Why IS everyone turning ‘Gay?’


It is scary that I get access to my blog again.

And what do I notice in my statistics? Two blogs, one on the nouvo water softener. The other on why is everyone turning Gay?

My top two blogs. I have no idea why anyone would look for Nouvo Water Softener. The other, “Why IS everyone turning ‘Gay?,'” I have no idea why anyone would look for that topic. The number two top blog of all time, Nouvo, has 1/3 the views of the gay post, number one for all time? WOW. That one blog is one sixth of all my readers’ viewing of my blog ….


A lot of people are reading this post.

So, why do you think everyone is becoming gay?




[My previous edit was May 18, 2012. And with as many people reading this, it is time for a re-write. Give me some time. But, I will re-write this over the next couple of days. Thanks Wayne]

Have you noticed that everyone around us is turning ‘Gay?’

Women seem to think it is the ‘new black.’ It is like they found the perfect shoes to wear, and they just put on a girlfriend.

The gay men lose masculinity from their voices all around you.

It would be funny, and it is a stereotypical description. But, this new age tells us we must not be politically incorrect.

But, the truth is, it is EVERYWHERE.


What are the driving factors. And there are factors.

There is the gay agenda; there is the force of pornography; there is the force of failed marriages with the absent father syndrome; an increase in…

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