Back in the USSR boy …..


Do you remember that old Beatles’ song?

It is sad, but the FSU, former USSR, is doing much better than the USA in most cultural statistics.

They lose in wide-spread economic gain for their people, and in bribery. Although I doubt we can really say American politicians are clean, or do much for their people.

But, in family values, they beat America pretty good.

What happened to communism being so bad for our culture that we did not want it? Why was communism better for their culture than capitalistic socialism has been for us?

Do we need to get rid of the capitalism, or the socialism to fix our problems?



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7 Responses to Back in the USSR boy …..

  1. It is not capitalism that is destroying America. It is no-fault divorce laws that are leading to the destruction of families and it is the result of an increasingly large majority of people preferring to follow leaders rather than to be independent. More people are depending on the government than ever before. People used to need to rely on their families and their churches and other charities. That is gone now.

    The growth of government dependency:

    These two will let you know the source of the riots that will likely begin soon if things do not change:

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