What does President Obama really believe?


I read this blog post, and then I began to wonder.


Here are two of the quotes:

#1 “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam”

#2 “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer”

#5 “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.”

#6 “Islam has always been part of America”

Well. I know Islam had nothing to do with my family coming over on the Mayflower.

And I know, Islam was the driving force behind the enslavement of Africans sent to America.

I pray for America. I pray for US. We live in dark times.

Will you pray with me?



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8 Responses to What does President Obama really believe?

  1. limey says:

    It’s saddening when someone quote mines like that to find just the bits that back up the point they want to make.

    With regard to your slavery comment. The white Europeans carrying slaves from Africa and the white Americans that fought to keep them slaves were far more likely to be Bible holding Christians than anything else.

    • Wayne says:

      Yes, they may have gone to church.

      But, are you claiming the Muslims who enslaved northern Africa were not faithful Muslims?


      • limey says:

        Are claiming the Christians who condoned slavery were not faithful Christians?

        It works both ways. You can’t put blame on Muslims in this context while on the same breath hinting it wasn’t real Christians doing the same thing.

      • Wayne says:


        Enslaving people is part of Islam. It is not a part of Christianity.

        Are there some Christians who claim that slavery is a part of Christianity? Yes. Are you one of those Christians?


      • limey says:

        You know I’m no longer a Christian Wayne. You’ll find that there are Muslims who are against slavery so how do you back up your claim?

      • Wayne says:

        Then why did you use the straw man? You know slavery is not a part of Christian Theology. You also know slavery is a part of Muslim Theology, even if some Muslims are against slavery.

        What does President Obama really believe? His ancestors were slavers (the Muslim side) and his ancestors were slave owners – I think I read several thousand slaves at one time.

      • limey says:

        What straw man? Paul talks specifically about slavery the new testament. He says nothing about it being wrong. How does Muslim theology condone it?

      • Wayne says:

        I know you knew better.

        Paul asked a slave owner to release a slave.


        The BBC kept trying to state that Islam was good for slaves, but then they had to point out, Islam was never good for slaves in reality, only theoretically.


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