What is your addiction?


I must admit, I have an ADDICTION.

I LOVE the “I Spy” genre. The better the intrigue, the BETTER.

Needless to say, I LOVE the ‘Blacklist’ on NBC.com. I don’t have TV. Well, I have 2 TV’s, but they are not even plugged in.

Unfortunately, to watch my show, I have to watch advertisements about drug addiction.

TOO MANY ads … and I immediately thought, “BEAT that kid till he quits drugs.”

We became friends with our children instead of parents leading children into becoming adults.

And back to MY addiction, the Blacklist lead ‘Red’ is so much like I would be if I was not a Christian.  Okay, without his money and class.

What is your addiction?


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Science, or Ignorance?


As you know, I study Evolution and Creation.  Science fascinates me, always has.  And that was a main reason I became Agnostic for years.  But, then I READ what ‘Scientists’ actually wrote, I began to realize, there was a LOT of room for God.

Then along came ‘Twitter.’  There you meet some interesting trolls.

One just argued with me about ‘Science’ and ‘Evolution.’  I cannot make ‘his’ argument(s) up.

When his best argument becomes calling me a ‘liar,’ you KNOW he is a zealous bigot.

WHY do some people become SO wrapped up in THEIR interpretation(s) of Life and everything around US that they need to attack others?  WHY?  Don’t Muslim Zealots hate that the rest of US can at least pretend to be Civil?

He got to going so fast, he even dismissed ‘math’ as not science.

Okay, in twisted words and twisted definitions that may be the case.  But, how can you twist that much in your head?


Then he came back and admitted math is a science, and that should be Math is a Science, but at least he is getting closer.  But, because I pointed out his previous tweet:

He called me a liar.

Okay, we disagree about the interpretation of Life by Atheists as proving Evolution. But, disagreement does not make me lie.  I have no reason to lie.  I KNOW what I believe.

And it has become a sad day in America when liars project their hate on others.


Do you agree or disagree.


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In a perfect world

We would each have $1 million, and a home, and a new car.

But, would that buy US love, peace, and happiness?

And isn’t that what we would rather have?  Have you noticed how much happiness we sacrifice when we seek money before happiness?

Is a perfect world really worth losing love, peace, and happiness?


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Mr. President here is what you do in Syria

Mr. President,

First, you must send strong signals you are no longer supporting Islamic Jihad.  So, you jail your brother from the Muslim Brotherhood.

Next you hire someone like me to run your military intervention in the Levant.  You must team up with the Russians, and you must tie that co-operation with fixing the mess in Ukraine.

Simple process, bomb ISIS to before the stone age.  Then pick the left-overs off with snipers.

Is there any part you did not understand?


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Pray for me, pray for US

As ya’ll know, I have been TIRED, and sick …

I need your prayers as I get ready to write some blogs. These topics have troubled me for awhile. And they revolve around the social dilemma, the moral breakdown, the legal failure, and the leadership misdirection of our country.

The most troublesome to me will deal with rape and crime. I am troubled as I prepare to write on these topics.

Not because of the seriousness of the posts, not because I cannot write on these topics, not because some of you will object to my writing.

Rather, I am troubled because we MUST deal with these problems. When I was growing up we were promised by Social Engineers these problems would become problems of the past, and we would move towards Utopian Ideals.

Well, we got to their destination, and things here in their Utopia are TERRIBLE.

I cannot believe how bad America has become.

And even worse, we are leading the world down a road that will get even worse. And that troubles me.

How about you?


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It is difficult to blog when I am asleep. And when I was awake, I was either moving, hurting, tweeting, or

Studying Russian.

THAT language is a ‘bear.’ Every time I think I am close to ‘getting it,’ THE Russian Bear bites me in the $#@!.

OKAY, this post is for three things: first is to vent about misery and Russian; two, I might give you a small insight into learning; and you know it!

I love to blog.

Tweeting gets noticed ‘a lot,’ but blogging is personal. And sometimes ya’ll seem to enjoy my ramblings.

Okay, back to the first two, I hurt, enough on that.

Let US look at Russian and learning.

In order to learn you need to understand your final objective and some near term objectives.

This is like investing for retirement, if you only focus on the destination, you will miss many smaller goals you should have made.

My final Russian goal is near native conversational fluency. My near term goals are: word acquisition (1,500 words); noun declensions (how Russian uses their words grammatically0; finding 4 good instructors; and conversational fluency (15 minute conversations).

As a quick aside, learning 1,500 Russian words requires learning about 6,000 words, because each word is conjugated, so if I was only looking at a pure 1,500 words that would be about 400 words in any other language.

So I have broken down my goals.

Why 4 instructors? So, my ear will be tuned to the language and not to one person.

Learning is work, whatever you are learning, studying, requires you to ‘work out’ your brain.

Learn to work out your brain. The more you work it out, the further you will go in life.


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What a year!


The last four months wiped me out.

I am feeling better, and will start catching up my blog.

God bless all of you.


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Gay life destroys marriages


BBC just posted an article about spouses who had their lives (and marriages) destroyed by their gay spouses.

One woman said, “It feels almost homophobic to say anything about them.”


It is not homophobic – the gay lifestyle destroys God ordained marriage.

That is my Religious Point of View – I realize it may offend some, but that offense is recent. That offense arose since the gay experiment and gay explosion of the last 40 years. Especially the last 5 years.

What do you think?


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Even Taco Bell workers are over TAXED!


I just met a young man working at Taco Bell. When he told me his income tax with-holding was about 30%, I wanted to CRY for him.

When my REAL tax with-holding rate was about 30% (on 100k per year), I figured out my real tax rate was about 56% ….

MY taxes were about 56%.

That means this young man is currently carrying over 55% real tax rate. And about one third is just to pay other people NOT TO WORK.

Welfare is KILLING US.

I don’t want to starve people, but shouldn’t welfare cover emergency food needs and NOT iPhones?

What do you think?


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3 things for US about Greek crisis


There are 3 things for US about Greek crisis we are not being told.

First, we are told, sometimes, that Greece spent a lot of money on welfare. But, then we are led to believe that is okay. The Greeks are not told by their government how excessive they are borrowing to pay for Welfare. We are not told how excessive Greek welfare spending and borrowing still IS.

Second, the Socialists blame the banks for their borrowing. Just listen to Greek Prime Minister Tsipras.

Third, the US Welfare spending and debt crisis is much greater per person than the Greek Welfare spending and debt crisis. (*)

Why WON’T Socialists tell US the truth?

I think it is because they KNOW we would vote them OUT.

What do you think?


(*) Greek debt / Population (11 Million) = $34,500 / person.

Public (Not secret US debt) / population = $57,000 / person. Including secret debt swaps and divided per TAXPAYER, we are over $200,000 / taxpayer.

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