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God loves homosexuals.

Friends and those who might not be, God does love the gay population. Just because the gay agenda has done so much damage to God, family, marriage, & country is no reason to let the agenda continue to lie about … Continue reading

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Why do gays attack other people?

I have written about America turning gay. But, there is another issue to all of this, the victims. Former Marine survivor tells his story of homosexual rape. The first thing the gay agenda tells US is not all gays attack … Continue reading

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Asiana pilots ‘flew into the ground’ at SFO.

You may not be able to watch the video. But, it is clear the Asiana Boeing 777 Airliner which crashed just ‘flew into the ground.’ Just flying until you land is awesome! But, they ‘landed short.’ Maybe 200 yards further, … Continue reading

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A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss.

Do you remember the Kingston Trio and their hit, “A Rolling Stone?” There is a lot of truth to a rolling stone not gathering moss. I think great travelers have some ‘Rolling Stone’ in them. And, I do love to … Continue reading

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Before America? There was?

OK, I have to say this, I am Patriotic. I did not have to swear to protect the Constitution in order to gain Patriotism, Patriotism runs in my families DNA. But, America has been here less than 250 years. And … Continue reading

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