Teachers’ Union forces rapists upon students.

I will try to remain civil about this, but this angers me.

Teachers’ Union opposes bill to bar sex offenders from school jobs with students.

OK, reality check. WOMEN AND CHILDREN TO THE BOATS FIRST. It is an age old – pre-militant-feminism era – American adage, we protect women and children.

This nanny state, sissy state, elitist garbage, gay agenda blank is getting OLD. Rant mode off ….

Why? Teachers’ Unions have lawyers who fight on behalf of offenders. OK, I get that. But, once they have lost that fight, and the offenders are convicted, why, WHY, would unions continue to fight to protect the offenders?

Pedophiles should be a complete non-starter. Pre-pubescent children should be protected first.

But, this includes all of the offenders. Men who groom teenage girls? Women who groom teenage boys? Homosexuals who want to ‘advise’ teenagers? And pedophiles?


I think the Union should have its tax-exempt status revoked, and the entire board placed in jail until we can think of a crime to convict them of. OK, that might be a little extreme.

But, not protecting the children is EXTREME.

Do you agree, or disagree?



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