Why I once believed in Evolution.


I do not change my opinion often, and it really takes a lot to change my opinion.


I am very much a realist. If it doesn’t work, it does not work. And I am a strong leader.

People often describe me as ‘conservative,’ but that really does not fit. Some conservative things just do not work either.

I am not ‘moderate,’ or ‘libertarian,’ either. Because a lot of their views are compromise. Compromise is often a failure of leadership.

And failure does not work.

But, growing up in American education system, I was indoctrinated into the ‘science’ of Evolution. I objected to a lot of it, because of my Christian background.

But, as I became disillusioned with Churches, and strayed away from God. Evolution seemed to be a more realistic time line than the story in Genesis.

Gradually, the ‘evidence’ piled up. And there seemed to be fewer mistakes in Evolution. Like Science, and especially like Engineering, they were correcting mistakes and making things better.

But, then I studied Evolution, so I could learn what I believed in.

Once I realized how much modern Evolution relied upon manufactured fossils, especially those sold from China, I lost a lot of my trust in their answers.

If their answers are false, then they are false and are not being perfected.

Then I realized many other interesting things, like Evolution intentionally ignores Extinction. Extinction is a really big problem in the Theory of Evolution. I learned that their Theory violates many of our known Laws of Physics, you are supposed to take their miracles on faith.

Miracles and faith lead me to God, not to random chance.

So, I flopped back to believing what I had grown up with.

What have you flip flopped on was the question.

And that is why I once believed in Evolution.


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1 Response to Why I once believed in Evolution.

  1. snosler says:

    Our upbringing does influence – greatly! The wonderful thing about getting older is that we are allowed to make our own decisions and formulate our own opinions – well said. And the honesty is appreciated!

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