • Wayne says:


      Thank you for your post. Sorry it took so long to get back into my account and respond.

      I love gay people, just because God allowed them to be eunuchs for God, and they chose to live gay, does not change God’s command to love people. Even our enemies.

      It is interesting how you took love out of context, and God’s word out of context to ‘win an argument.’

      But, just so you know, Christians are commanded to love, and love includes telling someone when they are in the wrong, so they can correct themselves.

      Thank you for your comment, even though we disagree.


    • michael says:

      Bob, would you love your neighbor by lying to them?

  99. Steve says:

    Death to f@##@ts! Burn the fx@x@xg [edited] pigs!

  100. kcclay13 says:

    I stumbled across this article as I was researching the growing gay population. I am a devote Christian, married mother of three children under the age of 5. Yesterday, I read a news article that the Boy Scouts of America were reconsidering allowing homosexuals into leadership, mainly due to corporate donations. For me, it was the straw that broke the camels back. My oldest child, my son, has been so excited to begin Boy Scouts. As a a Christian mother, I cannot fathom entering my child into the care of an openly non-Christian program, where he may be exposed to homosexuality. Children are VERY impressionable. And who is to say that my child would not be influenced by his scout leader, whom he would likely highly respect and look up to?
    So I found your article an I read through it carefully. I agree with you 100%. Any person who does not, is not living the way God intended. Is there an Agenda? YES. It is called the works of Satan.
    However, I do agree with one of the commenters that we haven’t s right to judge, as we are all sinners. We just sin differently, and no sin is greater than another.
    I not only want to raise my children through Christ and to build strong religious ethics and morals, but I also want them to learn how to pray for the sinners and not hate.
    Many people were demanding that you prove your theory scientifically. I found this amusing, because that is the one flaw of Christianity to non-believers. We run on faith, not science.
    I commend those, in a way, who stick up for homosexuals when they are not themselves. This shows a level of acceptance and love. True powers that can make a world of difference if they were directed towards God.
    Homosexuality has really turned into a touchy subject. It seems as though it is only OK to speak your mind publicly if you are FOR it. If you are AGAINST it, you will be ridiculed and harassed. Look what happened to poor Kirk Cameron.
    I pray for this world, I really do. I pray that people find peace, and find GOD and live by his word. Not by the Agenda.
    I have decided on homeschooling my children. I have seen the village and I don’t want it raising my kids.
    Wayne, keep up the good work. God has plans for you. Continue to spread his words. Thank you and God bless.

    • Wayne says:

      Thank you for commenting.

      I pray your children will grow in the Lord!


      • Josef says:

        We must pray with all our hearts that the Gays are silenced and them recriminalize the behavior. Homosexuality is dangerous to those who practice it. The Synagogue of Satan Hollywood media, needs to be made legally responsible for all the wreckage they have foisted on America. Both groups have worked to destroy marriages, teach rebellion against God and against parents. Lies being told as truths lead to mothers aborting their children, because of a brainwashed idea about not having enough money to live vain, banal lifestyles. Wayne we must pray with all our hearts for goodness to triumph and it will, We must pray imprecatory prayers against our enemies. Keep up the good work!

      • Wayne says:


        Thank you for your comment.

        I am not as far along as you. But, I know you are reacting to the rebellion you see around you and around US.

        And your reaction is normal for most people who have not been brain washed.


  101. S. says:

    Hepatitis A and B are two serious liver diseases caused by the hepatitis A and B viruses. These viruses are endemic (constantly present) in much of the developing world. Popular holiday destinations such as the Caribbean are considered risk areas for unprotected travellers, and you could contract hepatitis A or B even at 5-star resorts.
    You can contract the hepatitis A virus by ingesting food or drinks that have been contaminated by human waste. That means, you could be exposed by:

    Eating food handled by an infected worker who did not wash his/her hands properly after using the washroom
    Eating raw or undercooked seafood and shellfish from sewage-polluted water
    Eating produce (e.g. salad) that has been rinsed in contaminated water
    Swimming in contaminated water

    You can contract hepatitis B by coming into contact with the bodily fluids (e.g. blood, semen, vaginal fluid or saliva) of an infected person. That means, you could be exposed by:

    Getting a manicure, pedicure, tattoo, piercing or acupuncture with improperly sterilized tools
    Having sexual contact with an infected partner
    Giving first aid to, or receiving it from, an infected person
    Having a medical or dental procedure with contaminated equipment
    Sharing personal grooming items (e.g. nail clippers) with an infected person.

    Unless only homosexuals go to developing countries such as the Caribbean, I think you need to get your facts straight.

    I think that anyone that has argued with you earlier in any posts has asked for information backing your ‘facts’. If you can’t support an argument, how can you possibly see yourself as right? Anyone can say anything, but unless they have real evidence/proof to support their argument, what they say means nothing to anyone in the present day.

    • Wayne says:


      Hep non-a, non-b, often called Hep-C is a disease spread mostly through intimate contact, and needles. It is mostly a straight disease.

      And Hepatitis kills more people than does AIDS in America.

      Hep A & B are much rarer in the USA than in developing countries, because we sanitize the waste in our water ….


      Thanks for keeping us honest.


  102. Robbie says:

    I just read this. U r an idiot. Everyone is not “turning” gay. People r either gay or straight. People don’t decide to change their sexuality to go with a trend or fad. That’s simply ludicrous and u have absolutely no evidence to back that up. What u are noticing however is that people are getting tired of being stepped on and hated by people like u. People like u who think it is only ur opinion that matters when in reality u have absolutely no idea what ur talking about. U probably have no gay friends and don’t know anyone who is gay but u sure are quick to tell everyone how much u know is wrong about a subject u have never ever even been in contact with. I highly suggest that u stop hating people because they r different from u and get ur head out of ur [xxx] because gay people are tired of this bullshit hate and the rest of the world is figuring out that hate doesn’t win in the end. So take that and smoke it up ur pipe. Toodles.

    • Wayne says:


      Because I am straight, and not gay, you attack me. Well, many gays have attacked me over the years. I do not understand how traditional values, the same values which had you born into this world, can be offensive to you?

      I am so glad that I am not hateful like you.

      I suggest anger management.


    • Steve says:

      I’ve been hearing a lot of people say “give some evidence” , “prove there is an agenda” and such. I stumbled across this yesterday which seems to come from an unbiased and reliable source so thought i’d share. I’d also provide the link but not sure if that’s allowed here. If supplying a link is acceptable and asked for i will oblige.

      Hunter Madsen (pen name Erastes Pill),”In any campaign to win over the public, gays must be portrayed as victims in need of protection so that straights will be inclined by reflex to adopt the role of protector. The purpose of victim imagery is to make straight people feel very uncomfortable.”

      The goals of the homosexual agenda include:
      Ignoring Christian morals and discouraging religiously based laws.
      Reminding the world that marriage is a legal term and standing in the US, not a spiritual one as believed by Christians.
      Ignore the clear message of the Bible that homosexuality is a sin and an abomination unto God because their first amendment rights allow them to.
      Remind conservatives that there cannot be a gay gene, just like like there cannot be a “black gene” because complex things like these are caused by complex interactions between genes.
      Censoring evidence that the “gay gene” is a hoax. After all, it would have to be multiple genes interacting together.[15]
      Censoring speech against homosexuality by branding it to be “hate-speech”[16][17][18]
      Censoring biblical statements condemning homosexuality[19]
      Lobbying for equal employment rights.[20][21]
      Expand hate crimes legislation to include sexual orientation, which would be equally wrong for heterosexuals to do.[22]
      Ending the military’s and Boy Scout’s restrictions on homosexuality[23]
      Stopping children as young as 5 years old from attending therapy to repair their sexual preference[24]
      Teach tolerance of homosexuals in schools.
      In places like Massachusetts and California, where the gay lobby is the strongest, it starts as early as preschool. They tell seven- or eight-year-old boys, “If you only like boys, there’s a chance you may be homosexual,” or “If you only like girls, maybe you are lesbian.”

      Children at that age also do not have the hormones to experience sexual attraction, so they cannot understand this yet.

      Demands protections from job discrimination. [25]
      Suing an online dating website for discrimination. This was because sexual orientation is a federally protected group, as such, this company was breaking the law. [26]
      Undermining the resolve of latent homosexuals so that their will becomes too weak to resist the temptations of homosexuality[27]
      Pushing for legalized adoption by gay individuals and couples[28]
      Indoctrination of public school children to support the homosexual agenda

      Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr., president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, writes,
      There can be no doubt that Christianity represents the greatest obstacle to the normalization of homosexual behavior. It cannot be otherwise, because of the clear biblical teachings concerning the inherent sinfulness of homosexuality in all forms, and the normativity of heterosexual marriage. In order to counter this obstacle, Kirk and Madsen advised gays to “use talk to muddy the moral waters, that is, to undercut the rationalizations that ‘justify’ religious bigotry and to jam some of its psychic rewards.” How can this be done? “This entails publicizing support by moderate churches and raising serious theological objections to conservative biblical teachings.” [The latter of
      which attempts homosexuality and biblical interpretation examine and expose.][50]
      Kirk and Madsen’s open admission of their deceptive tactics is noted as most revealing: [O]ur effect is achieved without reference to facts, logic, or proof. ”

      So then now,explicit to just about every group but straight white men,most are allowed special privileges including entitlement and victimhood (everyone needs to protect me).Please excuse me for acting seeming to act like a victim this one time but straight males are SOOOOOO Screwed.

      • Wayne says:

        Well written!

        Thank you,


      • Wayne says:


        I found one article they wrote on line at: http://library.gayhomeland.org/0018/EN/EN_Overhauling_Straight.htm

        This quote is scary: “Because most straightforward appeals are impossible, the National Gay Task Force has had to cultivate quiet backroom liaisons with broadcast companies and newsrooms in order to make sure that issues important to the gay community receive some coverage; but such an arrangement is hardly ideal, of course, because it means that the gay community’s image is controlled by the latest news event instead of by careful design–and recently most of the news about gays has been negative.”

        I would like a copy of their book, but I don’t want to pay almost $30 for it.


  103. Delaney Ball says:

    Dear Mr Wayne.

    I read this writing of yours and I, honestly, was offended. But that is not my point.
    I would just like to say, I am gay. and I have two parents,very relegious, have never been abused,
    or am an overtly sexual person in any way.I am unfamiliar of the gay agenda of which you speak so hotly of. Being a gay, I deserve to be let in on this secret! I really would have you see that even if you think we are wrong, God tells us to love one another. If god can love Mary Magdalene despite her lifestyle, and make her holy, surely he can at least tolerate a person who goes, “wow, that girl is pretty, I wonder if she would like to get a coffee with me sometime”. Since God’s message is of love, I doubt he approves of spreading hate. He says that you do not have to agree with a person to be kind to them, and not write mean articles that spread the message of hate.If you don’t have anything nice to say, please do not say it at all.

    Delaney Ball.

    • Wayne says:

      Dear Delaney Ball,

      While we disagree, I hope we can disagree without the hate which so often surrounds this topic.

      God wants us to love each other. And as such it is not my desire to offend you.

      As I wrote, some gays come from straight families. If they did not, there would have been no gays 100 years ago, or 2,000 years ago.

      Well, if you have not seen the agenda, I think you will see it as you grow older. There are a few within the agenda like yourself. There are a few who are relatively loving and kind.

      But, be aware, there are a larger number of violent people ‘acting out’ within the gay community (percentage wise) than within the straight community. And the straight community has gone crazy over the last 40 years.

      “In fact, it is the high victimization rate of female soldiers—women in the armed forces are now more likely to be assaulted by a fellow soldier than killed in combat—that has helped cast light on men assaulting other men.”

      1 in 4 women are sexually attacked, and 1 in 7 men are sexually attacked. These numbers are twice what they were when I was growing up.

      I have read 15 to 30% of straights are sometimes violent in their relationships; gay men are similar; and gay women are around twice that violent.

      So, be careful.



      PS As I have written in several places, I have been attacked by gay men. I thank God I was not raped. So, I do take this subject seriously, and I take the protection of our men, women, and children seriously.

    • michael says:

      Being religious means nothing if you don’t believe the Gospel delaney. There are a lot of lost religious people who don’t believe that Jesus died for their sins, that he was buried and that he rose to life again the third day according to the scriptures and they don’t have eternal life but the wrath of God abides on them(this is the Gospel. 1 Cor 15:1-4): or they add to the Gospel and require works to be saved which will lead a person a person to hell. Eternal life is a free gift from God by faith in the Gospel. Jesus is no ordinary man, he is God in the flesh, (John 1:1, 14)

      “Since God’s message is of love, I doubt he approves of spreading hate.”

      Most people have the wrong idea about God. Their”god” they believe in is a mixture of many ideas and it is not the God of Bible. The God of the Bible doesn’t see homosexuality as normal: just read the words of Jesus:

      And he answered and said unto them, Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female,5 And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh?6 Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.

      Matthew 19:4-6

      Jesus quoted from Genesis above so as you can see God made them male and female and the man shall cleave to his wife and shall be one flesh: There is nothing about man and man and woman and woman becoming one flesh: this is unnatural.

      What some of you call hate is the greatest expression of love since: God shows us what we truly are–sinners. Stop living in denial, God cannot be fooled since he knows the hearts.

      Believe the Gospel.

      • Meself says:

        Nonsense. “jesus” himself says in teh bible that he is

        N O T

        “god”, but a man like the rest of us. You are brainwashed and believe in things that even your own “jesus” chief tells you not to believe in. just as “god” said “do not idealise and venerate statues, pictures or any other representations of me or religion”. And churches are full of “jesus the “god” on the cross, that people call “god” and kiss like sexually depraved maniacs every day.

        The list of things “god” prohibited and people still do today is very long. It follows that the line for hell should be very long too, when the time comes…

        But, of course, I cannot see that happening when no such thing exists. It is not even worth drawing christians’ attention to the fact that “devil” and “hell” are Roman addition to religion when it was adopted as official religion of Roman empire. In original, jewish religion, hell is already here. It is our Earth, the “Valley of tears”. But, Romans modified it in order to control the masses more effectively and collect taxes more effectively too.

      • Wayne says:

        Actually, Jesus does not say that in the Greek. And I don’t think it is translated that way.

        But, I do know Jesus as MY personal God. I have watched as he has saved my life several times.

        You can say that is crazy, but I experienced it.

        And the ‘Roman Church’ you write about was the ‘Greek Orthodox Church.’ It was some time after that that the two churches split ….



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  105. thenetworkestate@gmail.com says:

    What people do not understand, is that one thing leads to another. Homosexuality corrupts the mind. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t noble, good, and decent gay men and women, but their psyche is damaged and they are closer to indulging in absolute wickedness. The mind is structured so that the human, through hundreds of millions of years of evolution, does what is productive to continuing the species and human civilization. Some people do the opposite of what their mind tells them is right because it creates a “rush” it is “taboo”. This rush is the basis of all evil. The love of doing what is taboo is what leads to every vile human act imaginable. Unfortunately, in most, the act of homosexuality is a desire to obtain this evil rush and it leads to a break down in many other areas of life. The love of murder, the love of thievery, the love of destruction, these are all the same basic indulgence.

    • tildeb says:

      Other than no evidence to back up this bigotry, I’m sure your opinion carries great weight with those who share it. If you’re going to pronounce that sexual orientation other than heterosexuality ‘corrupts the mind’ then prove it. Show us compelling data that isolates sexual orientation as the causal factor to this ‘corruption’ you deem it to be. Until then, all you are doing is maligning people based on your poisonous beliefs and not on reality.

      Once again, religious thinking (elevating belief to arbitrate reality) shows us how effortlessly an adherent slides into making a typical tu quoque argument that Chris Hitchens so eloquently described: religion poisons everything. There’s your corruption at work – faith-based belief empowered by believers to arbitrate reality – and it resides coddled and protected and promoted in and by you. Your religious belief acts to make you a person who practices immorality not by use of you gonads but your poisonous attitudes and hateful opinions.

      Same sex attraction isn’t the problem here: it’s you assigning to it all kinds of terrible implications by merit of believing it to be so that simply is not true in reality; homosexual people are no more ‘corrupt’ than heterosexuals. You spout hurtful and hateful nonsense about same sex attraction and wrap it in your religious belief as if this makes it true when reality tells us it is not. This refusal to let reality arbitrate the claims we make about shows us you are a deluded person – and gladly deluded – and I would feel sorry for you if you weren’t also helping to spread bigotry and intolerance and hate against others in the name of piety. In the meantime, we can hope that someday you will come to realize how your poisonous religious belief has compromised the quality of your character and you will be rightly ashamed.

      • Wayne says:

        While I appreciate your comments, your comments truly show that there ARE those who HATE normal people around the world, just because we DO NOT agree with your new ‘normal.’

        You claim that my beliefs are inconsistent – you used your dreaded “tu quoque” to attack me. And you already knew that was a fallacy.

        Less than about 6% of the world’s population would agree with you.

        Aids is just one corruption that comes to mind – I know, change the definition and blame the heterosexual population.


        Rape of children ….

        Yes, there are sick people in the heterosexual community who rape, but there are not as many as a percentage of society, nor are there as many as a percentage of victims ….

        The advantage of reading, just a little bit.

        We disagree. But, at least you are reading the opinions of those who have believed in the old normal for at least 10 thousand years.

        Thank you,


      • tildeb says:

        As hard as it may be for you, you are going to have to face reality and realize there is no evidence from it to support your opinions. Your opinions that attribute such things as pedophilia and AIDS as part of the ‘corruption’ of homosexuality are factually wrong.

        Human immunodeficiency virus infection / Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS) is a disease of the human immune system caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)HIV/AIDS. Because the virus first gained notice with an outbreak and high fatality among gays, it was (falsely) attributed to be a ‘gay’ disease. It wasn’t then, and it isn’t now; it is virus that cares not one whit if it is passed between people of same or opposite gender.

        Pedophilia is a sexual attraction of an adult for per-pubescent children. There is no evidence that links homosexuality OR heterosexuality to this kind of attraction; it seems to be related to an adult with several specific kinds of brain impairment and very poor social skills. It is no more a ‘gay’ mental disorder than is brain damage from playing football.

        Look how strangely you jump from my criticism of your bigotry to assuming I hate ‘normal’ people! This indicates a lack of comprehension to my motives which is to challenge your misrepresentations about a group of people not with my opinion but from evidence taken from reality. After all, I would be first in line condemning any behaviour that caused harm to children. But there is no compelling evidence whatsoever that same sex attraction causes any such behaviour. What, then, are you basing your opinion on if not reality?

        Well, it turns out to be inspired by your misguided religious beliefs. You need to make some changes to these inaccurate beliefs and bring into line with reality (in the same way you have done with slavery and women as possessions and a heliocentric solar system, and so on) because they are causing real harm to real people in real life without good reasons or merit. You don’t have to believe these lies about other people and you don’t need to help them spread. You can be a better moral agent by respecting what reality has to say about your beliefs and change them when warranted. Your beliefs about homosexuals need to change – not suit me, but- to reflect reality. I can’t do this for you or I would.

      • Wayne says:

        Thanks for commenting.

        FACT. Hepatitis is a predominately heterosexual disease.

        Aids is NOT a predominately heterosexual disease in America.

        Which do you hear about? Which do you think really KILLS MORE AMERICANS?

        Hepatitis. . . .

        Reality? Maybe you should read more of what I have written.


  106. tildeb says:

    From the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry:

    “Current research shows that children with gay and lesbian parents do not differ from children with heterosexual parents in their emotional development or in their relationships with peers and adults. It is important for parents to understand that it is the the quality of the parent/child relationship and not the parent’s sexual orientation that has an effect on a child’s development.”

    From the American Psychological Association:

    “In summary, social science has shown that the concerns often raised about children of lesbian and gay parents’ – concerns that are generally grounded in prejudice against and stereotypes about gay people – are unfounded. Overall, the research indicates that the children of lesbian and gay parents do not differ markedly from the children of heterosexual parents in their development, adjustment, or overall well-being.”

    These professional conclusions do not have to be this way. If the data showed that gay and lesbian child-rearing practices were harmful then these conclusions would be different. Remember, these organizations represent tens of thousands of practicing counseling healthcare professionals based on tens of thousands of studies relied upon to arrive at these unbiased conclusions. This is reality. In comparison, you have your beliefs. They are not equivalent and yours is immune to arbitration by reality.

    • Wayne says:

      Actually, you are using a straw man …. I have not argued that homosexual parenting skills are less.

      However, I would note, those comparisons are not the ‘accurate’ facts you would have my readers believe.

      They are comparing homosexual couples with reasonable occurrences of violence in their relationships with heterosexuals who ALSO have issues in their relationships.

      Most heterosexual relationships have a lower amount of abuse – just ask some cops if they would like to handle a call responding to a lesbian couple ….



    • tildeb says:

      You have made repeated charges that gays harm children, that the gay agenda harms children, that gays recruit children, and so on. Surely if any of this were true as a general trend the evidence should be available from the most at-risk children – those raised in the homes of gay and lesbian parents. Obviously, this is not true – as I show.

      When you elevate your beliefs to be equivalent to reality, you prepare the ground to fool yourself. Causal truth claims like yours that you make about reality should be arbitrated by evidence from reality. When compelling evidence shows up that is contrary to belief claims made about reality, then it offer the person an opportunity to exercise intellectual integrity and revisit the belief. Gaining better information is always a good reason to change one’s mind. When we allow reality to determine what’s true about it, we are on very stable ground. When we impose our beliefs on reality and insist it match up by ignoring or waving away this contrary information, then we remove the necessary arbitrator (reality) that differentiates our beliefs from delusions. I am afraid that it seems to me you have rejected the former and done just this with your beliefs about gays and lesbians and transgendered and bisexuals – assigning to them as a group what you most fear and loath about yourself as an individual.

      • Wayne says:

        You are TOTALLY out of touch with reality.

        The studies have shown since the 1950’s that there are risks involved with the homosexual lifestyle.

        You can choose to ignore the studies and God’s Truth.

        But, that does not mean that I will not point it out to you.

        It is your choice to follow God.


    • Wayne says:

      I have been called that.

      And it no longer hurts my feelings. Because I realize the greater power of Christ within me than the power of the world.

      But, I doubt there is any possibility of that.


      • Sam Kriss says:

        it’s not an insult. you are gay.

      • Wayne says:

        I am a happy, content (most of the time) heterosexual.

        So, if we are now taking the word back to its true definition.

        I am gay.

        Thank you.

      • Sam Kriss says:

        why are you so upset by what people do in private with their genitals wayne. what did the homosexuals ever do to you.

      • Wayne says:

        I guess you have not followed my blog closely?

      • Sam Kriss says:

        no. can you really blame me?

      • Wayne says:

        Yet, you claim to know what & how I write?


      • Sam Kriss says:

        cursory inspection suffices. why are you so threatened by homosexuality?

      • Wayne says:

        I am not.

        Children are.


      • Sam Kriss says:

        how so. what about the gay children subjected to abuse and delegitimisation. where do they fit into your dinky little worldview.

      • Wayne says:

        Well. I think they fit in your dinky little worldview.

        And they are often over-legitimised …. But, they have a powerful agenda behind them. Normal children do not.

        So, in my dinky world-view, the normal children need adults to stand up for them.

      • Sam Kriss says:

        ‘normal’ children? wayne, you’re a real piece of shit. how exactly are ‘normal’ children being threatened by this nefarious homosexual agenda that doesn’t exist. please provide concrete examples. you know, anything that’s measurably worse than this: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/one-towns-war-on-gay-teens-20120202

      • Wayne says:


        I went through hell in school.

        Several of the homosexuals called me ‘queer’ on a regular basis.

        Most straight kids don’t use that word …. I hope you had thought about that.

        A couple of homosexuals harassed me. Unlike many who are harassed by homosexuals, I was not raped.

        But, I promise you – IT was not FUN.

        And now you TRY to tell me there is NO agenda.


        I have lived through the agenda, from NAMBLA to the current LBGT.

        And there has always been an agenda.

        First, it was homosexual kids are so fragile, they need protection or they will commit suicide.

        Then, it was NO homosexual kids are NOT suicidal. That is a lie to make them LOOK vulnerable. They are actually MORE stable than straight kids.

        AND now it is back to they are committing suicide because HOMOSEXUALS are BULLYING THEM.

        I doubt that anyone who ever bullied me was straight.


      • Sam Kriss says:

        sounds like you were bullied at school for being a waddling lily-white weirdo and for some reason you extrapolated that into an enormous homosexual agenda. please provide some actual documented examples of this epidemic of gay-on-straight bullying, or go see a therapist. Cheers

      • Wayne says:

        No. I live a great life. And because of God and his redemption, I really do not need a therapist to get through this crazy world.

        You choose to go against God and his Bible, I don’t need to call you names.

        Do I? Does it help you to label me? Does it help your world view to tell me to go to a therapist?


        I still turn to my Lord and Savior who has always taken care of me.


      • Sam Kriss says:

        yeah the greatness of your life is clearly inscribed on your nervous squinty lil grin and the garish polo shirt of perpetual celibacy. have fun in life wayne

      • Wayne says:


        Thanks for the comments.

        I was serious when I wrote that several homosexuals used to call me ‘queer.’ Growing up with that, perpetual celibacy is almost a compliment.

        Don’t you think?


      • GuidingSpirit says:

        I think it’s clear that because of one unfortunate incident with kids who didn’t understand their own sexual desires due to hormones, you’ve permanently branded everyone else past that age as someone with an “agenda,” although it’s clear there was no agenda the day you were attacked. There were just horny teens who were too masculine to admit they liked boys, or were trying to process their own feelings and their hormones got the better of them.

        I’m not excusing the behavior of them.

        It’s obvious you look to your specific God and your specific religion as some sort of way to specifically explain that what happened to you wasn’t your fault and wasn’t because you were gay. It was because they were full of sin according to your misinterpreted view of the good fictional book.

        I just have to mention one glaring issue with this: Those kids were not any specific sexuality. They were not gay. They weren’t bisexual. They weren’t anything. They defined who they were at the expense of someone else. That’s tragic but statistics clearly show time and again that straight men are much more likely to rape or sexually abuse a child versus gay men. I’m sure a few of the guys who did that to you didn’t desperately attempt to make sense of some illogical emotional action; they simply accepted the experience for what it was, noted if they liked it sexually or not, and moved on.

        Plus, labeling is the biggest problem we have as a society with issues like this. It’s so much easier to discriminate against a group when there is a label for them.

        A majority of all men of all sexualities have sexually experimented with someone of the same sex. Almost 90%, I believe. That doesn’t mean they’re all gay. It’s clear to see that.

        That alone disproves your odd view of how gays become gay. How do straights become straight? They try new things. They experiment.

        It sounds like you didn’t want to experiment with anyone after this experience and you were never very masculine nor necessarily feminine, making you an easy target to pick on. You obviously weren’t the most attractive boy at school so that made it easier, I’m sure. Just accept that those kids were just sexually experimenting and gender didn’t mean anything to them at a younger age. Now, we would hope that those younger folks would have emotionally and mentally matured by now to have a more concrete mindset of their own sexuality. If you had come to terms with your own sexuality, you wouldn’t have needed to continue writing on this absurd blog that attacks the wrong group of folks.

        It seems like you’re just that same young kid you were in high school, unable to move past what happened. Still scared and confused as ever…

      • Wayne says:

        What did they do to you? Passive aggressive anger is usually learned through abuse.

        You started wrong, and continued from there. You think you know everything, but you know nothing. Even your ad hominem is poorly written. You may be able to take candy from babies, but that doesn’t make you right even once.

        If this was about you, I would stop there. But it is about the children you are willing to cast aside to be brutalized.

        IF as YOU claim sexuality is not masculine nor feminine until after teenagers experiment – then there is no reason to say gays are born that way. And there is no reason for you to attack those of US who support traditional lifestyle ….

        What ever happened to you? I was the lucky one, and God delivered me when I asked for his protection.

        Oh well. You will continue to sacrifice children to your hedonistic life. I pray you get caught.


      • Triston says:

        Homosexuality is a choice, just the same as drug addiction is a choice. Most men hide behind homosexuality as an excuse to cover themselves from the real problem which is sex addiction.

        When you practice sexual abuse such as masturbation often, you are teaching your body to give in to lust and desire things sexually.

        In other words you are training your body to build an appetite for sex.

        What you “see” while you are practicing sexual abuse can lead you to desire what you see.

        This is called a “Trigger”

        For example if a person is watching gay porn while practicing masturbation, eventually he will train himself to desire what he sees visually at the same time enjoying what he is practicing physically.

        Which can lead to turning such behavior into a habit until it becomes a lifestyle.

        Because you teach body to like what you see and like what you feel at the same time, eventually you will convince yourself if it feels right and it looks right, then it must be right even though it may be wrong.

        A person can turn from homosexuality if that person leaves the environment that influences that person and eliminate all visual triggers such as porn, videos, photos, anything that can be considered a visual trigger.

        The reason gay men cannot turn from homosexuality is because they put themselves in that type of environment and stay around other who believe the same thing and practice the same thing.

        God teaches us to refrain from all fornication and all types of sexual activity outside of marriage because sexual activity can lead you into other sexual sins such as adultery, perversion, pedophilia, beastiality, necrophilia, ect…

        If you are around that type of environment, you too will fall into the very same things being practiced among those people.

      • GuidingSpirit says:

        You said yourself that you don’t speak for others; only yourself.

        Yes, people can be inclined to do certain sexual activities. But why single out gays? Why not acknowledge the straight folks out there whose marriages are ending in divorce because they aren’t interested anymore due to the porn they watch? Why do you act like only being sexually addicted as a gay person is so much worse than being a sex addict as a straight person?

        If you had issues that caused you to do certain things, that’s on you. I knew that I wasn’t really interested in females from a fairly young age and didn’t really know why. I didn’t look at porn for several years after that but I kept staring at guys in class starting in middle school. No porn… No sex addiction… Wouldn’t have sex for another ten or so years after that…

        I get it. You think everyone is corrupt as your own poor life; you feel everyone got ‘lost’ and needs some help figuring out who they are…

        But attacking an entire group of folks just because of your own awkward experiences doesn’t really detract anyone else’s own experiences. Do you get it? Someone else enjoys their life even if you don’t enjoy your own. And calling it a lifestyle is only relevant if you are so weak as a person that you do not know your own identity. Simple as that. If you are so weak that other people made choices for you, and porn supposedly influenced your own sexual interests to the point where you weren’t… actually… interested in it for decades, then that is your own problem. If you were incapable of maintaining a relationship, why are you exclusively blaming that on homosexuality? Are you going to ignore that a majority of married folks in this country end up getting divorced?

        I always find it sad when people have these odd, twisted pasts that they manifested themselves while blaming an entire group of people…

        “You cannot even go 5 minutes in a conversation with any man without hearing someone talk about who they want to have sex with or who they had sex with already” — Eh? I live not far from one of the biggest gay neighborhoods in the country. I went to several gay bars a few nights ago and saw the same nonsense I see at a straight bar: Guys overly dressed begging for attention (like at any club), while folks randomly talk about stuff that doesn’t really matter. I spoke with several groups of folks and none of them talked about sex or anything immoral; just what they like to do as a hobby, etc. Since you were obsessed with sex, it’s easy to assume that what you received in conversation from people was just a response to how you were putting yourself out there.

        The common thread with you, Triston, and Wayne, is that you both seem to lack social skills. You both seem to find extreme comfort in categorizing people and seeing those who were/are just like you as the enemy, simply because you want to demonize your own history.

        Which is fine. Just demonize yourself.

        The rest of the gay population has no agenda… We don’t want to recruit anyone. Straight men are just as horny as gay guys… Stop singling out groups of people because you both look very, very inadequate.

        TL;DR: Final lesson of the day – Just because you F—D UP your own life for a few decades with poor decisions doesn’t mean everyone does the same. Stop singling out a group; replace gay with straight (for example, straight clubs) and you can easily find ‘truth’ in the same points you present. Sex addiction is bad. In general. It has nothing to do with homosexuality. And once you realize that, hopefully you’ll stop wasting your time trying to ‘spread the word’ about your life-changing experience.

      • Triston says:

        That’s why you need God and that’s why you need Jesus Christ.

        Straight, Gay or whatever label you want to throw at me. If you read carefully, I did say “Fornication” which means any type of sexual relationship outside of marriage.

        Now if you are concerned about people divorcing and cheating on their wives, then I could write an entire article as to why this happens.

        First off Christians who are serving God do not go to the bar or the club. This is considered worldly and can lead you to be living a worldly life dealing with temptation and all other things.

        Some people are following Christ and following God’s commandments.

        Some people are turning away from God and ignoring God’s commandments.

        Some people are seeking God and some people are not.

        Some people are true Christians, obedient, diligently seeking God and studying His words and carefully observing all that God teaches.

        Some people call themselves Christian but have become what we call “Backslider” one who has turned away from God and is living in sin.

        Some people are saved, and some people are lost.

        There are false religions and false beliefs, but you know you are following the right God and the right Jesus Christ when your life and the example you set before others is a righteous life.

        A person who is married, has children, goes to church, follows all that God teaches, trust in Christ will also show Christ like characteristics in their character.

        One who has fallen from the faith will exhibit a worldly character, living and practicing sinful deeds, setting the wrong example so that others around will never believe what you say if you tell them you are a Child of God.

      • GuidingSpirit says:

        Only defensive remarks, insulting remarks, threats, and that’s about it. What a fantastic way to live in disillusion… Which god do you refer to, by the way? There are several gods around the world and each religion believes only THEIR god is the real one… so which god are you praying to? How does that work? Do you have to announce which religion you are before you get the right one?

        Why not just live your life instead of trying to find some grand purpose to everything?

        And hormones make you do ridiculous things……… I don’t know how much further I can explain that if you are unwilling to do your own research … Have you never asked yourself “How the heck did that dumb teen get caught up in that stupid situation?” Happens a lot… mostly due to hormones. Behaving irrationally due to hormones doesn’t negate being born a certain way. When did you choose to be straight? Heh.

      • Triston says:

        Your body hungers for things you put inside of it. If you never put something desirable in your body then you won’t desire it.

        For instance if you eat pizza for the first time and you end up liking it, you will eventually teach your body to desire and crave for it.

        How you desire and crave something can be done visually, or as we call it a “trigger”.

        Triggers can make you desire something by what you see visually.

        As a Christian we learn not to indulge in sexual activity outside of marriage or in the case of scripture “Fornication” because when you do practice sexual activity often, eventually you will teach your body to desire things sexually whether it may be gay, straight, perversion and so on.

        In the case of the man who was participating in bestiality. This man was watching beastiality porn involving a horse.


        And because he was under the influence of drugs, not only was his libido enhanced, but practicing sexual activity at the same time led this man to further carry out the act of performing bestiality all because he taught his body to crave and hunger visually and physically under the influence of drugs something he saw beforehand leading him to be influenced by it and performing the very thing he was looking at.

        Most people do not realize this but sexual activity can lead to sexual hunger and craving for sex.

        And because of the lack of self control, people allow lust to lure them into sexual immorality.

        It becomes serious when a person ends up in a worse state to the point they can no longer maintain self-control, but allow the lust in them to control who they are and what they do.

        This is why you see such bizarre stories in the news from cheating, rape, pedophile, bestiality, adultery, homosexuality and so on.


        All sexual activity outside of marriage is sin.

        Jesus Christ teaches not to “Lust with your eyes.” Because lusting with you eyes means you are “Lusting with your heart.”


        Because the Mexican woman in the theater (Fifty Shades of Grey) “saw” sexual activity, it influenced her to “do” sexual activity.

        Most people don’t realize it but there are many people who have fallen into sexual addiction. They just haven’t learned to identify it. So you could possibly be standing next to a sex addict and not even know it, and they themselves are either ignorant of the truth or in denial.


        Matthew 5:29King James Version (KJV)

        29 And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.

  107. Virginia says:

    I have to ask, why do you write so many hateful topics about ‘gays’?

    • Wayne says:

      Well, if you redefine love of our children as a hate towards gays, I guess I would have to agree that I hate gays.

      But, I would prefer to love children and gays away from the hate that is being forced upon them by the homosexual agenda.

      Stop the agenda, and I would not need to write against it and for our children, and my God.


      • Mary Fawcett says:

        The way you keep using the word ‘gays’ like we are a totally different species is really offensive. You say you are a man of the bible, you should not stereotype…

      • Wayne says:

        You would use God against me, that is quaint.

        However, both current data, and the Bible, teach that there are problems within the ‘gay’ community.

        You choose to ignore those issues, I do not choose to ignore the issues.

        Having been attacked by gays (plural), I realized that I was glad I was not a rape victim, ONLY a victim. I am not angry at my assailants, but I AM AWARE some gay people have serious issues.

        Maybe it is only 10% of gays who have serious issues, but they exist, and they need help.

        Would you agree we should help gays who have serious mental or anger issues?

        Thank you again,


      • sheils says:

        Please provide explict examples of “hate” being forece upon children by a “homosexual agenda.” How do two people who care about each other and decide to live in a committed relationship set an example of hate? You talk of abuse and one parent families – why don’t you focus your efforts on those topics which are more harmful to children. Your comments are infused with anger and self defensiveness. Perhaps you require some self-reflection.

      • Wayne says:

        My first words in that comment were, “… if you redefine love of our children as a hate towards gays …. ”

        1 in 7 men are sexually assaulted, the number of women sexually assaulted is not broken down, so we cannot tell the number of gay assaults on women.

        I write about this often, and I am always surprised at the number of people who do not believe gays assault straight men.

        As a survivor of two assaults, I can tell you it is not nice for you to portray the victims as ‘hateful.’ By the grace of God I was not raped, but a lot of our young men are being raped.

        Perhaps, you could use sensitivity training?


      • Wayne says:

        I appreciate your comment, and you comment reveals deeper problems in America than you realize.

        Further, all of your hate does not change the facts.

        Over 10 Million men in America have survived homosexual assault …. if that is not a threat, then what is?

        I think you mix up some gays being basically good people, and the other group of gays who are evil people.

        I do not.


    • Wayne says:


      Let me answer your question further.

      The media is pushing the homosexual agenda upon Americans and our children. That is hatred of America and our children.

      If pushing back against the false ‘news’ spewed upon our people is your definition of hate, then you are comfortable with the agenda redefining marriage, America, freedom, and religion.

      I am not.

      • Virginia says:

        Thanks Wayne, I appreciate you taking the time to explain this. I’m just not in the same mind frame as you – I do not see homosexuality as anything to be afraid of. Just like I am a person who has relationships with men, some people might have relationships with the same sex.

        And furthermore, I believe that only God has the right to judge. I grew up in a pentecostal church and I could never justify a man standing behind his pulpit telling me I had to come forward so he could ‘pray’ for me. He was committing just as much ‘sin’ as me. Whats that passage in the bible – ‘let he who is without sin cast the first stone’ – God has always known how I feel in my heart. I think that is what is most important.

      • Wayne says:

        That is true.

        However, God told us in Romans chapter One that the reason men would pursue men and women pursue women was the sin we committed.

        We are corporately responsible for what is around us.

        That is why I pray for them.


      • Well said Wayne… Promoting Homosexuality in America or around the world will not bring fruits,it ceases the procreation

      • Wayne says:


        Thank you for your comment, and your thoughts.


    • Steve says:

      Why do so many write hateful topics about women? Why do so many write hateful topics about Jewish people? Why do so many write hateful topics about illegal aliens? Why do so many write hateful topics about atheists? Why do so many write hate towards feminism, guns, conspiracy theorists, the bible, men, FEMA camps, family court, males playing video games, media brainwashing, religions, Iran, western culture, mid-east culture, Oboma,
      rigged elections, the constitution of the USA, abortion, GMOs, liberals, father entrapment, female use of ad hominems, boys playing masculine games, flags on homes, people down on their luck, republicans, marijuana, people who say 9/11 was an inside job, men’s rights groups, civil liberties, the welfare state, fascism, Justin Bieber, the police state, flu and booster shots, Russia, Men at Work road signs, prostitutes, Palestine, patriotism, the word Christmas and Dr.Ron Paul, just to name 1%? I’m no expert but i’ll attempt to give my opinion even tho you and most will probably write hate towards it. The simple answer is that we’re largely programmed/fashioned to be greedy, unconstructively argumentative idiots to produce mass discombobulation and dysfunction so that almost nothing can be organised to fix anything. Yes, I’m a conspiracy theorist, aka “Truther”. My eyes were opened 14 yrs ago by a guy with an IQ of 138 who was in army intelligence and i can assure you that if it wasn’t for people like him we would largely be sound asleep today and probably be much further enslaved, in FEMA camps or permanently asleep (if we would only consider the increasing death by disease/ailment rate, sky-rocketing male suicide rate, starvation rate, growing infanticide rate, missing persons rate, death by pharmaceutical products rate, deterioration of human health and death rate of bees by GMOs and other Monsanto products, death by false flag war rate and the fact that extreme feminists want the population of males drastically reduced while others want us greatly reduced as a whole, then this is not as far-fetched a notion as most perceive).The problem is that we can’t perceive much of anything in N. America, and other countries, where the education system has been virtually destroyed. We barely know what the word means any more. It’s so obvious that various things such as Gov., feminism, corporate controlled media (95% of media) and religion are severely brainwashing us to the point of sheeplism. So much so that sheeple still flat out deny it thanks to poor education that has us running amuck and smashing into each other like almost decapitated chickens which is by design, whether u believe it or not. If you think the likes of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers would prefer we were more capable of critical thinking and more organised then you ARE part of the sheeple population AND part of the problem. Many of you actually still think that USA is revered and loved by most because you exemplify freedom and hated by jealous others for the same reason but Whales has freedom as does Belgium, Iceland, Malta, Tahiti, Uruguay,Trinidad, Tonga, Taiwan, Suriname, Palau, Nauru,Tuvalu, Namibia, Mauritius as do about 90 others so if america is living in “freedom” then much of the rest of us in free countries are living in paradise. But its far past time for more opinions, it’s time to face facts. America is falling into ruins and/or slavery and/or financial collapse (which WILL take much of the free world downward with it if goes down by march 2015 as publicized) and/or worse. Too bad no one is going to do anything about it. None of the sheeple anyway. They’ll just bash everyone they can to feel better about their own dirty bubbles instead of trying to see the whole ugly picture and then try to help us all organise to solve the 2 most important things that will give us all one more shot at true life, peace and freedom. The illuminati and then the environment. I know…”ooooowww…that’s too hard to do so we should just keep fixing 1% of everything instead of 100% of something destined to destroy us.” I so greatly wish the awakening would speed up. 😦

    • drestix says:

      Virginia,,you have to admit that things have changed and not for the good..you’ve been brain washed into believing that doing unnatural and unclean things with the same sex is ok..just because it’s being widely accepted these days doesn’t make it right..and you know that…but nevertheless it supposed to happen because it’s labor pain leading up to the end of the world..may God help us..

  108. Open your eyes [offensive removed]. The world is full of color….nothing is all black and white. You need not fear so much. We’ll all still love you in the morning and so will God. 🙂

    • Wayne says:

      What I “fear” is the continued rape of millions of boys and girls.

      God loves me, and God loves them.

      • Stacey says:

        Hi Wayne. It’s refreshing To find someone who speaks up against this movement. I follow God and the Bible, so of course I agree with what u are saying.
        I do worry about my son going to school in a few years about how much further the gays will have taken their agenda, I feel sad that I will have to talk to my son about things from an earlier age, that i never learnt about until in my teens in order to protect him, I know God will guide me thru the scriptures and prayer and i can rest in that. Yes it’s a powerful wicked movement an I can’t see it ever going back to what it was, it’s written in the scriptures. We have every right to oppose it, however we are being bullied thru the media into accepting this lifestyle, But nothing anyone says will EVER change how I feel.
        Oh how dare I speak out against gays? How dare they force me to accept it!

      • Wayne says:

        Thank you for your comment!

        I will be praying for you.

      • Daniel says:

        Finally someone who is not afraid to speak the truth, i have search many internet sites and there are only a few people who are not afraid to speak out against these gays, and their agenda, i thank you for speaking the truth, in the name of those who think like us.

      • Wayne says:

        Thank you.


      • Wayne says:


        Thank you for your comment.


      • Ana says:

        Homosexuals have the exact same probability of raping kids as heterosexuals! Ignorant and disrespectful.

      • Wayne says:

        Actually, fewer homosexual predators rape about the same number as heterosexual predators.

        And then there are ‘true’ pedophiles.

        Thank you for your comment.


    • paul says:

      Dumb [@#$%], go to church

      [Paul, I am pretty easy going on my blog, but do not push hard attacks on a person. Attack an argument, not the person. Thanks Wayne}

    • P.E. Palmer says:

      Why are you here on thus website?

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