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I hate my back

Friends, Okay. This is a blog post you do not need to read. It will be a stream of consciousness – almost a diary entry. I know my title sounds whiny, but I slept 18 hours on Sunday, a little … Continue reading

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Somedays I die.

Friends, Somedays I die. And today is one of those days. How do I describe to someone the insanity of a severe spinal cord injury? Those times when you wake up and you feel like you are drowning? Or, those … Continue reading

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I am tired.

Friends, If you would, please say a prayer for me. The beast is killing me today. My left arm keeps going numb. And too many other parts to mention. The only decent medicine is sleep – 20 hours a day … Continue reading

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Why am I so tired?

Friends, Have you had one of those days? How about 5 years of them? Whew. I know, “Why I am so tired.” But, knowing the answer to “Why am I so tired” does not change being so tired. I was … Continue reading

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I am back, and my back goes nuts!

Everyone, You won’t believe where I just cramped. It feels like someone took a really big pair of pliers and grabbed my left cheek. Naturally, my stomach then did ‘back’ flips – did you like that pun? I’ll be totally … Continue reading

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