God loves homosexuals.

Friends and those who might not be,

God does love the gay population.

Just because the gay agenda has done so much damage to God, family, marriage, & country is no reason to let the agenda continue to lie about the truth.

God DOES love gays.

And if this next line scares you, you need to make right with your Creator:

There will be homosexuals in Heaven.

And if this next line scares you, you need to be forgiven by Jesus your Creator:

There will be homosexuals in Hell. There will be a lot of ‘normal’ and ‘not so normal’ people in Hell.

And quite a few in Heaven.

This is about God and His love, not your individual destiny, even if you do not believe in God, or his destiny for you.

So, remember that God loves Homosexuals.

It is the rebellion he does not love. Rebelling against God and his law is called ‘sin.’ And it is ‘sin’ that separates us from God and his love.

Do NOT let the gay progressive agenda lie to you.

There is Heaven, Hell, and God and His forgiveness. His forgiveness is true love. Jesus died (& he rose again) just so God could show you his love.

That concept is covered very well by the Prophet John in John 3: 16 – 18.

Belief (true belief, not hollywood propagandist belief) is what will gain you forgiveness by God from your sin.

The Prophet Paul told us:

All of us are separated from God, we all sin.

Romans 3: 10 – 12; & 23

The result of separation is eternal death.

Romans 6: 23

Jesus is paid the price to bring us back to God.

Romans 5: 8.

The simple step of believing in Christ to save you from your separation from God.

Romans 10: 9, 10, & 13.

A longer study of how to accept Jesus as your Savior by Dr. Charles Stanley.

With all of the hatred out there of traditional people, it is important to remember that Satan uses the hatred to hide his work behind.

This does not mean that every person who is gay is working for Satan, or that Satan is working through every person within the gay community.

Satan is also called the Devil, and many other names.

But, it is important to remember the destruction of the family is Satan’s goal, because family reflects God and His revelation of himself as the Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

No. God is not married, and Jesus is eternal with God. Jesus was not created, Jesus is the Creator.

But, Satan attacks the family, because God uses good families. And God can even work through bad families – but, more often Satan works through bad families and the bad situations these families find themselves in.

So, while God loves homosexuals, Satan hates the family.

While God loves Gays, Satan harms little children.

If you harm children, remember, you are helping Satan, you are not helping God. The same sentence is true if you harm anyone.

God went out of his way to tell us he loves children.

And he loves homosexuals.



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10 Responses to God loves homosexuals.

  1. What are remarkably ironic post!

  2. 150,000 people die every day, Wayne. How many, do you think, go to Hell? 500? 500 people a day condemned to Everlasting Fire makes 18500 a year. More than 500, perhaps. There will be more than five hundred gay people in the daily 150,000, a fair few of them not believing that God obliges us not to ever have sex.

    Hell must be heaving. Millions of people, needing all those devils to keep them toasting. Think of it- Tertullian said one of the blessings of Heaven was looking down and seeing ones former persecutors burn.

    What harm have we ever done to you, Wayne, that you imagine us in Hell?

    • Wayne says:

      First, I guess you have not read my blog, or you might already know the answer to that.

      Like many millions of Americans, I have been attacked by your ‘we.’ Unlike most of those men, I was lucky. I was only attacked, I was not raped.

      Further, I think if you read what I wrote, it was about love. And if you accept God’s love, then why would there be any anger?

      • Well, have you given numbers in previous entries? Are there a thousand people now dead destined for Hell now or at the Day of Judgment? A thousand people, burning in the pit, with devils toasting them?

        What about the Muslims and Buddhists, Wayne?

        Oh, and how were you attacked? If a Frenchman attacked you, you would not hate all Frenchmen (I hope) so if a gay man attacked you, surely you can’t take it out on the rest of us queers?

      • Wayne says:


        Regardless of your hate, I still love those who hurt others. That does not mean I will tolerate the pain they cause to others.

        And as for how many go to Hell, that is God’s job. Not mine.

        As for how many have been attacked here in the USA?

        Somewhere between 15 and 30 million would be a good number.

        Big enough of a number, even the gay community should want the violence to stop.

        Shouldn’t they?

        Do you want the violence to stop?


      • I don’t hate you, Wayne, really. I think you are silly, and I would rather you stopped blethering about things you do not understand, but I don’t hate you.

        Really? Gay people are going out and attacking straights, more than 15 million in how long, Wayne?

        I want violence against gay people to stop, including preaching that we will go to Hell. Where do you get your number of 15-30 million?

      • Wayne says:

        My preaching is protected by our Constitution …. because my family wanted to not be persecuted for our beliefs like we had been in England ….


        You will find a similar percentage of men sexually assaulted in a college study published by Vassar.

        1 out of 7 college men have been attacked.

        During the 1950’s that number was less than 1 in 30 – from studying the old surveys of human sexuality.

      • Wayne says:

        If you look at the data, it seems most violence against gays comes from one of two groups.

        Other gays, or from a percentage of victims.

        I would hope you are for stopping the violence that causes the violence. Is my hope properly placed?

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