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Welcome Back Hated Old Friend.

Friends, We all have a friend we hate to see come back to visit. I have one of those. It is back. Literally. I was washing dishes, and I felt that premonition. All I was doing was washing glasses waiting … Continue reading

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Why did America become liberal?

Friends, What is going on in America? In Texas liberals attack politicians for holding traditional beliefs. During the Occupy Movement, liberal militants killed people. But, one photo is worth a thousand words, as a liberal terrorist throws a bomb: If … Continue reading

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Why does anyone vote liberal?

Can anyone explain to me “why does anyone vote liberal?” If I blog about traditional marriage, I offend a liberal. If I blog about life, I offend a liberal. If I blog about God, I offend a liberal. If I … Continue reading

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Liberals turn to Satan and fail.

Friends, The truth is stranger than fiction. Progressives outside of the capitol building in Austin, Texas began chanting hail Satan …. Liberals turn to Satan and fail.  But, will they realize they failed, and turn back to God? I doubt … Continue reading

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