Why do gays attack other people?

I have written about America turning gay.

But, there is another issue to all of this, the victims.

Former Marine survivor tells his story of homosexual rape.

The first thing the gay agenda tells US is not all gays attack other people.


Then can I ask the non-violent minority of the gay agenda to help the rest of US stop the violent gays hurting children, teenagers, and soldiers?

When you listen to a Marine survivor tell his story, do not forget the real question behind all of this. Why do we let gays attack other people?

Yes, one question is, “Why do gays attack other people.” And the answer to that is domination and power – control. Many gays struggle with control issues in their lives.

But, the other, and more important, question is why do we tolerate the negative behavior?

I do not want to see a million gays killed. That would not ‘make me happy.’

But, I am tired of the stories of the trauma.

I am tired of the violence.

I am tired of the denial.

Children should be protected from this aggression. And soldiers should be protected from this aggression.

We should have absolutes involved in this.

2, 3, or maybe 4 convictions and you get the needle, or the rope. Not the electric chair, something a little less violent. But, not a simple slap on the hand and out of jail in 10 years either. Something permanent.

And maybe we tolerate 3 children as victims, maybe 4 teenagers as victims, and 5 adults as victims.

The gay progressive agenda tells us we are ‘evolving into a better species.’ Then why is there more sexual violence instead of less violence? And why is the sexual violence about control instead of reproduction?

I know that is a discussion topic about evolution and not gays attacking other people.

I really do not understand why, but, I do know it is happening too much. And our press is only talking about the gay agenda destroying soldiers’ lives, because there is an epidemic against women.

They would ignore the epidemic against male soldiers, if there was not an epidemic against women?

Doesn’t that tell you the media is covering up for these evil people?

The first thing gay advocates will tell you is that not all gays are violent.


Then let the non-violent gays help the rest of us stop the violent offenders from hurting more children, teenagers, and soldiers?

The reason America is turning gay, is we are allowing gays to rape more and more people. Sexual violence is the second largest feeder into the gay lifestyle.

And it may have become the largest feeder into the gay lifestyle.

Every man, woman, and child should be free from sexual assault.

If gays really want to ‘seduce,’ then maybe they could seduce instead of assault?

And the same goes for men with women and teenage girls. And women with men.

America? We have tolerated sexual violence for too long.

When I talk with my friends here in Ukraine, they cannot understand this. They cannot understand why we tolerate such destructive behavior.

I cannot understand why we tolerate such destructive behavior, either.

Can you?



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