Before America? There was?

OK, I have to say this, I am Patriotic. I did not have to swear to protect the Constitution in order to gain Patriotism, Patriotism runs in my families DNA.

But, America has been here less than 250 years.

And before America?

There is family.

I believe the destruction of family in America, and the West in general, is to break down the true reason for Patriotism. Break down true Patriotism and change the DNA of our culture to something different.


But, the problem is simple, Family is much more important than any dreamed up social engineering project.

Family has worked since before recorded history.

Family is the basic structure.

Government should reflect family not destroy it.

Every major ruling by our Supreme Court (& other lessor courts) has been against family.

They talk about ‘Freedom,’ but they are really talking about destroying the First Amendment. The First Amendment is the protection of Church from the evil of State, not the other way around.

That is why the redefine every thing.

So, they redefine America as if Family never existed.

And yes, I am still single, and I have no kids. But, I still understand the value of family, and understand Family is bigger and better than america.

Do you think we will have a revival of Family in America? Or, is the golden age of America behind us?



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