Am I an American?


I wanted to title this, “I am an American.” But, that would imply accepting a definition which was changed.

So, if I say, “I am an American, what does it mean to be an American?”

Well, we could stick to labels. It might mean a progressive, a Conservative, or a Christian. But, do any of those ideals celebrate all ‘Americans?’

Let me present some interesting statistics. And I would hope, these scare you. They should.

True progressives, or Conservatives, or Christians each make up less than about 30% of our population.

Yes, statisticians lump groups together and get greater numbers. But, the true progressives make up less than ten percent of our population, true conservatives less than twenty percent, and true Christian believers might be just over thirty percent of our population.

Less than fifteen percent served in our Armed forces to protect our way of life.

Just over thirty percent of our population are divorced.

Around fifty percent of our children grow up in single family homes.

They write that over twenty percent of our people have been sexually violated.

So, what does it mean to be an American?

If I stood beside President Obama, and he said, “Wayne, you are a great American!”

What would he mean?

Am I a Christian?

Was I raped as a child?

Am I a progressive? Do I truly believe that it is best for America to eliminate the black race? And that was one of the founding beliefs of the progressives. Some say they no longer believe that. But, the black race is being eliminated.

So, was that just an accident? Or, is it an accident that there is so much racial profiling today? Is it an accident that so many people want me to feel anger at black men, and they want black men to feel anger at me?

When we should both feel anger that the black race is being systematically exterminated. Shouldn’t we?

What would the President really mean?

45 million people were not legally born in the USA.

Do you know how many served in the military?

45 million do not deserve Social Security benefits, but if I write that they should not get benefits, I am branded as un-Patriotic. Does that mean I am not an American?

Taking wealth from an American to give to non-Americans is called ‘American,’ but being a Patriot is not?

What is happening to America?

Or, am I not?




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2 Responses to Am I an American?

  1. rorycbyrd says:

    I feel as though one is “American” by birth. Were you born in America? Yes. Then you are an American. Beliefs and opinions don’t define your nationality. They define beliefs. And labels like, patriotic or un-patriotic, are given by a group of usually biased people that have an opinion one way or another. To be American, you are born American! You can become a citizen, but that doesn’t make you American. It means you can live in America and enjoy the freedoms and benefits this great nation allows!

    I am an American….and PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!

    Thanks for posting!

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