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Why is the gay issue so sensitive?

Someone, Please explain why the ‘gay’ issue is so sensitive? I have teenagers telling me they are offended, because I do not congratulate gays for being gay. Yes, those are my words, not theirs. But, I feel they are descriptive, … Continue reading

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How do I tell my best gay friend, I am not gay?

Anyone have a good idea? I went to college with my friend, ‘G’. We were best friends for a very long time. He helped me out as I tried to navigate the dating world. And I often failed. There were … Continue reading

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WHEW! I answered most of the comments.

Everyone, I am still answering comments. I did approve two without answering, they were very straight forward comments. Thank you all. I even thank those of you who took the liberty to hate upon me. You encouraged others to love … Continue reading

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