Why is the gay issue so sensitive?


Please explain why the ‘gay’ issue is so sensitive?

I have teenagers telling me they are offended, because I do not congratulate gays for being gay. Yes, those are my words, not theirs. But, I feel they are descriptive, and it is definitely the way they make me feel.

I have been attacked by gays.

I have been lucky, it has been without rape.

That means I am a victim. I should be the sensitive one.

So, someone, please explain to me, why? Why would someone side with the abusers? Why would you expect me to feel for the abusers?

I think I am doing rather well by discussing the problem without going out and attacking the gays the way they attacked me.

So, what is it that gays want from me? It won’t be a hug. But, what is it your side wants from the victims so you will feel better about who and what you are?



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