America ignores the Mexico Drug War


Why does the USA ignore and encourage the Mexican Civil War?

Drug War.

I think that reason is a multitude of politics.

First, we are actively fighting the war. We have a HUGE presence. But, our police, like all bureaucrats, are paid to CONTINUE THE WAR, not to stop it.

Simple. You want to retire? You finish the drug war. PERIOD. NO retirement checks until the war is stopped. Pay for performance, not for non-performance.

But, we continue to ignore the basic problems. Clinton in-famously stated, “Just as Reagan brought down the Soviet empire, our commerce (JOBS) will bring down the Chinese government.”

How crazy are our politicians?

Instead of stabilizing the job market in Mexico, we ripped out the jobs from Mexico, just after Clinton promised 10 million jobs would go to Mexico under NAFTA. But, he knowingly sent those jobs to China for a 10 million dollar bribe (IMHO) in the form of campaign contributions. When he was caught, he gave the money away.

Jail time?

We have done that for decades. That is why Mexicans sneak into the US for the jobs they were promised. The life her is MUCH better than it is there.

Accept for the corruption, and the destruction of families. . . . and drugs. . . . and kids in hoodies attacking old men with guns …..

OK, they can find a job here.

There they almost have to work for the cartels. The cartels are a huge part of the Mexican economy.

Let some of the jobs Clinton stole from Mexico (in return for o meager 10 million?) return to Mexico.

That would do a huge amount of work slowing down the cartels. They would have to double their wages almost over night. And that would reduce the number of foot soldiers (assassins) they could hire.

I am just saying ….

What do you think?



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