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Philadelphia: Corporate Reform Takeover Nears

Originally posted on Diane Ravitch's blog:
As Rahm Emanuel once memorably said, when he was President Obama’s chief of staff, never let a crisis go to waste. Naomi Klein surely agreed in her book “Shock Doctrine,” which showed how…

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How do I know right from wrong?

Friends, How do I know when I have made a right or a wrong decision? A beautiful friend asked me this over sushi, yes, I need SUSHI. But, how do we go through life and KNOW. For me, it is … Continue reading

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Liberal friends, would you do me a favor?

Friends, I know some people see the word ‘liberal’ as pejorative (bad, or negative). I am sorry it has come to indicate negative things. But, I would like my liberal friends to bring positive back to being liberal. Would you … Continue reading

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A Texan’s Safari in Ukraine.

A Texan’s Safari in Ukraine. How would you top that? My favorite part of being here is the people. The kids are beautiful, and the Ukrainian children are very well behaved. You can tell a foreigner by how badly behaved … Continue reading

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