Is God good, or bad?


Can anyone tell me whether God is good, or bad?


If you have followed my blog, you have read many differing points of view. There are many who follow my traditional point of view, and there are many who follow a progressive point of view.

The traditionals agree with me, mostly, and the progressives disagree with me, mostly.

What is there about traditional point of view which scares a progressive?

The battle cry of the progressive almost always seems to revolve around fear, espcially racial fear. What is there we need to be afraid of from the traditional?

What is wrong with child raised by parents? What is wrong with believing our country should be a great place to live, and has been a great place to live? What is wrong with believing there is a good and benevolent God who has blessed America, so we are the best large country to live in?

During any time in history, America is the most blessed large country to live in.

What is wrong with the traditional view that God blessed America and made US great? What is wrong with the traditional point of view that God made man and woman to become family and raise children?

Note, America has never required everyone to have children. And until Big Government got involved in ‘rewarding’ their definition family behavior, most families were strong nuclear families. Once government started paying some people for children, and chose to reward women who did not marry, about 30% of our families became a casualty of government meddling.

Yes, I understand that the correlations of divorce, the disintegration of family, and the government welfare for children does not mean there is a ‘true cause and effect.’ But, if you believe there is anot a cause and effect, you will have to prove my assumption wrong.

Because my assumption fits the facts well enough that it is a stronger theory than Evolution ever has been.


So, was God wrong for blessing past good American behavior? Is God now wrong for rewarding current bad American behavior?

Don’t we expect behavior to be rewarded? Good or Bad? Or, have we really started to believe our judicial system which blames the upbringing more harshly than it blames the behavior? Yes, upbringing should have a small affect upon the punishment. But, isn’t guilt the reason for punishment? So, doesn’t guilt have a greater purpose in determining the justice of a punishment than does the situation around a crime?

I do not mean that there are not crimes which are caused, there are those. We call things like that ‘justifiable.’ And that would be a slightly different argument and discussion, don’t you think?

So, is your God good? Or, is your God bad? And if you God is good, do you expect him to curse or bless bad American behavior? If your God is bad, do you expect a bad God to reward, or to punish?


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