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Writing Magazines

Originally posted on Pete Denton:
Do you or don’t you? Over here in UK’land there are a couple of magazines aimed specifically at writers. I subscribe to Writers’ Forum and have been known to buy the other one imaginatively called…

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Why do you write?

Friends, I realize I should probably title this, “Why do I write,” or, “Why do we write?” But, the first is too egocentric for my taste. And the latter is too academic, and almost anemic. So, “Why do you write?” … Continue reading

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Being a Man Writing About Women’s Books

Originally posted on dan holloway:
Diane Shipley asked us last week whether we would consider spending a year reading only books by women. The Year of Reading Women project has become a huge talking point, yet the Vida statistics show…

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It’s Alive! It’s Alive!

Originally posted on Odyssey of a Novice Writer:
I can think of few things more exciting or empowering than creating your own virtual universe out of the “furniture” inside your head. Writing stories, breathing life into your characters, well… it’s…

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Days Without Writing

Originally posted on Waiting Outside of Parnassus:
At what point is one allowed to call oneself a writer is a question that I’ve spent far too much time contemplating. When I was younger, I would shy away from calling myself…

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Do you want to write? Move to Iceland.

Would you believe that on in ten people in Iceland have published, or will publish a book in their lifetime? WOW!

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Friends, If you ever want to write, to become a novelist, read this post. You, we, are not alone. Great novelists before us trod the same difficult, “How do I get published?” Long before we were born. Enjoy, Wayne

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The First of 6 W’s for Blogging

I hope you remember the old “5 w’s and an ‘h’”. Referred to by many names, it is a simple way to remember all aspects of something. How to remember an appointment? Who: Doctor What: Physical When: Tomorrow Why: New … Continue reading

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The Blogosphere

Eventually, I will write everything you ever wanted to know about blogging. OK, almost everything. Do you remember MySpace?  Do you remember Stephanie Faris, you remember her?  She was the cute blond from Tennessee?  Well, Stephanie got married …. WHAT? … Continue reading

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Upcoming blogs

Friends, Those of you who remember me from blogs of yore, will remember that I could blog a lot.  I do not seem to get “writer’s” block.  I just seem to run out of time occasionally. Well, here are some … Continue reading

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