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A pearl by any other name is still a pearl.

OK, let us face it. I am a hopeless romantic. Two, I love women and their femininity. I had my first full blown crush in first grade when the girl behind me told me she thought I was cute. I … Continue reading

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Contemporary “Heroes”

Originally posted on arussthebus:
The new Superman is a “hero” for our times: dark, moody, and full of angst. The Internet is still awash with blog posts and movie reviews that detail the controversy behind the ending of this year’s…

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What does the gay agenda want?

Well, that is a deep question. I will try to answer for them, but do remember. I am a straight Christian man, who was repeatedly assaulted by different homosexuals when I was a teenager. I was lucky, I stood firm … Continue reading

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The perfect postaday.

It was wonderful, but not as spectacular as I thought it would be. But, definitely it was on my bucket list. Have you ever read the perfect blog post? The perfect blog of the day? The perfect blog for the … Continue reading

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Obama orders Christians to be attacked.

Readers, Whether you are a Christian or not, the outright refusal of our Government to protect the Christian world view from attack is outrageous. Whether it is our President building mosques around the world, as his friends destroy churches. Whether … Continue reading

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