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England is a tiny island.

When playing in the big leagues, you must expect the ‘big dogs’ to bark back at you. But, England was not expecting the Russians to call them a little island.  And they should be right. England is a tiny island. … Continue reading

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WOW This is a beautiful photo! I cannot get over the ground surface being hundreds of millions of years old …. Makes me feel young!

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Terrorists pursue the President

Friends, Did you ever think there would be a day when the President was targeted by terrorists? Not assassins …. We have seen that many times and many presidents. But, terrorists? Multiple plots? Chicago Terror Plots. Is it just because … Continue reading

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Back in the USSR boy …..

Friends, Do you remember that old Beatles’ song? It is sad, but the FSU, former USSR, is doing much better than the USA in most cultural statistics. They lose in wide-spread economic gain for their people, and in bribery. Although … Continue reading

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I have wanted to share this Art thingy with the world ever since I first saw it. I have no idea why it’s there or who’s idea it was but I think it’s funny. So…

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Terror in Ukraine

Friends, This one does not make sense. Ukraine has not been a politically motivated country. But, still terrorist spread bombs and fear throughout one of the largest cities in Ukraine…. Bomb Blasts in Ukraine. What can we do to make … Continue reading

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Terrorists bomb Italian school

Friends, The attacks upon children are relentless. In the media, from hollywood, and even the terrorists. Italian School Bombing. At least one girl has been murdered. And it is possible more will follow. I do not want to sound harsh, … Continue reading

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Beauty Queen’s photo of Kalmar Castle.

Beauty Queen’s photo of Kalmar Castle.


I stumbled upon this castle in Sweden.  You will find it on a beauty queen’s blog.

No.  seriously.  She is.



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Friends, Every now and then, you find a BEAUTIFUL photo. This truly expresses God’s beautiful creation! Thanks to our friend publishing this on her blog. Wayne goransson View original post

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The historic walled city at the southernmost tip of Croatia is as exceptional from the ground as it is from the sky. Massive stone walls run high and low, encircling the Old Town of…

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