Yes Friends,

Have you noticed how much we have ‘progressed?’ With all of our processed foods? ‘Poisons on a stick’ is more like it.

Yes, we have ‘progressed.’ We now have to cook our chickens extra well, because our ‘modern’ chicken is full of chicken excrement ….

Yes, I bought some chicken and put them pieces in the freezer.

And it made me think back to my aunt and uncle’s house.



And probably many other pejorative words can be used. Pejoratives are negative words.


I had to laugh, because as I was writing this, the Eagles started playing the song ‘Desperado’ in the background. Go cousins! They can play the music. And the Eagles started less than 10 miles from my Uncle’s old house I am writing about.



Back to chickens.

We used to run around outside chasing chickens. And on occasion, my aunt or uncle would kill a chicken for dinner. NOW, killing a chicken is an art form. It is a crazy art form, but it is an art.

First, you do not want to chase the chickens, it makes the meat gamier and tougher.

Second, once you kill the chicken, you get out of its way. Because the phrase, ‘running around like a chicken with its head cut off’ is a metaphor (comparison) based upon the fact that is what chickens DO when you cut off their head. They RUN AROUND.

How do they run without a head?

Any way.

My aunt would clean the chicken, and she would pay extra care to getting the guts out of the chicken without cutting the guts. Because if you do, you contaminate the chicken.


If we are so advanced, why would we look down our noses on my aunt and uncle? Just because they did not have electricity

OK, they had two light bulbs

and they had an outdoor toilet (out house).

No AC, only one faucet in the house.

HEY THAT WAS MODERN. Remember it was President Johnson who decided folks with outhouses and chickens in their yards were primitive ….

So, how is it I NEVER FEARED EATING at their house?



Is it just me? Or, are some of our ‘modern’ necessities not so modern?



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