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Why God belongs in Politics.

Friends, Romans, and especially my fellow Americans, Caesar is buried. But, should we hastily bury God? There are three prevailing political views in the world today. I won’t break the larger political currents down into their smaller subsets. I won’t … Continue reading

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Sex, Drugs, & rock and roll

Do you remember the old days? When Rock and Roll was king? Sex and drugs sold everything? It seems much dirtier now than it was described back then. Doesn’t it? Don’t the rich, elite hollywood types focus more on the … Continue reading

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What does Snowden want?

Does anyone have any idea what this kid is after? Is he waiting for a movie deal? A book deal? Does he want Bill Gates’ money? Shakira to give him an autograph? I admit that not having an escape plan … Continue reading

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Why is Christianity so difficult for the modern world?

Have you noticed just how difficult it is for the ‘modern’ human to accept Christianity? It used to be that people struggled with Jesus rising from the dead, or understanding the Trinity, or just deciding to actively follow Jesus. Now? … Continue reading

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