Asiana pilots ‘flew into the ground’ at SFO.

You may not be able to watch the video.

But, it is clear the Asiana Boeing 777 Airliner which crashed just ‘flew into the ground.’

Just flying until you land is awesome! But, they ‘landed short.’

Maybe 200 yards further, and they would have had a rough landing. Because, the pilots were trying to add power and ‘fly around.’

It did stress me watching this.

But, like I wrote earlier, I was praying for survivors and their families.

And thankfully, God has granted us many survivors.

Had they landed about 100 or 200 yards shorter, we would have a lot fewer survivors.

I continue to pray for the survivors, and for the families of the two girls.


PS Now Asiana is claiming the pilot was in training. Where was the PIC? The ‘Pilot in Command’ should have taken control of the plane a 5 miles out and corrected for being too low.

USA Today.


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