Adele is inspiring us all!


Here is an excellent example of a life turned around.

We often focus upon emotional or spiritual transformations as life turn-arounds. But, a physical transformation is just as liberating.

At Adele’s current turn-around she is on trajectory to change her body fat ratio by 10% to 25% easily over the next year.

I place the 10% there for the realistic reason that as much change as she just achieved, she is probably too lean to lose as much as I COULD. But, can’t.

Body fat is your primary objective. Yes is will feel good to run a mile for the first time, or 5 miles for the second time. It will feel good to move a forty-five pound weight the first time, etc.

But, body-fat tells you what your body is really doing. And if you are like most of us in America today, your body fat is too high, mine as well.

If you have the time, stop by and congratulate Adele for inspiring us all to do more.


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