Philadelphia: Corporate Reform Takeover Nears

Using Rahm Emanuel’s tactics, I think he got the idea from Saul Alinsky, Philadelphia is reforming their school system.

Is this too little too late?

Or, can they save the schools from decline and bankruptcy?


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As Rahm Emanuel once memorably said, when he was President Obama’s chief of staff, never let a crisis go to waste. Naomi Klein surely agreed in her book “Shock Doctrine,” which showed how crises, both natural and man-made, are used to achieve other goal unrelated to the crisis. Hurricane Katrina made it possible to wipe out public education and the teachers union in New Orleans. The budget cuts and imposed austerity will soon make it possible to crush the teachers union and privatize Philadelphia’s schools.

A teacher in Philadelphia writes, challenging an earlier post that called Los Angeles ground zero for corporate reform:

“Sorry to contradict, but Los Angeles is only at the forefront of the push-back (and a fine thing that is too.) The next big front in corporate “reform” will be in Philadelphia in a little over a month.

“The contract for the PFT is up and we…

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