A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss.

Do you remember the Kingston Trio and their hit, “A Rolling Stone?”

There is a lot of truth to a rolling stone not gathering moss.

I think great travelers have some ‘Rolling Stone’ in them.

And, I do love to travel.

However, I admit traveling takes a greater toll on my body nowadays – an old Army injury has me mostly sidelined.

But, I have seen Rome.

DSCN0377Wait! This is not Rome. Excuse me? Did you say this was Budapest?

Are you sure that bus is headed to Rome? …. Could you say that again, my Russian is not very good.

DSCN0393Ah. Ferrari, I must be headed the right direction.

Everyone should have at least one in their garage, or maybe even on the road.

IMG_0362The Viennese Kings were RICHER than Bill Gates.

If you want to spend a great Christmas vacation, go to Vienna over Rome. You know I am always honest, even if you do not agree.

Now, where am I?  I keep getting lost.

Now, where am I? I keep getting lost.

Did you say the “Колизей” was behind me? Is that it? Really? Am I finally in Rome?

DSCN0728The Vatican.

Did you say that was the Vatican? I thought it would be much bigger than that!

OK, 3 kilometers later, it did get bigger than that.

IMG_7210My Friends.

Excuse me Igor, did you say you only speak Russian and Ukrainian?

Then you probably cannot tell me how to find my gondola ride?


Wow! Finally! You would not believe how great a cup of coffee is on a cold boat!


I hope this guy knows where I am supposed to go.


Did you say get ready for the cold?


Finally! A fellow Toastmaster who can tell me how to get home!


But, first a steak to nourish me for the long road home.

I hope you enjoy your trip as much as I did mine.


PS: Just in case you are trying to find the postaday writing challenge ….


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