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Is God good, or bad?

Everyone, Can anyone tell me whether God is good, or bad? Honestly? If you have followed my blog, you have read many differing points of view. There are many who follow my traditional point of view, and there are many … Continue reading

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Another predator kills another girl.

Can anyone tell me when the hatred of our children will stop? This man befriended the family for a couple of hours, and then he abducted the girl. Later, she was found dead. Pedophiles are the lowest of scum, right … Continue reading

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I was raped, what do I do now?

Everyone, I cannot believe the number of views I get about the ‘heated’ sexual topics. Having been attacked, I know there is a lot of confusion about what it means to be a Victim, and what it means to be … Continue reading

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Why is the gay issue so sensitive?

Someone, Please explain why the ‘gay’ issue is so sensitive? I have teenagers telling me they are offended, because I do not congratulate gays for being gay. Yes, those are my words, not theirs. But, I feel they are descriptive, … Continue reading

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How do I tell my best gay friend, I am not gay?

Anyone have a good idea? I went to college with my friend, ‘G’. We were best friends for a very long time. He helped me out as I tried to navigate the dating world. And I often failed. There were … Continue reading

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WHEW! I answered most of the comments.

Everyone, I am still answering comments. I did approve two without answering, they were very straight forward comments. Thank you all. I even thank those of you who took the liberty to hate upon me. You encouraged others to love … Continue reading

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We’re Wrong

Everyone, Phil does a great job of comparing the fallacy of thinking mankind can ‘think’ our way beyond God. Enjoy. Wayne

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What is ‘Scientific Evolution?’

Everyone, I enjoy studying Evolution. I have always enjoyed Science, especially Mathematics. And I love the Cosmic side of Evolution (the Big Bang.) But, what I often hear is “Creation is not ‘Scientific,’ because it does not make any claims … Continue reading

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Why IS everyone turning ‘Gay?’

Originally posted on luvsiesous:
Friends, [My previous edit was May 18, 2012. And with as many people reading this, it is time for a re-write. Give me some time. But, I will re-write this over the next couple of days.…

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I am back, and my back goes nuts!

Everyone, You won’t believe where I just cramped. It feels like someone took a really big pair of pliers and grabbed my left cheek. Naturally, my stomach then did ‘back’ flips – did you like that pun? I’ll be totally … Continue reading

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