I pray for Obama


I just read this article by CNN.  Our President needs our prayers.

So, does our country.

But, he is in desperate shape.

CNN Report.

I know it sounds good to his base to say we need to hire teachers and union workers, but both of those sectors are a drag on the rest of the economy. Teachers are government employees and are an expense upon the economy. Union jobs are at least twice as expensive as other commercial sector jobs.

So, even if we added 1 million jobs in those sectors, those jobs would cost us about 2 million jobs in growth. So, we would add one and lose two.

Not good math. We need jobs which add tax revenue to the country, teachers take away tax revenue. We need jobs America can afford. Against the back-drop of Chinese competition, Union jobs are still too expensive.

When he first got elected, I had hope he might be different.

When he hired all the failed wall-street bankers, I still hoped he might be different.

I do mean that when he hired failed wall-street bankers who refused to pay taxes, I still had hope.

But, now he scares me.

I no longer believe we can afford him for another year.

So, I pray for his sanity. His Salvation. And his replacement.


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