How do I know right from wrong?


How do I know when I have made a right or a wrong decision?

A beautiful friend asked me this over sushi, yes, I need SUSHI.

But, how do we go through life and KNOW.

For me, it is several factors.

One, the history of man has shown it to be a good decision.

The American Revolution led people upward. And while a lot of people refer to the French Revolution, the French Revolution led to executions followed by Napoleon. History shows the American method to work, and the progressive method to not work – in this example.

Two, my decision is good for my family. Yes, family is not as important as it used to be, but there are few reasons to choose a decision that is bad for your family.

Three, it is good for me. Modern materialism reverses these orders. They say what is good for me is all that matters. Because of that reasoning our countries and our families are in massive debt.

Fourth, and next to last for this blog post, is probably my most important method of examining my decisions, does the decision honor God? Does my decision follow his example as he wrote it out in the Bible?

Lastly, does the whisper of God agree with my decision. I do not elevate my experience above God and his Word. I point that out for those who might mistake my example as part of a new and dangerous theology.

But, does my Master whisper yes, or no in my ear as I make a decision?

Who is your Master?

And what does your master tell you to do?



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