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Praying for survivors and family of the SF jet crash.

Friends, Be in prayer for the crash landing in San Francisco.  Pray for survivors and the family of everyone involved. 777 crash lands in San Francisco. NBC News report showing deployed escape slides. LA News reports some seem safe. Wayne

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Restored British WW2 Submarine.

OK, This submarine served into the 1970’s. But, it was commissioned late in WW2. WW2 Submarine Hope you enjoy a little history. Wayne

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Why did America turn gay?

Can anyone tell me why? Or, are you reading this for me to break it down for you? If your search engine search brought you here, you may not have been one of the over a thousand people who read … Continue reading

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WordPress is having issues.

Everyone, Some of WordPress’ servers are unavailable off and on. Should just be a hiccup, brief and frustrating if you hit it. Otherwise you will never know it was a problem. What a beautiful morning. But, it will be a … Continue reading

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