The First of 6 W’s for Blogging

I hope you remember the old “5 w’s and an ‘h'”. Referred to by many names, it is a simple way to remember all aspects of something.

How to remember an appointment?

Who: Doctor
What: Physical
When: Tomorrow
Why: New Job
Where: His office
How: That is his job

Let’s begin with “Why?” Not because of “why not,” but because our motive in writing a blog is the most important element.

I will illustrate that comment with this:

Have you ever read a blogger writing about “writer’s block?” Have you read a blogger who quit for a period of time, and then the come back with, “I didn’t know what to say?”

Motive is the key element in preventing failure in any endeavor.

That is why the US Army works takes soldier morale seriously.

IF you have to stand up and toast the bride and groom at a wedding reception, that is much easier than getting up in front of a room to give a speech.

And I think this is key in our motivation.

We often perceive speaking and writing as something we do to become “famous.” That is a motive. If that is our only motive, it will not usually take us to success.

Why? Because most of us are not truly driven by fame and fortune. We would LIKE to have it. But, we do not THRIVE on it.

For most of us, our motive to stand up and give a toast to a bride and groom is much stronger than our motive to become rich and famous.

As I have mentioned elsewhere, I have seen this problem many times with other bloggers and even myself. Our motivation becomes weak, because we did not answer the why correctly.

I am using correctly here as part of our formula for success in blogging. I am not saying that there is only one “right” motive. I am saying that understanding our motivation properly will drive us on to success.

So, why do you blog?

Why are you writing this blog?

Do you feel your reason is bad or immoral?

Are you comfortable with your reason?

Do you feel your reason will help you succeed?

Oh … I should answer these for myself? Do you really think I should answer? I blog because I like to tell stories, I like to write, and I love to teach …. I am writing this blog (series) for three reasons. First, I want to help other bloggers as they begin, second, I have read several bloggers lately who are having problems staying on track and writing, and third, discussing blogging will make me a better writer. So, do not forget to comment …. No, I feel my motive is good. So, yes. I am comfortable. And I feel it will help me succeed.

Especially as I write series of blogs on writing …. good motive leads to great motivation, and that leads to success.

What do you think about your motive for writing?

What do you think about my motive? And yes, I should be open to my readers ….

God bless you!



About Wayne

First, I blogged on blogger, then Myspace - soon I was consistently ranked. Next, I quit. Then the blogging addiction came back .... Comments are appreciated. Not nice comments are edited. You can follow me at the top right.
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7 Responses to The First of 6 W’s for Blogging

  1. Addie says:

    This was a good read that left me with thought-provoking questions, although I believe I have already answered this in my very first post – one that you have read already. Thanks for dropping a comment. I love writing much as you do and also for the reason to ‘express’ and not to ‘impress’. 😀

  2. Writer Jobs says:

    Great post today thanks. I really enjoyed reading it very much. You have an excellent blog here.

    Love blogging and writing? Join us today.

    Writers Wanted

    • Wayne says:

      Thank YOU!

      Do you mind if I do an interview blog with you? I am preparing a class for my local writer’s group on how to start a blog.

      And you would be a great mention!


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